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Infinity Ward Developers Explain Why the Maps Are so Bad in Modern Warfare


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I can understand their motivation for doing this... Although I thought this is what skill based matchmaking was for? You shouldn't have to design the maps around unskilled players if those players aren't matched with skilled players in the first place.

Plus I reckon that the MW maps could cause paralysis due to overwhelming choice. One of the key things about old Call Of Duty maps is that there are only three or so viable routes, so players are kind of automatically led to certain choke points. The new maps feel more chaotic and random thanks to the abundance of places to bail on your chosen route.

I think if anything the maps have the opposite effect of their intention, because at least with a smaller and more focused map, it is easier to pick up on the techniques. Better that then just becoming proficient at finding a nice hiding spot.

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I dont mind the maps.

Its the dumb ass spawns and what ever they do to connections that i hate.

Im 2hrs from sydney and this was my host today in my first game at 170ms from the netherlands.

If the MW devs say ping is always king they are flat out lying through their teeth or if even possible have absolutely no idea what happening out here in the real world.

Worst thing is, the duma didnt stop it, so as a consumer im coping it from all angles.

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