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Should i get the XR700?

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So right now i have the R9000 and it is a nice router BUT starting to have some Wifi problems. 

Now i did get the XR500 when it came out but did not feel like it was a replacement for my R9000. Had to return the XR500.

Now i am stuck..Should i just get the XR700 or just get the Netduma R1 Router with a good AP.

Also Netgear SUCKS with firmware updates...If i did get the XR700 would the firmware comes from Netduma or Netgear?  Don't want to drop 500$ on a router that will last me 2 years...that is how i feel right now with the R9000...


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Hi, welcome to the forum! The XR700 would make a fantastic replacement to the R9000 - it's got some amazing hardware capabilities and is matched by the capabilities of DumaOS. They make a perfect pair.

The firmware updates technically come from Netgear, but it's us developing the features and working on fixes for the most part. We have designed DumaOS to be cross-platform, meaning if an update is available for any DumaOS powered router it should become available for every other router as well (including XR700's). In theory, this means all DumaOS powered routers will be supported for a very long time.

This isn't set in stone though so please don't take it as an official statement. DumaOS is in early days and only available on three routers, so it's hard to say.

All in all if the XR500 felt insufficient, the only way up is the XR700. I doubt you'll enjoy the R1 with its limited hardware if you didn't even get along with an XR500!

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I have the XR700 (yes I was a beta tester) and it is a beast. It has a lot of horse power and apart from it being used for gaming I use the in-built plex server to connect to my NAS for global streaming wherever I may be. I also have the XR500 and the R1.....Forget the R1 as Jack say's it may be limiting for your needs but it is still a good little router.  

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