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  1. I have reset the router at least nine times by doing button reset and did the i button from interface reset and have done a reset under erase and factory reset interface. I have used edge chrome Firefox and downloaded one called opera or something all fail to load certain r apps. I have gone and put on the setting for 5 retries. And did a restart raps till will not load even on a different computer or browser.
  2. Its weird my xr500 reset is super easy and fast and gets up and running in like 5 minutes. The xr700 is nightmare to reset lol
  3. I have been going back and forth with netgear for a very long time. Today they finally emailed me saying they want me to let netduma run debugs on it. you can get pastfirmware from the xr700 webpage under other firmware tab
  4. Its a glitch with the .20 software I been on the beta for it since end of august netgear had a ton of complaints about it on there beta forum before it was released.
  5. Hey so netgear has asked me to get a hold of netduma and let them try to debug the firmware on my router. I complained to netgear maybe 2months ago when they asked me if I wanted to beta test .20 that my R Apps stopped working. Netgear just emailed me and said after two months of back and forth they don't have a clue and asked if they could pass my information on to netduma lol.
  6. Its posted in the netgear beta page under current beta number and Its own topic.
  7. Yes, I think there is 2-4 others who have the same issue. all bowers are not working for I and others. I know I personally have reset the router from interface and reset button about 6 times. I know I have also used firefox edge chrome Op something and none of them work for R apps for me.
  8. I am apart of the beta and I would not recommended it if you need to use R apps at all.
  9. I would love to become a tester hardware or software ! 😁I do like me some netduma routers I have the xr500 and xr700 along with a ton of other netgear routers .
  10. I am sure if its worth while but you could always message one of the netgear mods on there forum and ask to get in touch with a level 3 or 2 tech . If you get a higher level tech they make you sign a statement about beta testing a firmware and they will give you a beta if you meet there requirements.
  11. Honestly I dont know I randomly can't stream stuff again and get error messages saying network error i am at a lost anymore .
  12. The xr700 is a quad core processor and the xr450 , xr500 are a dual core. I really like the xr700 I think with my network I needed it over the 500 .
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