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OPENWRT and XR5OO (only for geo-filter)


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Hello  i create this topic for some help to install and config. my openwrt with xr500 (not install openwrt on router because that part for me its easy).

I know that are some users in this forum that have this setup, more time than me, at this time im testing.

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To be honest I think it needs setting up in the same way a normal 2 router configuration gets set up.


So basically you have 

ONT -> 3200 ACM -> XR500.


Now you can do it several ways.


First of all, put the XR500 in DMZ on your 3200ACM.


Then, on 3200ACM enable QoS with Cake. Set the bandwidth limits to about 80-85%.


On XR500 totally disable bandwidth control and QoS, and simply run only geofilter.


Now you can choose to do with the rest. In this setup I would use your XR500 just for Playststion or console and have the rest connected to the 3200ACM since that controls QoS anyway. It's a bit of a waste of features of the XR500 to be honest, you could simply do with a R1 instead. 

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