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  1. Ok, i will check and let you know the results, thx
  2. Dear members, Lately I've been tuning QOS to my XR500 and found that when I turn it off I have higher bandwidth than when it is on. Then I started searching the internet and came across this link: DumaOS Optimal Settings Guide: Maximum Bandwidth Speeds Run through this hoping that with QOS I could continue to use my full bandwidth. Unfortunately, this turns out not to be the case. Do I miss something or read something about it? See drawing 1 what my network looks like. I want to keep using QOS for COD MW. This is to have a stable and better experience when I am online. OR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was thinking about another option and that is : after my fiber optic cable to place a tp-link ac1200 behind it and then my XR500. Connect my XBOX and PS4 to this? I hope I can use QOS but with less bandwidth. And the rest of my home network will be connected wired/wireless to the tp-link. Two things apply to me: 1) Want to keep using QOS for my XBOX and PS4 2) In addition for the other devices in my network, they extract the full 259 MBPs Up / Down. In addition, I can 'Still Manage' the other devices from the XR500, for example, setting internet time for the children, etc. Correct me if this is not good and any help in this is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Rakie
  3. Nice playing guys hopefully next time with less lag . G.G. all. Thanks was fun
  4. Hi Fraser, Thanks for your reply. I am from The Hague in The Netherlands. Thanks in advance. Rakie
  5. Hi all, First off all thanks for the invite. My questions : Group F Over 30's PS4 * How will i come in contact with the Host / and his backup ? * Belive he needs to @ us all ? * The Rules : Just the NORMAL / BASIC guns to make it Fair ? * And no special ability ??? What exactly do you mean guys? * Belive assoon as the Host @ me he can Informed 'us' his GROUP what the exact Rules are ... Just In Case. (dont want a banned otherwise i have to return my netduma R1 back LoL). For your information my Ps4 name is : D1AB0Lk (host / backup host plz @ me so we can practice. I am online now ). Thanks in advance amigo's, Regards, Rakie
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