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Duma noob !


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Another Duma noob !


what can I say but a big thanks to the Duma crew for their tasty box of tricks !

after much uming and ahhiing about buying the router and another evening of sponging clips into rubber players ! I caved and bought the R1

Set up was pretty much a breeze, and the result....play that has been crispier than the duck from the local chinese! :)


I play a lot of battlefield and Cod on the Ps4 and just the ability to filter the host radius has been worth the money alone !

Managed to get motherships in two different games playing BO3 shortly after hooking up the router!

Chance, luck, netduma ?!

I only ever managed to get one mothership scorestreak prior to installing the R1 and that was from a care package!! :D

Looking forward to tinkering with it some more , thanks again guys ;)

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Welcome, have you upgraded since you received it?

If not , you can follow my guide here




Enjoy your stay , if you have any issues let me know :)

Hi Asentrix,

Yeah upgraded with no problems cheers

The only thing I've noticed is that my usual 7ms ping, 100-107 down and 6 up when connected straight through my isp hub has been reduced to 43 and 4 and an increase of 2ms to 9ms ping with the R1 connected ! Is this supposed to happen?

Scratch that !!....just found the max speed tutorial :/

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