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Channel Update For 2016


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What's up everyone I just wanted to jump on here and mention a few changes that I will be doing with my channel very soon this year.


1. New website!


2. Possible channel name change from gamertag to domain.


3. Channel will no longer just upload the Call Of Duty Series and will upload pretty much anything game related.


4. Joining a Gaming Network to bring my viewers more relevant products.


I hope to bring new things to the channel and do more giveaways as well and it would help me out if you would take a look and subscribe.


Thank you.

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Unexpectedly I have been invited to Activision to test some games out for two days, I missed one day due to my error so it would have been 3 days.


Extremely stoked!!!


Awesome congrats!! Let us know how it is :)

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I have a few things I will be giving away on my channel soon.


1. xbox one call of duty black ops 3 (new directly from Activision)


2 Iphone 6 black ops 3 case (rare and you cant buy it anywhere, it says activision playtest on it)


3. Set of thumbstick grips from Modsticks.com (have a look around and if you get something use promo code N3MES1S)


Main goal is to get to at least 1,000 subs.


I will be doing an unboxing soon and if you watch till the end and follow requirements you will be entered.

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Alright my fellow duma brothers and sisters I am back home from Activision and will be returning there tomorrow.


All I can say is that I can't say anything. LOL


So jealous dude, would love to be a games tester over here in the uk :)

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Alright I am back and just wanted to give a little update on things.

I was invited back to Activision again this past Monday so that was awesome.

I also relocated to the high desert and am barely getting settled in.

I haven't played any games or uploaded any content because of other things in life right now.


However I will be getting back online and hopefully with any luck my elgato will work perfectly.

Now I completely forgot this but apparently I had 200down/20up at this new location, so any tests I did here will be redone.

Usually I played on 50/5 and will have to figure the perfect setting again but that shouldn't be too bad.


Any tips on using 200/20 TWC with netduma settings?

I was going to continue using my SB6121 but it doesn't do these speeds so I am not using in this home a Netgear C3000>NETDUMA.

I might end up putting another netgear I flashed with dd-wrt downstairs as an AP for 5ghz wifi (not sure because this duma router has great wifi)

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