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  1. I've never used private browser b4. Always use Firefox with no problems until now. Why would it be not loading correctly
  2. im not sure whats going on but i have duma os and evertime i game on pc duma os freezes then my game lags big time. then the duma os interfaces changes. ive never seen this b4 . ill attach a pic. ive rebooted router. ive reinstal duma os. i upgraded to a ssd drive so im thinking maybe that is causing some type of problem but dont know what. duma os works fine then i start a game it freezes. i have 3 monitors so took pic of all 3 lol
  3. I was able to join games again. Couple times like 4 or 5 times when searching for a game it kicked me out saying lobby not join able or something. But alot better then b4. And I got the dedicated server back. Hit detection feels OK. If there is any other suggestions let me know and if that's it thanks Frasier...
  4. Netduma os problems. So I've updated to the new OS and now having trouble finding games in cod takes forever for one game and once I do I'm scared to back out bc might not find a other lobby. Did not have this problem with older version so not sure if I have to make some changes. Like on older version I was told to untic this tic that in the Miscellaneous part so not sure if I don't have something checked off. And I used to connect to dedicated servers n now it's peer to peer. Also the hit detection is so bad So I unhooked my ps4 from netduma router and hooked it up to my Verizon fios router and immediately was able to join games and felt like a gd game experience hit detection was alot better. I would like to keep using netduma. Any thoughts
  5. Every time I'm on the ps4. Ever since new OS update I get kicked of the game. fortnite or bo4 with error code. Do you know why? Now I know it say error with application but like I said never had this problem b4. Could it be the new OS update? This is my error
  6. hey im not sure if i need to start my own thread but im having same problem. ever since ive updated to OS i can barely ever find a game in bo4. it always seraches then says the lobby is not joinable as it is full. never had this problem before i updated to OS. now i know its in beta or new so is that the issue or should i change my settings around? here is pic of me searching for a game
  7. Relax bro im new to this forum n im using mobile version and all i saw was vzw fios users plus i was replying to someone elses comment and i have ethernet with fios bc i have 150/150 speeds so thats what my g1100 is hooked up with but thanks for leeting me no its Internet only Dude
  8. If i remove coax i lose tv guide, called id and something else i forget. I know i tryed running ethernet from wall to r1 then fios to r1 and some internet stuff didn't work but not sure if i switched everything to connect to fios. So im gona try what you said connect everything to fios except my game consoles. Thanks for help let u know what happens
  9. I dont have a modem just fios quantum router. Fios tech came to my house to run wires. B4 i just had the coax cable to modem but upgraded to quantum router now he installed ethernet cable n coax cable from wall to quantum router
  10. Huge difference being in a gd way? Im not tech savy so what i have is 150/150 speeds so verizon had to come out n hook up diif cables for that speed so i have ethernet and i think its a coax cable the one that ur twist on comming out of the wall so what ur saying is to hook up ethernet that comes out of wall to duma then fios to duma port 1 to port 1
  11. I just recently got r1 as well and i have fios quantum router as well with 150/150 speeds. Do u have cable/tv as well? If so how did u eliminate the fios router all together with out screwing up tv n phone services
  12. Hey everyone i have fios internet dont have have a modem i have quantum router i pay for 150 over 150 i get very ckose to them speeds when i do speed test when connected to fios via ethernet cable bc it has dual band 5ghz and net duma only uses 2.4ghz so my speeds are not close to 150/150. So on the r1 what am i supposed to enter in bandwidth settings what i pay for or what im getting. Aslo have tv n phone with fios would it be ok to use ethernet cable from my wall straight to duma and just keep quantum router connected via coax for tv/phone
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