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Asus Monitor Grraphical Settings Suggestions

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Just picked up an Asus monitor for gaming on the Xbox and was checking to see if anyone had any suggested settings I can try out. I am really excited to see what it has to offer. It’s a TN not IPS.


Which one you get? Wonder if you got the same one as me...

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I've only ever really looked up settings for the VG248QE, but maybe give these a try:


Asus VG248QE Calibration Settings

Splendid Mode - Standard

Contrast - 80

Brightness - 35

Color Temp - User

RGB - Red 96 / Green 94 / Blue 88


Edit: something I found specifically for your monitor...


"The MG28UQ ships in Racing picture mode which offers pretty much the same color gamut performance as all the picture presets. We found it a little cool for our taste, but it’s not that far off the D65 standard. sRGB has better grayscale tracking but it locks out all adjustments including brightness. For calibration, we turned to the User mode. After a few tweaks of the RGB sliders we measured good accuracy. To keep the brightest whites neutral we had to lower the contrast slider a bit. Gamma is also a little darker than 2.2 and there is no way to change that parameter. Please try our suggested settings below to calibrate your MG28UQ.


Asus MG28UQ Calibration Settings:


Brightness 200 cd/m2 85

Brightness 120 cd/m2 48

Brightness 100 cd/m2 37

Brightness 80 cd/m2 26

Brightness 50 cd/m2 11

Contrast - 77

Saturation - 50

Color Temp User - Red 100, Green 93, Blue 94"

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I went with the MG28UQ.



That's the one I have, we can be monitor buddies !


I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure that I have mine in FPS mode (minimal processing) with virtually nothing else adjusted.

I might have put the brightness up a little but if you can adjust that in-game then do it that way (less processing).


I love this monitor, I will make it my wife.

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I also had this monitor and I did not like it too much after I started using the ones manufactured by apple. If you are regular projector user and use the iPhone then you might see a  iphone error 4005 as you need to set the graphics settings properly at the beginning.

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