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shoot first, lose 65 percent of the time?

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Seems like no matter what settings i try to use for black ops 3, nothing is helping me win gunfights like i should be. hit detection is way off, nothing but problems. Do you guys have any sort of settings i could use to see if i can improve the connection or whatever seems to be the problem? i already did what Fraser said which is use netduma wiki to set things up properly, but that doesn't seem to work. What settings do you guys use if you are on the east coast of US?

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I am having the same problem, I tried something different yesterday and it improved my hit detection. I switched my dns servers ip. I used the traceroute and selected a different dns server and it seemed a little better at least my hit detection is better. 

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Seriously dudes, it's the shitty way the game is designed. What might work 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute, doesn't work the next. If you're looking for that "magic bullet" that will solve all of your problems, save yourselves the headaches, time, and troubles because there isn't one. After spending more money on shit to help my gaming than I would like to admit (even to myself), I have finally given up on Blops 3, for now. There are too many constantly changing factors and variables involved, most of which include OTHER PLAYER'S CONNECTIONS. How are you going to solve that? Answer: you can't my friends. Best solution is to either enjoy it how it is, shelve it, sell it, or burn it. Your choice.

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Very good point, problem is that theres really no other call of duty to fall back on at this point. We've been playing black ops 2 for basically the past 3 years because the other two were just so bad. So how can we move on from Blops 3 when Blops 2 is basically now full of hackers? of course there's no magic bullet or anything like that to help us, but there has to be a solution to help us do better. You know what i mean?

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A couple of the #Canaries are looking into how the game plays without the DLC.  Iain and the Netduma crew are also going to run some tests specifically on BO3 to see if we can garner some more insight into how so many of us are experiencing such a horrendous time in this game.


Bottom line:  I don't think the tuning and tweaking has reached a point where we can establish a baseline for how this game plays.  Von's twitter today said there would be ANOTHER new patch rolling out.  Some information will be published, but will all of it be?  Or do we have to wait for the PC Master Race to dig deep into the code again?


Who knows.  BO3 is literally a gamble right now.  There is nothing we have been able to try that can guarantee a "beast gaming experience" right now, I'm sorry to say.


If someone comes across that Magic Silver Bullet, you can believe we will post a new, high traffic thread about it. ;)

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These were the tips i wrote for optimising Destiny console connections but applies to COD too. Might some of this information help? 90% of my COD games are very good now, just my lack of skills holding me back now!


Tips to avoid lag....

When playing online you want your overall latency (or ping) to be as low as possible. Network traffic is measured in milliseconds (ms). 1000ms equals 1 second. It's not uncommon to encounter other gamers with 500ms+ of lag. Whilst you can directly measure network lag there are other components which can also introduce lag into your gaming set-up, such as your monitor/TV and controller. Here are some tips to reduce overall lag.

Home Network
- WiFi networks will increase lag especially if others in your household are using it at the same time. Connect via a wired LAN connection to your router whenever possible as this will provide a nice fast 1Gbit (1000Mbits) connection to your router, this is faster and more reliable than Wi-fi. Power line adapters, which use your homes electricity cabling to route network traffic, are a very good alternative to Wi-Fi (you can buy a pair off Amazon for £25). This a nice option if you don't like the prospect of having to run cables around your house. 

- Ensure you are using good quality cables which are securely plugged into your equipment. Loose connections will cause issues. Ideally you want to use a shielded CAT6 cable that is kept away from Power cables. Most ethernet cables are unshielded.

- If you do use Wi-Fi check you’re router has not chosen a channel similar to your household neighbours. For example, if your WIFI is on channel 11 and so is your neighbours there will be interference which will cause lag. This applies more so to 2.4Ghz connections than 5Ghz. There are free apps to check this (I use Wi-Fi Radar on OSX). This article will help:- http://www.extremetech.com/computing/179344-how-to-boost-your-wifi-speed-by-choosing-the-right-channel

- If you are using the 2.4Ghz spectrum (usually on G spec connections) that signal will be subject to interference from other devices in your household. These included cordless phones, microwaves, etc. Keep your console as far away from these as possible. 

- You can download the OFCOM Wi-Fi checker smart phone app. That apps will tells you if your wifi network is causing speed issues. 

- Usage, if you, your mum or sister (for example) are streaming from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc when you are playing online you’ll be at a disadvantage. There is little you can do this unless you router supports Quality of Services (QOS) features, many modern routers do so including those from NetGEAR, D-Link etc. This will allow you to prioritise your console over other devices on your home network. Dedicated gaming routers are starting to emerge. Check out options from Netduma and Asus for more information.

- Lag can also be experienced if your console is downloading an update in the background. It’s alway best to suspend all downloads when playing online.

- NAT settings may also affect network performance. Moderate and Strict settings are to be avoided. It's best to enable uPnP on your router which should sort everything out for you or you can head over to portforward.com for help. As a last resort consider configuring a DMZ but this is risky.

- Check your routers firmware level. Router firmware has bugs too so check if updates are available from your router manufacturer. You'd be surprised how often they are released and many of these update address wireless performance as well as security issues. 

- You may also want to consider pluging your router into power filter to eliminate any power interference which sometime can cause erratic router behaviour (although this is rare). Some ISP's will also offer power filters for your phone socket. 

- If you see a poor line quality result from dslreports.com you might want to replace your ADSL microfilters (if using them). In the UK you can replace the your socket faceplate so you no longer require them. http://www.increasebroadbandspeed.co.uk/adsl-faceplate


- Check if your router is doing any kind of content inspection, parental controls, virus, Malware, etc. For example, some ASUS routers do this. When I measured these functions turned on and off there was 80ms ping difference.

Broadband Connection

- Outright speed is less of an issue when playing online, very seldom will you see games using more than 1Mbs of bandwidth when playing. Destiny only uses 300Kbs so even those on slow 2Mbs connections should not be disadvantaged. Bungie recommend upto 1Mbs bandwidth but in my experience this much is only required if your are picked as host. Note: Destiny bandwidth requirements do seem to have increased since the Taken King (possibly due to a net code change)

- Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be the issue if lag is an issue at certain times of the day. Some ISP’s packet shape (e.g. BT) and others do not (e.g Sky). Arguably packet shaping is a good thing as it means your ISP will prioritise gaming traffic at busy times of the day.

- Check line quality. Run a line quality check (use the dslreports.com) test suite. This will rate your connections quality. Buffer Bloat and Quality readings of below C indicate issues. You may need to contact your ISP for support if this is an issue. Your local country ping times should be sub 30ms. Poor buffer bloat results will mean you experience more lag spikes. 

- 3G/4G/Satellite connections will suffer from much higher lag than typical DSL / Fibre broadband connections. Use these connections whenever possible

- Router connection, it's alway best if your home router is plugged into your homes primary phone socket. Extension cables can be very poor and slow your connections speed and effect line quality.

- Reboot your router. Many routers become less responsive overtime so it's alway better to reboot them at least once per week.

- Adjust your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size on your router and console configuration settings. MTU controls your network packets size, depending on the routing of your packets some may become fragmented which may cause lag. This is getting a bit technical but this article should help: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/5793. Check your settings here: http://www.letmecheck.it/mtu-test.php

- Your internet speed. I know I said speed was not something to worry about normally but if you are on low bandwidth connection and share your connections with others it is likely to get saturated. Internet connection utilising over 80% capacity suffer efficiency issues, at 100% capacity then you're going to run into problems, the lower the bandwidth the more likely this might happen. Like I said earlier low bandwidth connections are not a problem if you're the only one using it but if your sharing with others and someone decides to download a 4Gbs movie from a bit torrent site you might as well forget online gaming for the day. 

- Consider upgrading your router, many ISP's supply very basic routers and the Wi-Fi performance of many leaves a lot to be desired (although this is an improving situation, looking at you Sky).  


- TV and Monitors have a screen refresh time, the lower the better. Monitors should be sub 5/ms and 30m/s on TV’s is a good number to aim for. Check the following website for more information: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/input-lag

- Regardless of your display refresh time you can improve it by either a) enabling it’s game mode or B) turning off any enhancement modes such as MPEG noise reduction, smoothing etc. Any modes enabled on your display will require processing which will increase screen lag. Some TV’s can introduce 50-75ms lag in these modes.

- If you connect your consoles HDMI connection via an A/V receiver or Soundbar check if it has a source/video direct mode. If not, that equipment might be adding 10-20ms of screen refresh lag consider connecting directly to your TV/Monitor instead. 

Controller lag

- Controller lag is real. Most console controllers use bluetooth to send controller information. Other household items can interfere with your controller such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. These operated on the same 2.4Ghz net work as older Wi-Fi technologies.Keep your controller away from such devices.

- Keep your controller close to your console as possible. The PS4 bluetooth antenna is notoriously weak.

- Battery level. Low battery on controllers will increase the chance of controller lag. XBOX owners can use their USB connection instead of bluetooth. This is always the preferred option. PS4 owners do not have this option but can buy dedicated USB controllers such as the Hori Pro pad.


- If game settings permit try to play other games from your continent. For example, European players playing US players will always be disadvantaged by a 150-250ms penalty.

- The NetDuma router offers a feature to ensure you either a) only allows connections to other gamers within a set distance, this addresses Europeans playing Americans in Destiny or B) connect to other gamers with a ping time below a set threshold, this will stop you playing against laggy players. Note: There is a low risk such a device might violate Bungie T&C's so you might want to consider this before using such equipment. 

- Your party. If you party up with other players from different regions then someone is going to be at a disadvantage. That just going to be a fact of life. Not a lot you can do about this. Network packets can only travel so fast around the globe, we are restricted by how fast light can travel. 

- Check Bungie's comprehensive Network troubleshooting articles:-



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I have had better games on xbone playing a little farther away from the low ping lobbies. The Texas server is 60 ms for me and plays good most the time. Anything lower than that and its a gamble on how it will play.

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A lot of this stuff has to boil down to peoples setups like the post above said there are TONS of things that can influence your results including the type of TV/Monitor you play on.


I personally have a very good connection 200/25 FTTP fiber connection and once I got my Duma configured I have a good game meaning the game feels fine from a hit detection standpoint etc like 95/100 games.

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Thanks guys for all the tips! i really appreciate it. i guess ill just have to see if Vonderhaar and treyarch will fix it.

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.It's a busted game at the minute and believe me all us canaries are really working to find something that will give people a consistent gaming experience,which is what we all want.JD and I are gonna try a few things this weekend and will report back with the results.We're all trying to achieve the same thing a decent running game and some consistency for all.

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Thanks guys. Fraser I think for now, i'm just gonna leave it and not touch anything. Everyone seems to say it has nothing to do with the connection, but it's mostly a problem with the game. Fuzzy, keep me posted on how that works out. It would be really great to see a solution to the problem :)

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so what are they bad or good? if bad, how do you get rid of them?


Neither good nor bad. Simply hosts that were deemed as under your limit but you didn't end up connecting to them for your game. They will disappear from the map after 2 minutes being disconnected from them - that's how our anti-cheat works.

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