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Can Someone Tell My Why This Keeps Happening


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I can't figure out why the duma keeps going crazy on me. It's not my modem since ping plotter is pretty consistent within 5ms. Plus it keeps slowing down even though I have all the settings correct.

This has been happening a lot lately and I am factory resetting the R1often because of it.


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Without knowing what you have your settings at its difficult to help you.


Have you looked through the wiki guides they offer a lot of help?


I have posted my stuff up here a couple of times so I have all the standard setups an on occasion play around with CC an geo filter. This happens occasionally but seems to be happening more and more. Factory reset does seem to fix it but I guess I kind of wanted to know if there is a known issues that causes the duma to spike like this when there are no other indications of my ping spiking.


Here is an old link to my settings and I will list the things that I changed:




1) UPNP Forwarding on MISC and the UPNP Page is unticked. The only tick on my misc settings is cookies.

2) Maual ports include 80 and 443 TCP, 3074-3076 udp, 3478-3480 tcp udp, 9308 udp through the duma.

3) LAN and WAN I shut off IPv6

4) I will often block other devices while gaming since I am the only one that uses this line.

Everything else is pretty much default I believe that I haven't either linked to or listed on here.


Untick auto ping host and ping it manually, does the ping show normally?


I will give that a go next time it happens, thanks.


Untick auto ping host and ping it manually, does the ping show normally?


Stupid question, how do you manual ping it? Obviously untick the auto ping but do I just refresh the window?


Never mind, I already knew, I do it all the time. Wasn't thinking, you can ignore this question.


The above should resolve the issue, it's just a graphical issue - your ping won't actually be that high


It doesn't, even when I shut auto ping off it still does it and ping manually, it still does it. Will try factory reset again and see if it returns.



Tell me if this makes sense. I removed all my port forwards and the slow interface and the crazy high pings in the interface went away. Not sure how this will affect my nat, I guess I will have to see. I suppose the next step it is to slowly add port forwards one at a time and play to see if there is a specific one causing the issue.



I think I am giving up on using the Duma with COD and will probably result in me not playing COD WW2 this year, just doesn't seem worth it to have to go through all this with little to no result in performance. Will test it on other games this week but either the duma's ping is completely inaccurate or COD servers are so completely bi-polar that nothing is consistent with them.


On COD servers for IW in the same locations as WW2 I used to get between 9ms - 17ms with some spikes every now and than. With WW2 I am getting 35+ms, sometimes up to 60ms.


When I had port forwarding on it was around 35 - 45 ms on a reg bases. As a comparison on ping blotter I get around 30 to 35ms (pinging comcast) with some spikes occasionally but don't usually exceed 45ms.


Today when I removed Port forwarding after a factory reset the pings went back to around 17ms. Than I had a moderate nat so enabled UPnP and it went back to 40ms to 60ms.


So I have experimented with Port Forwarding and UPnP which was based off a factory reset, done separately and my pings are higher than what I use to get.

I than removed the port forwards cause my pings were going nuts showing over 1000ms and people teleporting everywhere and the duma UI was extremely slow.

Than I did a factor reset with no UPnP or Port Forwarding and my ping went back to 17ms but I would get a moderate nat again.


All of this I have shut off geo filter until the game was loaded since I am aware of that bug.


Little to frustrated with this now, not sure what to do but what I am seeing in duma is wildly inconsistent. This is all based off of testing against WW2 beta so maybe there something there. Will try against other games and see what happens but can't deal with it now.


if this is a result of COD's servers, than they are far worse than IW's was. Heck, the IW beta played like butter, the connectivity performance in this game is just pure trash as far as I can tell.

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