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Cloud settings

Mr fncypants

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  • Netduma Staff

Well you could go to manual cloud and go back in time to an older cloud version. All the cloud dates were on the Wiki but as the Wiki is down, here are the dates which were in the Coal Mine. These don't have the newest cloud dates but unless Iain knows them, its all I think there is as the up-to-date ones are on the Wiki.



  1. Dec21
  2. Dec21
  3. Dec23
  4. Dec24
  5. Dec29
  6. Dec29
  7. Dec30
  8. Jan10
  9. Jan23
  10. Jan28
  1. Dec30
  2. Dec30
  3. Jan6
  4. Jan19
IP geo mapping:
  1. Dec27
  2. Dec27
  3. Dec27
  4. Jan6
  5. Jan6
  6. Jan7
  7. Jan8
  8. Jan19
  9. Jan23

Whitelist = List of matchmaking servers, i.e. white circles

Game Server = Dedicated servers i.e. yellow circles

Map = How IP addresses are mapped to locations on earth


So if you were having better games in the past, maybe trying setting to manual cloud and corresponding it to one of these dates. 


This also might not be a cloud issue, what are the results in your ping diagnostics?

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Guest Netduma_Iain

I wouldn't recommend chaning clouds.


If you dont like a dedicated server just move your home so its not included and connect to another one. You may need to restart the game when you move your home :)

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Its how the game works, people asked for dedis and they were given them it seems. Not to go off topic but our policy is to diagnose pings only.

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  • Netduma Staff

I had cloud enabled but all settings were on 1. So I was using old server info?


If it was autoload then the numbers don't mean anything as the Netduma will be using the latest stable cloud release. The only time the numbers mean something is when auto-cloud is not ticked :)

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  • 3 months later...

If I am not misstaking you cant turn off the could. Geo filter is based on a cloud. All the data used by geo for search and giving us local hots etc is in the cloud.


If i understand correctly the you probobly disable the manual colud settings and just went with automatic witch is the newes one. So that you are using the most up to date could settings.


That is the whole point of clouds updates to be up to date with the locations of servers and ips etc. because as we all know it very day new servers with new ips are created. Just for that simple fact is good to always be up to speed.


On the top of that i always keep bleeding edge tickt 

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