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BT to Asus, slow speeds


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Hi all,


My friend has BT Infinity 2 (yeh, problems at the moment I know). And there is no Netduma in this network at all but I'm hoping that someone will pity him and give me an answer anyway.


He has an Asus RT-N67U(?) (integrated modem) but when he takes the BT homehub (model to follow) out of the network and puts the Asus in it's place he only gets about 30% of his speeds. He gets almost the full 80/20 or so using the homehub.


Is there a way to connect the Asus in place of the Homehub and still receive full speeds or is there some kind of lockdown on BT that prevents this?

He has the PPPoE settings which I expect he has put in already, I know that speeds are lower using PPPoE with the Duma so is this just how it is when using PPPoE?


I know I can put his Asus in the DMZ but is does anyone have a workaround so that he can take the homehub out of the network?


Cheers lads, any smartypants welcome.


Party on.

Have you tried running Merlin Firmware on it, i have RT-AC66U running merlin with a HG612 modem and i get full speed.

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Sorry lads, I got the wrong model number and he has resolved the issue now.


I flashed my Asus with Merlin firmware too, it was a massive improvement from the stock version I had originally.


Cheers for your replies though :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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