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  1. Well, we now went from 30ms ping to 40-50 in only a week, and now the duma is forcing me to get into Dedis that are not near where I live (NJ). Any way to fix that?
  2. Fraser, Yes I set everything up optimally, Thanks guys for all the advice and info so far! So, you guys think it's mostly just a case where this is just a temporary thing? If this is something on Treyarchs end, is this something they will fix to make the servers better? Or is this something that might be able to be fixed on our end through another update to deal with those server problems?
  3. Well, I usually get about 10-15, so having 30+ is not normal. Plus I'm noticing that it's making a big difference in gun fights too. Some shots do well, and others dont. Some I blame myself, and others I highly question.
  4. Fraser, I think what Uzumaki is explaining is about when you set up your geo filter, sometimes it'll try to put you in a game, fails to do so and then tells you that the lobby is not joinable. It's happened to me numerous times and I've had to reset the cloud or adjust my location/filter settings.
  5. Is anyone else having a problem with high ping when it comes to the dedicated servers? The Anti Bufferbloat has fixed my bufferbloat issue a little bit, but now all the Dedis are getting from 30-50ms ping scans. Does anyone know why or how to fix this?
  6. Yea thats what I had to do. I had to type in admin and password and it worked. Thanks guys! If I have any more questions or concerns, I'll be back to tell you about it!
  7. Forget it, I looked up the problem and figured it out!
  8. It keeps asking me to sign in, and I dont know why my username or password wont work. the netduma password as I remember is the usual default after resetting it which we all know is netdumar1. So why won't it let me login? please help! Thanks, Monzo
  9. What number am I on the list? Cause I signed up I think in the first 20 minutes, but I know even then I probably missed the first wave
  10. Yea thats what im noticing. I factory reset the router and it went back to normal so who knows
  11. Is anyone else experiencing really high ping problems in the Black Ops 4 beta? Would like to know if anyone else is having this problem too, and what they did to fix it
  12. Anyone else having a problem with the Regular Duma with high ms ping? All my pings are 500-1000+. Literal insanity. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. I can't believe that everyone is still pissing and moaning over the R1 not getting updated. I come on here every few days just to have a laugh at all the people still complaining. Let's face it folks, they should possibly update it eventually, and if they don't, just get the DumaOS. That's what I'm doing eventually!
  14. Well, Colonic mentioned that it wasn't supposed to be posted in here. Now, I didn't get to read what it was posted for, but until I see it, I can't say much for you on that
  15. So, I've been reading these comments for the past 24 hours about NetDuma once again postponing the date for the new OS, and even though I'm highly upset about it, I can't complain as this has happened in the past. This whole argument on both sides is a bit ridiculous, but on some levels understandable. I understand why people are upset, and I also understand their complaints, which I think the mods are not completely understanding the business logic behind one of the complainers comments (no hard feelings, and not to insult). BUT... I do think the mods are being somewhat mature in their responses instead of the typical "You guys suck, its not out yet blah blah blah" response. To defend the complainers, I agree with the fact that we've been waiting (including myself) for almost more than two years now since we've heard that DumaOS was going to be released. The reason for the release was because Netduma wanted to change the gaming router that no other router company could accomplish before, which was no lag spiking, no bufferbloat problems etc, and everyone jumped for joy and pissed themselves waiting for an arrival of this update. The problem: Netduma has said time and time again that they would release it in Fall 2016, Spring of 2017, another date, and again today, still with no update. To defend one of the comments made by a complainer, as i remember, his complaint was from a business aspect, explaining that customers should not be waiting this long for an update, especially if they have said over and over that it will be released soon. In the business world, this is terrible communication and marketing and I can fully agree that maybe there should be a change in better communication. To defend the mods perspective on the situation, I can agree with them on the fact that everyone in here is being childish as all hell over it without even being able to state any logical argument to prove themselves (only a couple in here have been able to do so). I can agree that Netduma might be making a bit of an excuse over this just a tad, but I don't think they would purposely be lying to the customer just to support them buying the new Nighthawk. Even if they ARE giving out DumaOS for free in the near future, understanding business, don't you think that they might be making something out of giving it for free? like more purchases of their routers for the new OS? What I'm not agreeing with on both sides, which happens very often on these forums, is that the mods and the customers can never get along, or ever come to an understanding when it comes to specific opinions on certain matters (Yes, I've run into a problem with a mod myself, who will be unnamed, but problem was solved and him and I are okay now). By everyone arguing over whos mature, whos not, why is it not released, blaming the company, blaming customers, blaming mods and staff etc, you're not getting anywhere by arguing. At this rate, just let Luke and the rest of the team do what they have to do to finish the product and their problem with this, and we should hopefully have it soon. Now, someone said that Netduma should release the product with an agreement that allows us to have it without the BC temporarily to fix this problem. Now THAT I agree with, but I doubt it will happen. Sorry, but this had to be said.
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