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  1. Danny80916

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    I am sure if its worth while but you could always message one of the netgear mods on there forum and ask to get in touch with a level 3 or 2 tech . If you get a higher level tech they make you sign a statement about beta testing a firmware and they will give you a beta if you meet there requirements.
  2. Honestly I dont know I randomly can't stream stuff again and get error messages saying network error i am at a lost anymore .
  3. Danny80916

    A working Geofilter

    The xr700 is a quad core processor and the xr450 , xr500 are a dual core. I really like the xr700 I think with my network I needed it over the 500 .
  4. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    Yes I can access it if i turn off vpn and yes i can access from another device sb8200 arris
  5. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    Just the hybrid vpn setup did not change anything.
  6. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    I was wondering is it normal with VPN turned on not to be able to access my modems interface ( ?
  7. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    so PureVPN is pretty secure ?
  8. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    Aright it was just throwing me off because on there reviews people had pictures of 100mbs down with ping of 25 . I guess I am happy I got a really really good deal tho It was like 22$ for a year .
  9. Danny80916

    xr700 and vpn

    So the best I can get for this vpn changing severs and country's is ping 39ms and download speed of 5mbs when I contacted there support team they said that is normal . Does that sound normal to you guys ?
  10. I am extremely new to vpns and when i was looking at purevpn it gave me a deal i could not pass up. so i went and made my account went into hybrid vpn signed in added my computer picked the sever closest to me set my computer to be one of the devices . I pay for 250 download speed and get 300 after setting up vpn i have ping of 500ms and download of 5mbs did i do something wrong ?
  11. Danny80916


  12. Hmm i am not sure but it almost sounds like the wrong firmware got flashed if its loading the netgear genie page or your launching into a wifi extender / router .
  13. I have a ticket with netgear they told me not to worry about it, there firmware team told me to wait that very very soon a new one would be coming out to fix all problems .
  14. just twice so far not while steaming or anything .
  15. @vazuhhey man I dont know if your still having problems but netgear just called me and said a new firmware is going public very very soon that should have all the .10 fixes plus a faster interface I am not sure how true it its but i will be keeping my eyes out for it . I noticed one odd things on the beta they gave me My sfp wan port lost internet for the first time ever and the modem did not reboot not sure whats with that tho.