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Compileng a list that might help


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I want to create a list  of settings that are good or bad for cod mw

What i mean is theres 3 main settings i would like everyone to post for research purpose

So hopefully we might see the answer what settings are the best for cod mw so it might help us fix it for ourselves

 The 3 main settings i would love you to post are

Setting 1 your ping it says when you search for games  mine says 15ms

Setting 2 your ping what it says on netdumar to the server or peer your connected to mine is mostly 8ms

Setting 3 your ingame ping mine says 15 to 20   you can find this out by clicking settings then account it shows it here on console it shows it as latency on pc on the scoreboard

Then state what system and if good hit registration  then in kill cams does it showwhat actaully what happens

Also the game mode as well  i play mainly free for all    =ffa

So hopefully we can find out what servers we should play on to avoid the lag compensation

Here are my settings  at the moment i will post a lot more the more i experiment with diffrent servers

Search for games 15 ms      8ms to netdumar      15 to 20 ingame ping  good hit registration  in kill cam its dosent show accurately  i am a second behind   game mode  ffa


Search for games 25ms         16ms to netdumar        25 to 30 ms ingame ping   good hit registration   in kill cams it dosent    show accurately  i am sec behind  game mode ffa


Search for games 42ms        31ms to netdumar         40 to 50ms ingame ping     great hit registration   in kill cams it dosent  show accurately  i am still a tiny bit behind    game mode ffa


Btw  just letting you know  i am using a second account when playing cod mw when i try  these settings  out its now higher than my main account   it now level 43 from just trying out settings and rage quiting a lot

Please just post you settings here good or bad i think it will help

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Good idea for a topic but it is important to note that everyones setups, connections, routing etc is different and therefore something that works for one person won't work for everyone. That being said I'm interested to see what people are seeing.

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That game has far far more issue then any lag comp you might have.

In the games current state you are wasting your time.

At the moment 3/4 of your game experience has next to nothing to do with server location.

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Ive been tinkering with settings on this game since the Alpha, yes I get the odd good game and the odd bad game but for the most part on my set up I have done the following which makes for the best gameplay for me with more reasonable games overall. 

30 down and 6 up from BT ISP.

set distribution to even on all devices up and down.

dsl reports to highest setting I can to give me A+ on all settings. mine is 90% up and down.

then pretty much as the duma starting point. 900 km on geo filter, ping assist to 35 ms and go.

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I disable my geofilter and let the regular matchmaking take over.

I use spectating mode just because i am too lazy to turn it off.

On Console you cant see in game latency of the players in the lobby, only yourself via options.
I can tell you that as a PC Controller player the players with 60 70 80 + latency will typically smash you unless your latency is equal to theirs.
That is the Low ping disadvantage of lag compensation.
See Battlenonsense video for in depth explanation.

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oRaGaMi   i  Believe you about lag comp as ive seen it for my self since mw3

Thats why im trying to compile a list in this format to see whats the best pings to avoid lag compensation  i think the sweet spot is aroud 54ms ping thats ingame ping

I am playing on higher ping  myself if i play on my 8ms local dedis i get destroyed

So please i am not trying to be rude but if you gonna post  please can you just post the settings i asked for only

because these settings are the ones i thnk are important

 Please can you post in this  format as its more easier to understand  the list

Heee are my new settings  please use this format

Search for games 42ms           38ms ping to dedi   or dumar     my in game ping shows 40 to 50 ms my hit registration  was excellent   kill cams no correct  i am still slightly benind 

I hope i made sence

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Search for games 42ms     my ping shows 31ms to my dedi     ingame ping says 40 to 50 ms my hit detection was brilliant i didnt see any kill cams as i didnt die

But omg my first game trying these settings i got 16 or 17 kill streak

Before i could barely get 4 kill streak

And when i say these settings i used used 3 certain udp ports

Where i have a thread about them in more details explaing what you need to do

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