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  1. Are these features releasing for the XR500 as well?
  2. Regarding the app, since my PC is often occupied by my brother, can you in the meantime make it so that if I open routerlogin.net, I don't enter a login loop while using mobile browsers, please? It completely screws my mobile phone, and it logs out every time my screen goes black!
  3. Hi everyone, I think having a Netduma app for mobile phones would be crazy, sometimes I cannot use my PC cause my brother is using it, and using the routerlogin.net page on mobile is a nightmare, it keeps asking to log in but it won't let you input the login data. Think about it, it would be dope, Thanks
  4. Thanks, however my problem is that I don't know how to put the ports in the traffic priorization EDIT: Never mind, solved, I'll give it a try later, thanks in advance
  5. I would like to try it out but the guide is rushed and confusionary, would you mind explaining it slower step by step?
  6. My problem is that if I use the geo-filter, I cannot find games at all, and if I don't use it, I get connected to the USA even if there are tons of players from EU
  7. Hi, Every time I try to play CoD MW2 the matchaking keeps searching for games till it says "<160ms ping", and after that, if you wait for other 10/15 minutes, you get put in a lobby where all the people are from the USA (while I am from Italy, EU). Yesterday I tried to see what was going on through my Netduma, and for my first try I put the geo-filter in spectating mode, so it would only show me where people were from. The matchmaking started looking for games, and I saw all the EU area becoming basically all white because there were tons of players. Anyways, it skipped all of them, and eventually, as always, I was put in a lobby of people from the USA ranging from the east to the west coast. Then I started looking for people again but with the geo-filter active, the radius such that all and only Italy would be included (there was a lot of players so I guess that wouldn't have mattered) and the ping assist set to 30 with fast research. This time, I waited forever, but I wasn't put in any lobby. I wanted to know if I can force the game to put me in an EU lobby, cause I don't want to play in one with two or one bar. Thanks.
  8. When I go for fast research, I usually look for a ping between 22 and 25. When it goes higher, people start absorbing bullets like sponges, and also I've been in servers with 14-16 ms ping so it is definitely possible. I'm trying to play mainly CoD WWII. The problem is still there anyways. Today I tried to set the ping to 17ms with fast research, and I got put in a 50ms ping server...
  9. Without fast research I can't find games at all, that's why I selected it.
  10. I selected 5 as ping for the ping assist and connected to a 44ms ping server... disappointing. My ping is usually 12-14 on my PC, and I can get connected to servers with 22ms ping, occasionally less. But tonight this keeps happening
  11. Isn't it kinda the same of setting the radius to 0 and getting only the ping assist active?
  12. I've tried to switch off the fast research but you basically cannot find games on any CoD if the ping assist is less than 30, and even then, I do struggle do find games. What's surprising anyways is that I set the ping assist to 1 and get put in 40ms ping servers. Lag hits really hard this way.
  13. Good morning, I've been having strange experiences on CoDs from IW to Bo4. I have a 7Mb connection with ping that usually ranges from 12 to 20 on my PC. I have set on my XR500 a radius of 650km (I live in central Italy, and I don't want to get paired with French and German who have the optical fiber connection and thus a huge advantage). I have the strict mode and fast research enabled. Now, if I set my ping assist to 0, I cannot find any game no matter how much I wait. If I set the ping assist to 1, I almost immediatly get put into a game, but the ping to the host is far from being 1ms, it's usually around 40-50ms, which is what I would like to avoid. Also, if I try to deny the host and leave the game, no matter what I keep getting put in the same game over and over again. What can I change to make it better? Thanks.
  14. As said above, I usually don't get icons on the map... and in any case, when I do and click on the server, it keeps loading but never shows the ping or other stats.
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