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  1. What does this message in the log file mean? There are hundreds all for the same device, an Amazon Echo. [DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 6 8., Friday, May 18, 2018 19:32:38
  2. My main gripe is that (as you know) I can't add new hosts which is something that works fine on the R1 with the Nintendo servers.
  3. This information is incorrect, I run my Switch using the official HORI LAN adapter, £15 from Amazon. Most days I get about 50Mbs down and 15Mbs up from the Nintendo speed test. Best I've seen is 65Mbs down. My LAN connection is always faster than my Wi-Fi connection. You must update your MTU and DNS settings. Nintendo default to an MTU of 1400 which will lead to more packets and a slight reduction in speed. Do no let the DNS settings be provided automatically from the XR50, I'm using Cloudflare ( I get NAT type A via the XR500 without the need to set-up a DMZ.
  4. I tried Powerline adapters connected to a Netgear EX8000 extender in an old victorian house (with electrical cabling to match) which resulted in 5% packet loss which was no good for gaming. Your mileage may vary.
  5. My XR500 is on the ground floor of a three story terraced house, 120 years old with some thick walls. Even so, I did experience generally good WiFi connectivity for general web browsing across the house. I only tested one EX extender but the Netgear documentation suggest they could be daisy chained in bridge 'extender' mode but clearly each hop will add additional latency. Deploying in AP mode would be result in a star configuration but you'd need to run LAN cables to each EX and if you could do then I be cabling PC/Consoles directly if that was the case. Whilst 5Ghz offers less interfernecne it's not so good penetrating thick walls. 2.4Ghz can be better in older houses but is much more prone to interfere from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks and other devices which operate on the same frequency bands within the home (e.g. cordless phones, microwaves, bluetooth, etc). Good to specify the frequency/channel manually in my opinion, when I left the XR500 Smart set-up it put me on 2.4Ghz network with 6 competing networks in my neighbourhood with spectrum conflicts. I have manually configured an uncontested 5Ghz band (DFS 100) which was the goldilocks zone for me.
  6. I had an EX8000 set up with my XR500 as I wanted to create a dedicate wireless bridge directly from my games consoles to my XR500. I tried this in bridge 'extender' mode and Access Point mode. Both worked quite well and I had no issues with the XR500 other than some spectrum contention and EX8000 placement, can't be too close to the XR500. Local latency was measured at 2ms with 0.5ms jitter once I found an uncontested channel (I recommend using Wi-Fi Explorer), DFS100 was best for me. However, for whatever reason I was still getting poor hit registration on online in games like Battlefield and Splatoon2. I have since hardwired my consoles and never looked back. The EX8000 is now gathering dust, if anyone wants a bargain let me know.
  7. Hi Fraser, 1. Will we get Switch as an icon, instead of 'Wii' in device manager? 2. Can get more Switch games added in profiles? 3. When will XBOX be removed as a service reference when selecting 'Games Console'? Thanks, Stu
  8. I have 80/20 connection, with optimisation I can get 55/15 on the Switch via the Nintendo Speed test. However, I have noticed there are some settings on the Switch that do impact speed. 1. By default the Switch MTU is 1400, setting that to match your ISP MTU increased speed, in my case 1492. 2. DNS settings, don't let the Switch default to the XR500's address as the DNS server, instead hard code your preferred DNS provider, I'm using which has given me the fastest speeds.
  9. If the ex7300 does not support Smart Set-up in AP mode you would have to put it in Extender mode and drop the direct LAN cable connection. I have an EX8000 extender but in the end gave up and switched to cables for all my gaming console connections. Even on a uncontested radio spectrum with a 2ms ping to the router and 1ms jitter gaming connections were still not reliable enough. Direct cabling is the way to go if you can.
  10. In that configuration, you'd put the extender in AP mode and then use Netgears Smart Connect feature on both devcies. This will create a roamable single SSID.
  11. After another attempt including a factory reset, a hard reset and three attempts at the set-up wizard the XR500 connected to the Internet. I've since rebooted twice so things are looking good. Connection is stable but I still have my Geo issues, can't ping Nintendo's matchmaking servers (east coast US) so can't add them to approved hosts lists. This means I need to keep my Geo filter really wide (UK based) defeating the purpose. As a test, my R1 connected to the XR500 has no issues pinging these servers and adding them.
  12. I've upgraded but it broke my PPPoE connection so I have had to roll back the firmware again.
  13. I can't see the new firmware, hopefully when I can it will resolve my Geo Filter issues and not break my PPPoE connection. ;-)
  14. V2.2.0.4 was the last official release from the Netgear website but they've pulled it for some reason.
  15. As BigDog suggested I've also not set a VLAN ID tag. Now I'm back to my original issue, can't reliably approve hosts using Geo. I could add one but no more. Can you do a cloud update for the Nintendo servers, think there are only 4 of them. Will you have the ID's from your Switch? Ta
  16. I've got in working but only by rolling back the firmware to v2. If I try v2.2.1.8, v2.2.0.7 or v2.2.0.4 it stops working. Those version can't detect an internet connection. put v2.1.0.6 back on and it works again.
  17. My XR500 was connected to my dm200 in modem mode and I tried my Vigor modem. With and without vlan TAG set.
  18. Hello, I have the new Netgear XR500 DumaOS powered router having upgrded from a Netduma R1. The unit has had problems since day one and intially refused to establish a internet connection to my ISP with the setup wizard failing everytime. Instead I connected my XR500 to my Netgear DM200 modem in routrer mode. Not wishing to be defeated I tried again to get the XR500 connected directly. This time I set the VLAN tag my ISP requires (101) in Adavanced option, then I went back to Internet settings and tried again. Success, the XR500 connected. For a few days all was well but the the host filtering stopped working for one of my connected devices. Fraser at Netduma assisted but could not resolve so I restarted the XR500. Since then the XR500 refuses to connect to my ISP. I have tried hard resseting the device and going through all the steps I followed previously to no avail. If I swap my DM200 back into modem/router mode it works fine with all the same settings. If I swap an old Zyxcel router with Vigor modem everything works fine also. I'm with IDNET in the UK who require a VLAN ID tag of 101 but nothing else especially different in their set-up. Can anyone help?
  19. My study is on the third floor, my router on the ground floor. i have the option to run a cable down the outside of the house and then up through the basement but I'd need to drill through the external walls to feed the cables, did not want to do that. I have a Netgear ex8000 extender, my console is actually plugged in via a LAN cable to extender. From there it's a wireless bridge to the XR500. To be fair performance is excellent. No spectrum interference, zero packet loss, 2ms ping to the XR500 and 0.5ms jitter. Signal is stable for prolonged periods as measured via Wi-Fi explorer. All my XR500 issues have been resolved now by Fraser (via new firmware) bar Geo Filtering, can't add new hosts.
  20. Both! Fast and slow. Bizarrely the cheaper slower power lines were more reliable. Tried TP link and Netgear.
  21. Thanks but I've used powerline adapters but packet loss is in excess of 5% (according to ping plotter) so no good. My house is a 150 years old, think the electrical cabling is probably that old too!
  22. If I connect directly through the Wi-FI on the XR500 QoS works, it identifies the traffic. However, geo filter does not work as you witnessed on the share session, can't ping hosts to add them to the allow list. If I connect via the AP in extender mode the Switch appears correctly online in Device manager. However, neither Qos or Geo filter work at all. If I connect via the AP in typical AP mode the Switch appears in Device manger offline, QoS works but Geo only partially works, I just have to set the radius quite large A mixed bag In my house I can't easily get a wired connection to my study where the Switch is located hence the need to get a WiFi solution. In extender mode my Switch is actually LAN cabled to the AP which has a bridged wireless connection to the XR500. The Wi-Fi in the Switch is very poor but via the AP the connection is rock solid. I use Wi-Fi explorer, it shows the connection as excellent, 1% noise, no spectrum interference, zero packet loss and 2ms ping with 0.5ms jitter.
  23. Spoke too soon, the reason why I was getting in games is that Geo now does not recognise my Switch even when defined. I see the same in QoS as it does not detect traffic from the Switch. I put my Wi-FI access point is in extended mode (Netgear EX8000) and this seems to modify the MAC address so I think this is confusing the XR500. Could you ask Netgear about this? Apart from buffer bloat which i can force on i'm not able to take advantage of any of the other headline features.
  24. Fraser, I can get games in Splatoon now, did you update the cloud settings. Thanks if you did. :-)
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