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Despite I have auto-ping, it usually says "no host or server to ping" during games

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This is my problem, I have a bad connection, reason why I have purchased a NetDuma. I usually restrict the Geo-Filter radius to 111km and select the ping assist to 25. In order to be able to check the ping to the server (I play Call of Duty, that has dedicated servers), I run the auto-ping. Right before starting the game, I am connected to players (whose ping is usually around 40/50), and then as the game starts, I go and check my NetDuma page to check the ping to the server. What happens is that I usually see it for like 3/4 seconds and then for the whole game I have no info at all (says "no host or server to ping". I wanted to know if there's anything I can do to see the ping all the time. And also, if I set the ping assist to 25, whi is it usually higher? The Radius is centered in Italy, that is a wasteland CoD-wise. 

Any help is appreciated.

PS: My router is a NetDuma Nighthawk XR500

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Auto ping will show you info about the most recently connected host server. If you want to see the information for longer, including after you disconnect on the console, you can turn off auto-ping and then click the icons on the map to ping them. You can then save them using the Allow/Deny list if you want to ping them later.

The Geo-Filter will allow you to block high latency servers but it won't be able to stop other players who have a high ping from connecting to that server. The only thing that can be manipulated is your own connection to the server. If you have a higher ping than the other players, then you'll have an advantage.

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13 minutes ago, OverTheReminds said:

Is there any way I can keep tracking the ping for the whole time? I often don't even see the server on the map, and sometimes not even players except a few maybe

disable auto ping and click on the icon on the map. That will continue to monitor it!

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You should definitely be seeing the server while you're in the game. Zoom out on the map and see if you can see it, if not please take a screenshot of the entire Geo-Filter page. If the server isn't showing on the map then that is why auto ping won't show anything so we'll need to resolve it not appearing first.

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