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Interleaving is back :(


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Surprise, surprise... Its been 4 months with no problems but now after many disconnects/resyncs this morning, my ping has tripled.

Heres my line stats.

The reason for this post is mainly regarding my Noise Margin (SNR)

I'm guessing the 16db is noise and 12.7db is signal? Or is it downstream / upstream? Usually its showing around 18 / 20. IF is signal / noise then surely noise is far too high and signal is too weak?

Latency is usually 0.0 / 0.0 but now is showing 8ms / 5ms.

Crackling on the voice line too so I know its a problem outside that they won't fix, just like the last hundred times this has happened.


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12.7db Downstream SNR

16.0dB Upstream SNR

You are close to the cabinet with a Max Attainable Data Rate of 92.934 Mb/s / 26.636 Mb/s

You have an higher SNRM than many because you are so close to the cabinet giving you more headroom.

Yes DLM will raise the SNRM on a user that is further away from the cabinet to give stability for noise issues that bite into the ratio, you have a high SNR already but DLM does not work case by case but a flat rate for all.

DLM has put an 8ms Download 5ms upload interleaving on the line.

Like you say 0/0 is fast path.

The signal is fine for the attenuation.


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