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How is this even possible to play

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On my R1 i throttled my 50/10 service to 1% congestion. When my xbox1 internet connection is tested it shows a packet loss of 5% dl of 600kbs and ul of 185kbs. Yet I am melting in COD WWII. How is this even possible??

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My highest is usually 1% for normal throttling but 5 is insane. I can feel it as gameplay is choppier yet I am still ahead of the action. So weird.


It'll just be a phenomenon of the lag comp and how it's dealing with your connection versus your opponents. I wouldn't recommend it since if you're lagging and melting at the same time, other players might report you for cheating!

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Test it on IW if you can, and use the in game connection icons as a guide. I've found that anywhere as low as around 150Kb is fine without causing packet loss or massive latency spikes, although killcams might be laggy if your download is at a similar value. 125Kb or so starts to give me symbols, but they're not the kind of god mode symbols I watch WiFi streamers get. If I get hexagons (packet loss) I teleport or freeze in place with laggy reload animations, yet I can watch people stream on congested networks over WiFi with constant hexagons and never lag LMAO


The only game of WW2 I found with decent hit detection was with DSLReports telling me I had 40% packet loss. If you use reactive and untick share excess, then lower bandwidth, it always causes packet loss according to DSLR, but you likely won't see the same on PingPlotter or a command prompt ping.


If you're lucky enough to get a stable form of upload congestion you'll be unkillable. You can move ahead of where your enemies see you and never get shot at, K3/Swagg style, but without the spikes becoming too large to make your hitmarkers noticeably laggy so there's no downside. The download, on the other hand, would need to be as well synced with the server as possible to see the action as it happens and to prevent other people from killing you before you see it.


Unfortunately the R1 doesn't give you a stable amount of bandwidth when you're dealing with 1% or so of your max, so the fluctuating causes instability in that regard.


(but it's not lag comp lol)

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