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  1. Hello Fraser it looks like i did not say that i did get the xr700. This is not the xr500. This was my mistake for not letting you guys know. But i have tried everything you guys have given me so far. I was able to get to the router by the URL but not by IP still. You can see by the picture that it is all gray and some stuff does not load.
  2. The router itself and hanging on the wall out of reach so now one has touched it. Did not do a manually update. How would I do that if I can't get into the interface? Also did try clearing cache and even try doing it from my phone still nothing.
  3. Yes I am doing this from my desktop and it has no wireless and it is wired. Also wireless is not working at all. Going to the site gives me the same thing same error.
  4. Unless a new firmware just came out today I have the newest one. No AV changes. I have been having really bad speeds wired and wireless so I gave the router a reboot and since then I am not able to get back into it.
  5. Did this. It lets me go through the setup then once that is done I keep getting that the OS needs to load still. Bad router then...
  6. Latest Firmware, Wired, Yes i have tried it again...Still same thing DumaOS not loaded yet! Don't worry we will redirect you shortly.
  7. Just tried a factory reset...Still same error when trying to login...
  8. Just did a reboot on the router to see if that would help it has been over 5 mins and i am just getting DumaOS not loaded yet! Don't worry we will redirect you shortly.
  9. So after having the router for a few weeks now i am notice a really bad performance. Doing an update for Overwatch and these are the speeds i am getting...Not even 1MB??? Also i play a few games on the phone and i am getting A LOT of lag now on Wifi...Seems like the same old Netgear problems... Any ideas on this?
  10. All i had setup on the Geo filter was my switch and PS4. What guide?
  11. Ok so what about download speeds. Want to make sure i an getting the most here. I pay for 1GB download 45 Upload. I know with QOS it will be split between everything but how can i make sure i am getting them speeds. Right now i am getting around 150-200 Download 5 Upload Also tried to play Blackops and was getting ALOT of connection errors. Also went to the GEO Filter cant join any games on Black ops 4 and got this. RPC error 'ERROR_UNKNOWN': Unterminated JSON encoded object found at position in [] -> stack traceback: ?: in function <?:73> [C]: in function 'assert' ?: in function 'decode' ?: in function <?:117> ?: in function <?:324> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:290> [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:345> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:261> (tail call): ? /dumaos/api/cli.lua:48: in function </dumaos/api/cli.lua:30> [C]: in function 'xpcall' /dumaos/api/cli.lua:59: in main chunk [C]: ?
  12. Later versions? I have the most updated firmware...is there a new one or beta that is out? I am going to keep an eye on the Wifi stuff could i have been something else.
  13. So just installed my XR700 and i notice the logs looking like this even after a clear they just get filled up any ideas? Did also notice some Wifi dropping... xr700.txt
  14. So even after calling support for Netgear it looks to be a problem with Mac address. Had to set my Mac address as my PC. Never had to do that before. Glad I got it fixed. I did just get the xr700 so I no longer have xr500 so I hope to have no problems with this beast router and let's hope netduma does not fail me!!!
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