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  1. Sometimes, when frustrated by CoD MW BS and time wasting on net-settings, it just best to take a deep breath and have a break. Why not use this break to wish a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all, fellow gamers and DumaOS-employers...😊
  2. It would be nice to have a toggle on/off screen layer with server location, so you always know where they are located, if you wanna place you geofilter radius correct, as theese locations disapears, once your inside the game.
  3. I think you have got good point here. While I testing XR500 settings to combat lag compensation, I usually rage quit before testing is done. But maybe the setting wasn't problem, but me in different situation, feeling cheated, because I don't adapt to the new gameplay. Many gamer mistake company for faulty netcode and game design, but trust me, im old enough to know the "game" they play and they surely know what they doing fra a marketing point of view. If there's more money in controlling the outcome of a gunfight to one side, they'll do it. But I try play the game from your point the next few days and see how it goes and report back.
  4. Yeah I have my best (but not perfect) games with QoS off, Anti-Bufferbloat off and only Geofilter (Filtered mode) on a location giving me <58 ping.
  5. My location is north Europe and by placing geofilter on France (radius 500 km) i get <42 ping search in-game. Placing on Spain i get <58 ping in-game. Now placing geofilter on US and a search radius 1000 km i get <15 ping search and in-game ping around 23 ms. How the hell is that possible? Either DumaOS is faulty or the game not allowing higher ping that <58...?!?
  6. Some may called this fixing, while other called this cheating. The question is, are there any different?
  7. Yes my netgear Xr500 gives me a kind of control. Atleast how my ping can be and then again how good or bad i want my gaming experience. But it won't fix game mechanism. Just remember than.
  8. If only bad ping was a disadvantages, then there is no way to fix it, unless you buy better internet, gets wired or move closer to the server. Justice served.
  9. Agreed. Game is controlled to not let you rule. Same as in other online games like Fifa. Here from Fifa forum and people are unhappy too: https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/520440/2-player-online-game-lagging-in-2019 Online Games in 2019 is just mass industry and fun is long gone.
  10. Agreed. Stop wasting time with settings. It's game mechanism. If you have played Fifa the last couple of years, you know there's scripting in the game, to help low skilled players not get played down. Something like that it's in CoD MW, and its all from a marketings point of view. They need to be sure to sell copies to all kind of players and keep them playing, to atract new players. Thats why SBMM is important and latency is not. Unistall if you can't the BS or play the BS and accept it the way it is. DumaOS won't a different, but it does give you the features as it promise.
  11. The placebo effect is strong with you...
  12. I fixed the game by uninstall.... No more problems!
  13. Does it specific needs to be Playstation or is Xbox ok aswell?
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