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I would connect the R1 to your primary router.  Connect a lan port from primary router to the wan port of the R1.  Then connect the gaming devices (i.e. console, pc. etc) to the R1.  Now here's the interesting part the primary router will give the R1 it's own ip address.(i.e. 192.168.1.x.) And the R1 will give every thing behind it it's own ip address (i.e.192.168.88.x). 


Here's the tricky part you may or may not have to do this if your primary is robust.  

Go check you gaming device. If you have an open nat then you are set. (This is the ideal situation)

But more than not this will happen you will go to your gaming device and the nat will not be open. It will be either moderate or strict.  

Here's how to remedy the situation.  Put the IP address that your primary router gave the R1 into your primary router's dmz. And enable upnp on the R1 as well.  Now all the devices connected to your R1 should have an open nat. 

Here's another thing I don't know the devices connected may or may not be have IPv6 functionality.  It really doesn't matter in the bigger picture. It really depends on the primary router and how robust in capabilities it is.   

Hope this helps. 

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