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  2. Hey buddy not spectate mode stay in filter mode untick the strict mode check box in the geofilter settings.
  3. Because they will continue to update servers and I want to get the marked Dedi's. Even the new approved ones. If you have strict mode it will only load the ones you have allowed, new ones will be blocked.
  4. So just like everyone else here, I continue to be baffled year after year by this franchise. They let players with good internet suffer so much. I have a 1 gigabit symmetrical fiber optic internet connection 8ms base ping. Ping plotter says its perfect, so does the other fps games battlefield, fortnite, apex etc. Then I realized something looking at the geofilter. All the bad (servers) in my filter range have the peer icon on them. Unmarked Dedi's or not they all played like trash. I decided to place the geofilter over my home location were the dedicated servers that are closest to me are located. I loaded 4 servers and a bunch of the peer icons popped up on some of them exactly were the servers are. I had strict mode on when booting the game so it didn't load the servers outside of my radius. I then placed my filter in the ocean and turned strict mode off. Because that only allows the individual to connect to dedicated servers outside the filter range. This means no connecting to a server through people, and no listen servers as they pop up as peers. Playing on the servers close to my home that popped up as Dedi's was night and day compared to playing with just the (servers) in my filter. Thank you to the Duma team for figuring out the servers for us. The ones they allow through the filter with strict mode unticked are the best ones if they are close to you. This is just to help other people. Hopefully it helps! If it does let me know.
  5. I also own the GT-AC5300 and if you want an A+ Bufferbloat you need to set your values for qos upload, and download manually for the most part. You can typically set bandwidth to about 80% of what you actually get when running a full speed test. However, every network is different. If you run adaptive qos you have a little less control. If you have traditional qos you can implement as much control to bandwidth and paremeters as you would like. It really helps regardless to have a good stable internet connection that isn't riddled with jitter and line issues. But yes it is very possible to achieve an A+ with the GT-AC5300. I have been able to get an A+ with my netduma as well as with my GT-AC5300.
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