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  1. Yeah, I'm fairly confident of that as Blackout plays like I'm on a LAN. Of course the BO server I always connect to so I get like 10-15ms I did run a few Apex games testing some things pining like 19-30 so can't really ask for much better than that. Even though with a low ping I did run into one of those "matrix" style games at the start where everyone was moving at like quarter speed.
  2. Yeah hyper traffic, and you're right sorry I do have QOS set up with xbox prioritized and share excess ticked.
  3. It's been like 2 years now since I changed my setup IIRC it was streaming Netflix so like a 720p stream
  4. The info I'm about to give is mostly meaningless w/o stats but whatever. I ended up giving up on the R1 wifi and use a different router all together for my home WIFI. I swear you can flood the R1 wifi out with too much throughput. I use to be able to do it with streaming services where the R1 would work fine for a while then it would reboot seemingly out of no where.
  5. I have a Eero mesh system that handles the WIFI for my house due to the size the R1 wasn't adequate so can't use QOS, the R1 is my first router and acts as a bridge to the main Router for the mesh system and my xbox is wired to the R1 and hypethreading is set for the Xbox. Like I said though Blackout plays perfectly with god mode ping (sometimes under 10) with no spikes and I can swap to Apex and have massive issues, swap back and be fine so it doesn't appear to be anything locally. I'll check out the server status link. Another thing that doesn't make much sense to me regarding the data centers is what exactly is that doing in regards to my client? I figured everyone in the same match would be connected to the same server. Also, if I'm partied up with 2 other people and they both select different data centers what does that do? I always thought everyone in a BR match would always be connected to the same server.
  6. I enjoy this game but I'm about at my wits end for dealing with the connection issues. I don't know what to do. For reference on CoD Blackout I ping avg 15 ms consistently in every lobby buttery smooth and have done so for months upon months. My connection is extremely stable high speed FTTP fiber connection. However, more than half the games I try to play on Apex Legends experience absurd lag/rubber banding/high pings and it's extremely inconsistent. For example I watch the ping and some games I'll run 400+ ms for a couple mins then slowly drop down into the 50-60s, then spike back up etc. Every once in a while I'll get a nice low 30ms ish consistent ping and the game feels great but I'll go some entire 2-3 hour sessions where every game has horrible lag. I've done the trick to change data centers to other acceptable ping ones based on their in game selection w/o much luck. I live in Indiana and was wondering if anyone has identified any good data centers I can try to connect too that seem consistent or have any other suggestions. Best Regards,
  7. Yeah Fazor that's exactly my experience. Tonight I'll try removing the console profile from the geofilter page all together and see if it makes a difference per progprogprogs post. I haven't had a need to use geofilter period for this game as I'm usually connected to the Chicago dedi which gives me an insanely good connection due to my proximity i'll ping 9ms at times which is basically as low as you can get over the internet.
  8. I'm not set to filter I'm set to spectate unless it's glitched
  9. I've used UPNP before doesn't give me open nat, If you're using DMZ that's what's giving you open
  10. Log in today back to Moderate, same settings that gave me OPEN
  11. Those things make no sense to do in conjunction
  12. I haven't been able to get an open NAT with UPNP
  13. Changing the port forwarding worked, any idea why the other settings were needed past what Activision says is needed for the xbox + Blops4
  14. I'm having issues with getting an OPEN NAT per Black Ops4 on the XBOX X. XBOX indicates my NAT as OPEN but the in game network options shows moderate. I am experiencing connectivity issues. I have a FTTP connection from from Fiber hub is an Ethernet connection to my R1, my XBOX is connected to the R1, I also have a WIFI Mesh router setup to handle wifi for my house. I've verified that the IP used in my port forwarding is the same as the fixed IP of my xbox. I've reviewed the port forwarding multiple times to make sure I'm not missing anything. Black OPS 4 network options says it tried to use UDP 3075 for an OPEN NAT. Any thoughts?
  15. I don't see these settings on the new OS, are they just called something different that I'm not recognizing? You used yo see reactive routing for max speed and proactive for best ping. Are these settings gone now, called something else, or am I just not seeing them?
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