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How to I upgrade from 1.03.3 to 1.03.5

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Just got the NetDuma, went through setup but still tweaking and haven't tried a game. I'm a Destiny player.


At any rate my NetDuma cam out of the box with Firmware 1.03.3 and when I try to upgrade it says none available. Some of the setup instructions say I should have 1.03.5....


How can I force the firmware upgrade?


EDIT: Also I'm on XBOX ONE, my XBOX says my NAT Type: Moderate as opposed to "Open". I'm running the XBOX straight to the NetDuma then to the modem, no other routers in between. So in the instructions I found...

How to open your NAT
  1. Access the router by going to
  2. Go to Settings » Miscellaneous
  3. Enable 'UPnP Forwarding'.
  4. Go to Settings » UPnP
  5. Make sure it is enabled and click apply.
  6. Go to Device Manager
  7. Make a note of the number after 'WAN IP'.
  8. Enter your current router's control panel. You should be able to do this by clicking the button in the blue box above 'WAN IP'.
  9. Navigate to there DMZ setting on your router.
  10. Enter the number you made a note of earlier into the other router's DMZ.


6-10 make no sense.

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6 - 10 are only applicable if you are connected to another router as you are not you need ignore these.


Have you got a static IP set in your console?


If you have set it to automatic, turn off you're console reboot the Netduma wait 1 min then start your console.

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On my old router I had my XBOX set as static IP. 


But when I did the install with NetDuma I changed it to DHCP (Auto). Is it more consistent in detecting my NAT being OPEN if I set XBOX to static? I don't want to have to do the whole whole turn off geo filter and reset the xbox everytime I want it to show open NAT.


Thanks everyone for the responses/assistance.

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Welcome to the forum! Have you been able to upgrade now?


Would definitely recommend putting the R1 in the DMZ if you do have the blue box (indicating you're behind a router) for an open NAT. 


Assigning a static IP to the Xbox would help yes. You can do this from DHCP lease.

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Yes I got the upgrade, just booted up my XBOX ONE and it still shows NAT Type: Moderate.


I'll play with it some more later time to run errands.



EDIT: Turned off GeoFilter, reset XBOX and now it shows NAT Type: Open, just hope I don't have to do this on a regular basis after turning the GeoFilter back on.

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