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Question Regarding My Router in combo with Netduma R1


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Hi all,


I need some help from you guys before I order a R1. I just want to be sure that my router/modem will work (be compatible) with the Netduma R1.



My router/modem type : FritzBox 7360

ISP Carrier                     : XS4ALL (The Netherlands)

VDSL / Annex A / VPI8 / VCI48


So I start searching the forums and found this article / topic ;  http://forum.netduma.com/topic/69-bridge-or-exposed-host/?hl=fritzbox


Exact the same situation the only different is that I will keep my fritzbox. I need it for my phone calls (VOIP/Sip).

Also i will keep the PPPoE Internet dial on it.


This setup I have in mind http://i57.tinypic.com/w057jb.png

The only different is that i have 2 PC connected (wired) on the lan ports of the FritzBox. UPNP / Wifi / and DhCp are enabled.


Next I want to configure 1 Lan port as -> exposed host (belive same as DMZ) and connect the R1 to that port.


My question ; will the R1 work with my FritzBox 7360 & do I have to keep some other things in mind?


Any help in this will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.





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Yes it will work, you could message BigBen who uses the same router if you have any questions for him  :)


If you purchase the Netduma and have any questions on set up there is always somebody here to help you out.

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  • Netduma Staff

Welcome to the forum Rakie :)


Sure, that modem should work with the Netduma. The way your describing the setup sounds perfect with DMZ and is exactly what would be recommended!

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I prioritized port one and plugged my netduma into that. I then plugged my Xbox One into the duma. I use the netgear for most of the other things in the house and the duma for gaming stuff only. It's a learning curve fine tuning, but it's very doable and worth it.

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  • Administrators

We have quite a few customers with the Fritzbox so it certainly will.


Your setup actually looks pretty typical tbh. If you need pppoe you have it but if not your fine. But to answer your question, yes it will work and if you need help setting it up just post here :)

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