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  1. This is the issue as well. I tried looking into this a while back and its still the reason my R2 is sitting on my shelf.
  2. Yeah I'm kinda sick of seeing it. Like they have no idea what geo-filtering is lol. They don't know a thing about networking or anything.
  3. Basically I'm seeing a bunch of people claim that this router allows you to get into bot lobby's. Being that I've been a duma owner for a long time now I've never seen this claim up until recently.
  4. No quite the opposite. Although LACP would be pretty cool I was thinking more of a failover scenario.
  5. I know this is a stretch but something I really wish that was on the consumer level of routers is dual wan support. I would like to be able to configure both port 5 and 4 with WAN settings and the router have some form of failover built in. I would gladly pay for this addon as well. Or even an R3 model with much more configuration for example site to site VPN's. This thought and idea came up because as COVID has been a thing for a while now, working from home is increasingly becoming more popular. Another cool idea would be to have specific devices and or traffic go out one interface vs the other. Like having your stream go out through your secondary wan and your game traffic coming in via the primary wan. Just a thought.
  6. So I lose internet entirely. As it turns out the devices that were connected via hardwire don't have internet but I can access the router via it's direct IP. I cannot resolve dumaos/. So maybe a DNS issue? All I know is when I logged in via direct IP I saw a process that was failing to initialize multiple times and only a full reboot would resolve the issue. I'll attach that screenshot of the app state here. You can see one of the is in a "N/A" state. Please look through the log I pulled and let me know what I should do.
  7. Sorry to bring up a dead thread but I have an update. DHCP stops handing out IP addresses after a few days of operation. I have enough leases in my scope. I pulled a log and have attached it here. It also looks like the the device manager fails and cannot re-initialize after a failure. Let me know if you want me to post the screen shots of that menu you told me to access. log-1601234156928.txt
  8. This is the case for me as well. The built in speed test is off by at least 100mbps.
  9. I'm having to reboot this router on a daily basis. It's sitting right behind my ONT which has fiber. I have gigabit. One thing I notice is that when I go to play a game I'm hitching quite a bit and a restart fixes this. Other times my internet will completely cut out or have issues resolving some sites. These issues were present maybe a day after I installed my R2. What's prompting me to post right now is that my speeds just tanked down to less than 1mpbs when I have gigabit. Again, a restart fixed this issue and I'm getting a reasonable 500-800mbps down. I picked up the R2 due to it having more cpu horsepower because the R1 would just tank my gigabit connection down to less than half it's speed. Attached is a picture of the speed test that was done while having some issues just 10 minutes ago. Can I get some answers? Can I provide someone some logs? I also noticed during the "outages" where some sites wouldn't load the R2 would take almost 2-3 minutes to load up vs 10-20 seconds. I feel like this could be a memory issue or cpu issue but I'm not so sure. Edit: this is after a restart. These problems only occurred after installing the R2. Edit: this is after a restart. These problems only occurred after installing the R2.
  10. I totally get where you are coming from. My main thing obviously is that I want this product to be THE product for gamers. It has such huge potential. As stupid as it sounds I want Netduma to be the best Netduma it can damn well be. To address having game devs put a server selector in their games wouldn't necessarily change things. For example. You can select your server on Apex Legends but nodes in that cluster might have a terrible tick or other networking issues that impact your gameplay. For that reason alone I see the geofilter to be of use as I can ban that particular node. Thanks for answering my feedback post. I love you guys. DO GREAT THINGS!
  11. So this might come off as I'm being an @$$hole but, I have a few issues about the company in general. First thing is first, we have the forum here for troubleshooting/feature requests and that allows for consumers of the product to assist with helping other users solve their issue or help expand on ideas for the product. That is a great idea. Here is why it works in many other cases but not here: DumaOS being closed sourced. This model has thrived in that ecosystem due to a product being open source. Even chrome which is closed source has the Chromium open source version. Another issue I have is a $200-$500 product being sold with no telephone, chat, or other means of industry standard communication for technical assistance. Yes Netgear has technical support, but since they are not the provider of the OS I highly doubt they have same knowledge and understand as the forum admins here do. That brings me to my 3rd issue. I have been working in the technology field for now over 10 years. Going through some of the forum posts and also ones that I have created pertaining to issues with the OS I see a lot of cookie cutter troubleshooting. Factory reset, downgrade firmware and upgrade back to it, turn it off and turn it back on. While these solutions do work for the time being that does not solve the actual issue of why it is occurring. Now I do have faith that some of the error codes that are posted or log files that are posted are being sent to devs and are working on reducing these issues. I'm not expecting this product to work with out fault. I understand that the DumaOS for the R1 is in Open Beta. Lastly is the cat and mouse games with the geofilter. If a new game comes out tomorrow without warning we want to use our router with that new game come day one or day two. This ties in with the fact that the OS is closed source and we are solely reliant on you guys to provide free updates to support a game. With all of that being said here are some of my thoughts on how to address the issues I have mentioned. Make the OS Open Source or at least allow a "basic" version of the OS without the bells and whistles and open up the development for DumaOS to the public. The best part about this is if there are apps, bug fixes, or features, this will rapidly grow the usability and stability of the router. Implement an industry standard tech support system not a simple forum. Users that have purchased a device (at least as far as here in the US) expect some sort of professional support where they can get a human response in X amount of minutes. Implement a bug tracker system where we can report an issue and check on it to see that the status. i.e. received bug report, identified issue, testing patch, bug fixed or something like that. Reach out to game developers or publishers and see if you can get a heads up of where clusters are for the servers. Attempt to get early access to a games online functionality and place it in your environment so when a game drops it's supported immediately. To the admins and mods of this forum, and employees of Netduma please take this constructively. You guys changed the game with this router. As a consumer I want this product to be hooked up in every gamer setup because it has huge potential and I love the product (when it works lol). Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm absolutely open to discussing in more depth some of the points I have made. *If this is in the wrong section please move*
  12. I'll give this a shot tonight. Am I able to use the geofilter in spectator mode while still banning particular servers?
  13. Yes. I have tried all of that. It's super frustrating but I have spend about and hour and a half trying to figure this out. And even though I'm on PC I should set it to console? Which console? Also what profile should I be selecting? I am currently using Source Engine. Also, I don't mean this sarcastically but I have been working in IT for over a decade. You can get technical with me. I know the difference between wifi and ethernet.
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