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hey im not sure if i need to start my own thread but im having same problem. ever since ive updated to OS i can barely ever find a game in bo4. it always seraches then says the lobby is not joinable as it is full. never had this problem before i updated to OS. now i know its in beta or new so is that the issue or should i change my settings around?

here is pic of me searching for a game

.r1 os.png

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It has been suggested by others to leave the Geo-Filter on Spectating Mode with your Geo-Filter settings done. Then boot up the game. When you're in the lobby then enable Filtering Mode. Wait 2 minutes then search for a game, hopefully from there you can leave it as is and continually get games within your settings ranges.

Also quoting Netduma Admin on this: 

We have tested this a lot today - continually restarting the game and playing multiplayer a lot. So far, we have not seen any change in behaviour. Our thinking is Treyarch's patch temporarily caused server issues last night so a lot of people were not able to connect to games (whether they owned our router or not). This graph for the last 24 hours suggests the same: https://downdetector.com/status/call-of-duty/news/230092-problems-at-call-of-duty

Could you all please reboot your routers, set Ping Assist to 30ms and also restart your consoles / gaming PC. Should hopefully be similar to your pre-patch experience after this.

If it is not, please restart the game again and try once more. If it continues, could you then post a screenshot of your Geo-Filter settings as this will help us to help you.

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