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  1. Nice playing guys hopefully next time with less lag . G.G. all. Thanks was fun
  2. Hi Fraser, Thanks for your reply. I am from The Hague in The Netherlands. Thanks in advance. Rakie
  3. Hi all, First off all thanks for the invite. My questions : Group F Over 30's PS4 * How will i come in contact with the Host / and his backup ? * Belive he needs to @ us all ? * The Rules : Just the NORMAL / BASIC guns to make it Fair ? * And no special ability ??? What exactly do you mean guys? * Belive assoon as the Host @ me he can Informed 'us' his GROUP what the exact Rules are ... Just In Case. (dont want a banned otherwise i have to return my netduma R1 back LoL). For your information my Ps4 name is : D1AB0Lk (host / backup host plz @ me so we can practice. I am online now ). Thanks in advance amigo's, Regards, Rakie
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