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Jumping the Gun -- Experience


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Just thought I would post something that happened to me this weekend concerning the R1 router.  It is kinda funny right now but it wasn't at the time if you get me drift. I had started gaming and periodically Xbox live was asking if I wanted to change gametags as if I was needing to sign in or something.


Come to find out I did not have a connection to Xbox live anymore so my first conclusion was "What is Wrong with my Netduma!?!"  Had I done something wrong? So going through all the router's pages I went to the miscellaneous page and it said there was an error loading the page so I was upset.  What the hell was going on.  So instead of researching it further I "Jumped the Gun" and reset my router.  


And I don't know if anyone else is like me buy I hate resetting my router because I am ocd when it comes to certain things.  I can not have devices on my router as nameless. And if  I reset the router it has to go back to full working order as it was prior to the reset. lol

So after resetting the router it still was not working.  And I still got the error message -- unable to load the page.  Guys I was calling my router everything but the son of GOD. 


So to make a long story short do you know what was wrong.  It wasn't even the router.  It was my stupid internet.  It was down due to the winter weather that we were having in the southeast of the US this weekend. I really felt like an ass.  


This goes to show you guys you can't jump the gun and blame everything on the Netduma because sometimes it's something else in your network.  I just thought I would share this to see if anyone else has ever been through something like this.  Like I said it is a good thing that I can laugh about it now. 

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I did, about 3 hours ago  :lol:

But I blamed my new modem first (sorry Z), checked it for over-heating but it was fine.

Then I blamed the Netduma and rebooted but no joy.

Then the AP, as I'd done a firmware update on it a few hours before.

I rebooted the routers (not the modem, on pain of death) but that didn't work either.

Twitter revealed no 'down' info and a tantrum was brewing...

But 'downdetector' told me what's up and it was the isp of course.

So I ate wasabi peanuts until my face hurt as penance.


'Nameless' drives me mad, especially when some swine downstairs is hogging my bandwidth and I need to formulate a coordinated assault on all of their devices.

There's a way to get the Netduma to automatically rename things (assuming they are devices that have a name input on them), I factory reset the other day and had to do it, but I can't remember what I did  <_<

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Thanks for sharing this! It's very easy to blame the duma because it's essentially at the core of everything but as you found out there are so many variables when it comes to networking.

God that is so true Fraser... :)


And Buck and Boom,nice story's as I know we've all had those moments at some point and time.Stories like that are always funny hearing as long as they're happening to someone else... ;)

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