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  1. Oh neat I didn't know this had a fix for the Nintendo problems. I didn't really have problems with .20 other then the Nintendo issue. I upgrade just to be on the newest.
  2. So I am currently on .24 software and The traffic Meter is no longer working
  3. So yea I am 100% sure this fixed my issue 7 days up and running no problems
  4. Just a heads up some one on the beta forum said the wii U is doing the same thing for them.
  5. Hey, I also posted this answer in the Netgear forum for beta testers. The other beta testers that were having the same problem Have reported good results doing this too.
  6. So second day up and running I do believe this was the problem and fixed it.
  7. I had the same problem apparently but my switch is on a Lan Cable so not wifi only related it appears.
  8. I can't believe it but it actually fixed my router over 24 hours and still running ;o
  9. Its been almost 2 hours since I restarted and switched the switch to xbox. All is good to go so far this is the longest its has stayed up so looking good!
  10. Well I restarted and told my router my switch is a xbox for now. So far 15 minutes up and running with no issues. I will let you all know in a couple of hours or a day for sure.
  11. I have a switch and have the same issue I might try restarting and seeing if I can even access the device manger.
  12. other firmware's are stable for me other then one of them and I can't remember what other one had issues.
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