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Is this too much to ask for?

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8 hours ago, hyperj123 said:

So I'm a huge fan of Duma OS and I feel like there could be a win win situation here between the developers and the customers. Why not make a marketplace for R Apps and allow the community to develop them. I would imagine something along the lines of:

User creates R App

User submits to market place 

Dev team approves

App price is split with dev and creator

This would allow a lot of things to be developed really fast and splitting the profit of the purchases would be mutually beneficial. 

Obviously there would have to be an agreement and approval of developers they can be trusted with source code etc... And an NDA. 

This is an awesome idea. I can't really say whether or not this is our intention or soon to be implemented - we announce that kinda' stuff through official statements.

Still, we did build R-apps so that upgrades can be pushed much faster without breaking any other aspects of the UI. So for instance, a Geo-Filter upgrade wouldn't break QoS or vice versa. This independence gives DumaOS a ton of potential for the future.

Keep an eye out for any new Milestone announcements - this could well be something that happens. Thanks for the feedback!

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1 hour ago, Netduma Jack said:

C'est une idée géniale. Je ne peux pas vraiment dire si telle est notre intention ou si elle sera bientôt mise en œuvre - nous annonçons ce genre de choses dans des déclarations officielles.

Nous avons néanmoins créé R-Apps pour que les mises à niveau puissent être mises beaucoup plus rapidement à disposition sans casser aucun autre aspect de l'interface utilisateur. Ainsi, par exemple, une mise à niveau de Geo-Filter ne briserait pas la qualité de service ou vice versa. Cette indépendance donne à DumaOS une tonne de potentiel pour l’avenir.

Surveillez toutes les annonces de jalons - cela pourrait bien arriver. Merci pour les commentaires!

Sur quel routeur ? Parce-que le xr500 10 mois aucune nouvelle fonctionnalité a si on ne peut plus ajouté manuellement des ports au traffic priorization donc au final presque 1 ans et aucune amélioration des fonctionnalités en moin... je voudrais savoir ou est la rapidité ? Je suis content de duma os mais je suis complètement déçu pour tout ce que l'on  nous a promis sur la rapidité des mise à jour... Sur duma os.. 

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7 hours ago, Locosano said:

On which router? Because the xr500 10 months no new functionality has if we can no longer manually added ports to traffic prioritization so in the end almost 1 years and no improvement in functionality in less ... I would like to know where is the speed? I am happy duma os but I am completely disappointed for all that we were promised on the speed of the update ... On duma os .. 

We're working to speed this whole area up with NETGEAR! Obviously a big part of DumaOS is the speed and size of the upgrades, so with milestone 1.3 soon to come out we'll work together to get 1.4 out efficiently too.

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