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Netduma Fraser

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Hey everyone, back when we first launched there was a lot more general chat unrelated to support. 


I think this has died down now, maybe due to size of the forum or that the same members are commenting so maybe it feels like a tight nit clique? 


We're not sure the reason but we'd love for more people to hang out, chat and discuss anything you want to. As long as you're all civil we don't mind what you discuss, be it politics, sports, of course gaming, TV/movies, books etc just have fun!


So if you've been lurking for awhile or even a new member drop by, say hi and maybe introduce yourself here. I think you'll find its a fantastic community to be a part of :)


If you have any suggestions as well on what would encourage members to post feel free to suggest it and we'll try to incorporate it. Maybe there isn't enough sub forums that you feel you can contribute to etc.



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