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  1. Another thing is, if you play alone with random mute guys vs groups of friends, low or high ping, you'll struggle hard anyway.
  2. So many questionable deaths... But you don't seem to care...
  3. He means the router. Even if you check the Square Box: Don't show this again, it re-appears next time you make a change...
  4. +1 Having a Fiber 1000/1000mb I really feel no differents. That said, I can get the ping I want, using the geofilter, bit even that really doesn't make any differents. And if you ask what I want, I just want a fair game, thats all...
  5. Have you guys ever played Battlefield 5? Its cheaters paradise, and many cheaters don't even hide themselves as no ban is ever given. Why would CoD MW be any different?
  6. You sworn an oat not to play this game ever again! Don't turn to the dark side, Padawan!! XD
  7. The death at 0:58 was instant bullit drop in one packet, with no time to react. I think you play without getting too upset with theese kind of deaths. And rushing will give you the peekers advantages in most gunfights. Maybe you are just a calm person and don't take it all too seriously. I guess you have to do that to enjoy this broken game. Well each to his own...
  8. Just delete this insane broken game and move on. The world have alot more to offer you. Take your stand.
  9. Either you hate to play this broken game or you have a life.
  10. All that time in the world... So many second ahead of opponent.
  11. I did servals, as rage quitting lead to uninstall and re-install also re-install broken game.
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