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  1. I'm about go give up man, freaking connected to the R1 now showing internet but I can't get back into the dang UI. times out when trying to access through a browser, tried chrome and firefox, power cycled the R1, power cycled my laptop. Tried through wifi and wired and can't get into the damn UI. I'm stumped at how I can connect to the R1 but can't access the UI. What's weird is I can't ping the router but windows is showing I'm connected and I'm able to get out to the internet. I'll have to mess with it another day kids are home so on the mesh now.
  2. Okay was confusing the hell out of me. ISP said they set me back to DHCP for now but I'm not able to get to the internet through the R1. I have DHCP selected and use upstream DNS everything else is off. I saved settings waited then tried power cycling the R1 still no dice. .... Factory reset and I'm out to the net again... Going to try the static setup again...
  3. Was able to verify MAC from windows checking the router properties, So when setting up the static IP I should be able to just enter that same mac?
  4. Can I tell from the DumaOS somewhere what the GUI is showing as the current mac? I wasn't able to find that.
  5. Called ISP tried to get the static turned on and it didn't work. The thing that I don't understand is the section that says mac address cloning it required a mac address before the DumaOS would let me save settings. I'm not sure I put in the correct mac address as the R1 has two on the back do I use the top or bottom and why would it be required on that screen regardless?
  6. So basically I'll have to say okay turn it on with their support, then when that happens I should lose internet access until I make the changes on the R1, sound correct?
  7. Just said if we were using a leased router they could assist with setup. Since I have my own router that it will be on me. They provided the numbers that will be used along with the static IP. I'm assuming the R1 will just resolve all that automatically when the connection is reset but that's what I'm trying to figure out.
  8. Okay so I have to call to activate the static IP service which Ill do tomorrow but the mentioned I'll need to set up my router as well which I don't understand. Shouldn't it just see a new IP associated with the connection? They gave me a reference number to call in to turn it on as well as what my static IP will be along with Gateway, Subnet, and DNS1, and DNS2 numbers. Thoughts?
  9. Yeah they're using CGNAT according to that. 4 hops to hit my public IP. Haven't asked them yet myself but found a reddit post saying they charge an extra $10 a month for a static IP. Everything seems to be working fine for the most part from a pure latency standpoint (was getting sub 10ms connections last night) Which as we know is about is good as it gets for online play. That has me wondering though because in game the ping was showing 40-50ms but the dumaOS was showing like 10ms. Is it possible the Duma was showing the ping to my ISP and not the game server? (because of CGNAT) Also was reading they don't support IPV6 so should I turn that off on the router or is it irrelevant? Also just for reference the first hop was my mesh router, then the R1, then the WAN IP according to Duma OS, then my public IP per google.
  10. Yeah I can call. I really am not sure what to ask though? What should I ask about or ask them to change?
  11. I'm not sure the ISP wants homeowners to access the ONT they always said if they need to reset it or makes changes they'll do it remote. WAN IP starts 100.95
  12. Internet is FTTP coming into a G-240G-A ONT, there is also a little TL-SF1005D switch in the box with the ONT which I'm not sure why it's there since I only have 1 cable that's active coming into the house and the ONT has enough ports(maybe I''m missing the purpose I'll have to chase all the wires I suppose)The house has ethernet runs to a few rooms but I don't use them they don't even have sockets on them. From there I have a cable directly to the R1, the R1 is wired to the Xbox, and wired to the EERO mesh router. Connection limit I pay for is 200, Duma OS test showed 167 down 88 up so I don't really have congestion concerns. My main goals are Open NAT and the Xbox and traffic priority/lowest possible ping on the xbox. Everything else in the house is handled fine by the mesh system w/o latency concerns (no other gaming)
  13. On the Xbox itself showing Nat moderate from the xbox's test NAT function. I'll have to verify in game as well IIRC i've seen the console and the game itself conflict regarding NAT. I'm not sure how to reserve the WAN IP for the R1 unless I'm thinking of the wrong thing I believe my ISP assigns it and it doesn't change unless the mac address changes.
  14. Well, cable differences are for bandwidth purposes primarily. For example if you're running a gigabit network you'll want or your cable will bottleneck you. Good read if you want to get into specifics. My suggestion for home network is shielded Cat 6 you won't utilize anything larger. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/different-types-of-ethernet-cables-explained/
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