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  1. Weird, that seemed to work. A factory reset didn't work but that did. Thanks for the suggesting.
  2. Did it from the MISC menu. Yes I double checked the caps lock and typed in slowly just to be sure. Also copied and pasted from text editor to see if maybe something wasn't being inputted just an extra step. I have done this at least three times now. Will try it again as well.
  3. I did when I first did the factory reset and than I tried various passwords
  4. Using 1.03.6i version and early today wifi just stopped working for whatever reason. This is true with multiple devices. It does work fine with ethernet on my computer, just the wifi won't connect although my devices are able to find the router, just won't except the password as correct. First I rebooted the devices. Than I rebooted the R1 Than I factory reset the R1 Than I rebooted my modem and the R1 I have carefully, multiple times have changed my password as well as did a simple copy and past of it to make sure there was no errors in type or caps. Still gives me a message on my device saying password is incorrect even though I am 100% sure it is correct between the two. Changed the SSID just to me sure there wasn't another Netduma in the area it was trying to connect to. Wireless is enabled Devices screen doesn't see the devices WI-FI is set to WPA-PSK Channel 7 Bandwidth 2.4GHz Curious if there is something I haven't tried to get this to work minus getting a different router.
  5. Getting kind of old. Is there a way to get this UI to load up in a reasonable amount of time without disabling my geo-filter or removing all my port forwards? It is becoming painfully slow just to load, switch from tab to tab. The UI is like is stuck in an infinite loop, very annoying. Thinking of just discarding it since I don't want to wait 30 minutes to start a game.
  6. I tried this port forwarding deal and WW2 still plays like trash 80% of the matches I am in. I don't understand how people are killing me when they are not even looking at me. Maybe that is just what I am seeing and its lag, I remember this issue happening on IW early on where you would shoot at them while they were looking away but they would still kill you and in your screen they never turned. Doing fine over all with 2.5 KD but some of the deaths in this game makes zero sense. Glad it work for some, but unfortunately not for me. Thanks for the idea, always enjoy experimenting since trying to find consistent and decent games in WW2 is more of a challenge than the game itself. Thank god for potato players or I might be struggling for 1.0 KD.
  7. From my limited knowledge on this subject, my understanding is strict or moderate will just limit the people that you can play against so perhaps its and inadvertently matching you up with other players with poor connections (or vice versa) putting you at an advantage or other more competitive players that might have been matched up with you via matchmaking that have an open nat aren't being considered. Just one theory, in the past there were times I was on strict or moderate when I wasn't paying attention and I had some really good games but that didn't last. COD feels like it changes it up on you mid game sometimes. I can start a match and everything feels crisp and on point and once I start racking up kills, people become bullet sponges and this seems to happen often for some reason, this game is so bi-polar.
  8. I also noticed it says... Destination, Source or Both? Which one do you choose?
  9. I didn't know you could do this. I just checked the advanced tab and there it is. Do you also port forward them in the port forwarding section. If not, do you have UPnP checked?
  10. OK, thanks but just to clarify, I wasn't throttling down, I just mentioned the throttle as I know there are people that do that to gain a theoretical advantage. I just meant that according to the duma readings it the jumps in ping it would appear that I was throttling when I wasn't, not sure if that make sense. So in that one game, the servers performance seem to put me at an advantage based how I did in that game without me changing any of my normal settings but than again, if I am getting those crazy lag spikes, maybe everyone in my lobby was too and I just happened to be on the good side of a really bad connection. It was only one game where I felt like I could not be killed.
  11. From everything I can tell, it almost works exactly the same and feels the same as IW. For me it's the same servers as well so dedi locations don't appear to have changed.
  12. Anyone else seeing really big lag spikes in duma for the servers. I have a ping plotter at 12 ms to 20 ms on average to but when I am connected to a server on COD WW2 that is relatively near me meaning within 500 miles, I am getting pings jumping from around 12ms to 100+ ms. In one game I had over 125ms but I think the whole throttle argument played to my advantage there since no one could kill me, LOL! Fortunately I ruled out the throttle technique since it usually seems to work against you, although, in that game play it didn't, I was running a 2 bar in that game and dominated. The next game, nothing registered so eh, whatever. Is this a COD thing or is there an inconsistency within the duma readings. I did update to the newest firmware 103.6i. Game play on COD WW2 is sporadic in performance just like every other COD so no surprise there, that is when the menus and all the other launch issues are there. Anyone experience similar issues with WW2 COD, PS4 if that matters.
  13. I saw this on main duma page. What is this all about, is it just the settings in the profiles? If so, how many of you use this, I have always manually customized my settings.
  14. Depends on where I am connected. If you use Duma's ping diagnostic I am consistently around 20ms - 23ms. In game I range from 9ms to 17ms on average but other games tend to be higher. I am on a dedicated line with comcast (80d/10u). BB fluctuates around 5ms to 7ms in ping plotter with occasional 10ms - 15ms spikes. I am near Chicago.
  15. Dude! Your going to change the duma after I am starting to master this thing. Kidding, looking forward to it.
  16. Glad you listed those, I am on Mac and wasn't sure if name bench was legit or not. It did indicate by current DNS is the fastest. Would you still suggest that it is not dependable? I am on comcast for whatever that might be worth. I think google and than open were next fastest.
  17. Just curious if anyone changes their DNS in their duma. If you do, how did you determine best and fastest DNS and is there a tool that you used for that. Also, what kind if difference in performance did you see if you did this?
  18. Just a heads up, that worked beautifully. Thank you. Will be seeing if this issue returns. I did learn that the IP that was banned is one I had for a long time so something with my network must have caused it and it had to happen during the time playing WW2. I will have to keep a close eye on it. This all did happen right around the time my duma ping was going nuts so not sure if that is related. It does concern me as I have manual ports open on PS4 and since it was PS that banned the IP I am suspicious of that. Don't know much about networking so this is all beyond me. Hopefully it was fluke but if not, we shall see I guess.
  19. Sorry, not trying to spam this topic but wanted a fresh thread to explain this fully. If you want to delete the other threads that is fine at this point since they maybe irrelevant after a lot of experimenting. The issue is the PS4 is blocking a specific IP. I am uncertain if this is an ISP that was at some point assigned to me already black listed or if something on my network created the issue. I am the only one using my line and there doesn't appears to be any signs of viruses or unusual activity on my line. One way I will figure this out is by getting another IP and if that IP gets blocked than I know for sure it something coming from my end. I was finally able to get my ISP to help get my IP changed. It worked, i was than able to access PS4 again. When I was getting the ISP changed i just hooked straight into my computer so the NetDuma wouldn't complicate that process. Here is what was interesting and I don't quite understand. In order to get my duma to work with the new IP I had to reset my duma and the modem and when I did, it went back to the old IP. So I than did another hard reset of the modem without the duma and it was a different IP. I than once again did a hard reset while attaching the duma and it went back to the blocked IP. There seems to be correlation between the duma being connected and me obtaining the bad IP. I have no idea why, I have no idea if this is an ISP thing or a duma issue. By the way, this is not on the TP-Link modem, this is on the original comcast modem but same occurred when using TP-Link modem. My question is what could cause the IP changing to a specific IP, almost like it is static, simply by connecting the duma and when it is not, i get a new IP like it is dynamic. Not sure if this has to do with the duma acting crazy the last few days like you see in this picture but something is a bit odd here. **** By the way, sorry for the bad title. Didn't pay attention to how vague it was until I hit post. I don't see a way to edit the title. ****
  20. You might have but when I got the 7620 I think I thought it was the same and end up just keeping it. However, that modem is not the problem. I have discovered an issue and it seems to have to do with getting the netduma to work with my modem. Going to start a separate thread as I feel this is a new and weird issue and don't want it to get lost in this thread. Going to test something first though.
  21. I currently have the TP-Link 7620 but for whatever reason when I activate that one, PS4 blocks my access to my account. Considering a new modem if I can't figure out the issue in the mean time. The original comcast one that came with my service is not reliable, I seem to get more packet loss with that one from my minimal testing. Any suggestions on what modem to use, that goes well with the net duma and gaming.
  22. Problem is back. When I hooked back up to the TP-Link 7620 I got blocked from PS4 again. I think there is an issue with this modem cause when I was on my other modem, there was no problem. Not sure if I should purchase a new modem or just use the comcast modem it came from. Wondering this has anything to do with the crazy pings I was seeing in the duma interface. I am just so lost on this issue but I don't want to purchase another modem to find out the issue returns. I suppose I have the ability return it after a few days. Any suggestions on what modems to get if I do choose that route?
  23. I actually had them hook up my old Comcast modem for a couple of days and than today I went back to my TP-Link and as soon as I switched modems it assigned a new IP. I was having a ton of problems yesterday with duma UI, hoping going back to the TP-Link is the solution. Won't know until next COD WW2 beta though. From what I can tell, it is a dynamic IP but it never changes and I have heard unplugging and rebooting doesn't work most of the time. I actually unhooked all my internet devices overnight and it didn't change my IP. The modem changed worked though. I think at some point they changed the IP which resulted in me getting stuck with an IP that might have already been banned from PS4 but I haven no idea.
  24. I have posted my stuff up here a couple of times so I have all the standard setups an on occasion play around with CC an geo filter. This happens occasionally but seems to be happening more and more. Factory reset does seem to fix it but I guess I kind of wanted to know if there is a known issues that causes the duma to spike like this when there are no other indications of my ping spiking. Here is an old link to my settings and I will list the things that I changed: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21767-midwest-netduma-settings/ 1) UPNP Forwarding on MISC and the UPNP Page is unticked. The only tick on my misc settings is cookies. 2) Maual ports include 80 and 443 TCP, 3074-3076 udp, 3478-3480 tcp udp, 9308 udp through the duma. 3) LAN and WAN I shut off IPv6 4) I will often block other devices while gaming since I am the only one that uses this line. Everything else is pretty much default I believe that I haven't either linked to or listed on here. I will give that a go next time it happens, thanks. Stupid question, how do you manual ping it? Obviously untick the auto ping but do I just refresh the window? Never mind, I already knew, I do it all the time. Wasn't thinking, you can ignore this question. It doesn't, even when I shut auto ping off it still does it and ping manually, it still does it. Will try factory reset again and see if it returns. -- Tell me if this makes sense. I removed all my port forwards and the slow interface and the crazy high pings in the interface went away. Not sure how this will affect my nat, I guess I will have to see. I suppose the next step it is to slowly add port forwards one at a time and play to see if there is a specific one causing the issue. I think I am giving up on using the Duma with COD and will probably result in me not playing COD WW2 this year, just doesn't seem worth it to have to go through all this with little to no result in performance. Will test it on other games this week but either the duma's ping is completely inaccurate or COD servers are so completely bi-polar that nothing is consistent with them. On COD servers for IW in the same locations as WW2 I used to get between 9ms - 17ms with some spikes every now and than. With WW2 I am getting 35+ms, sometimes up to 60ms. When I had port forwarding on it was around 35 - 45 ms on a reg bases. As a comparison on ping blotter I get around 30 to 35ms (pinging comcast) with some spikes occasionally but don't usually exceed 45ms. Today when I removed Port forwarding after a factory reset the pings went back to around 17ms. Than I had a moderate nat so enabled UPnP and it went back to 40ms to 60ms. So I have experimented with Port Forwarding and UPnP which was based off a factory reset, done separately and my pings are higher than what I use to get. I than removed the port forwards cause my pings were going nuts showing over 1000ms and people teleporting everywhere and the duma UI was extremely slow. Than I did a factor reset with no UPnP or Port Forwarding and my ping went back to 17ms but I would get a moderate nat again. All of this I have shut off geo filter until the game was loaded since I am aware of that bug. Little to frustrated with this now, not sure what to do but what I am seeing in duma is wildly inconsistent. This is all based off of testing against WW2 beta so maybe there something there. Will try against other games and see what happens but can't deal with it now. if this is a result of COD's servers, than they are far worse than IW's was. Heck, the IW beta played like butter, the connectivity performance in this game is just pure trash as far as I can tell.
  25. I can't figure out why the duma keeps going crazy on me. It's not my modem since ping plotter is pretty consistent within 5ms. Plus it keeps slowing down even though I have all the settings correct. This has been happening a lot lately and I am factory resetting the R1often because of it.
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