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HOW do you turn Stupid Tips/Notifications Off?


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4 hours ago, HaBlo0 said:

It happenned to me when I clear cache and cookies on chrome ; when I dont do it, after enabled "dont show", it doesnt occure anymore

Thanks! This seemed to be the issue. I have all my browser cookies/cache to auto delete and apparently that removes all your preferences. I thought "Dont show again" is tied to the Duma settings but its instead tied to browser.

Request: Could this be easily implemented in the next update so that all your "Dont show it again" is remembered similar to Duma settings?


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I doubt this would be implemented in the next update as it's not really a big priority for us, I assume that it was chosen to have them saved in cache/cookies for a reason but if this becomes a major issue/concern for people I'm sure we can switch it around.

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