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  1. Vodafone is sending someone tomorrow power levels are to high and they might have a problem with IPv6 routing some costumers in Germany have problems whit opening websites over IPv6 and massiv packet loss
  2. Seams to be a problem with my isp im doing a PingPlotter Test when they found out what’s wrong with my line
  3. Hi, I’m getting some ping spikes and packet loss with my r2. I don’t have any problems with my isp Router. Any ideas why!
  4. Danke für die Info. Standart Einstellung für IPv6 Auf der FritzBox ist (only assign DNS Server) so bekomme ich ich aber keine IPv6 an der Xbox deswegen habe ich das umgestellt. Ist vielleicht für einige andere Nutzer gut zu wissen das man das umstellen kann/muss
  5. Hi, welche IPv6 setings sollte ich bei meinem modem/router einstellen
  6. Speed is around 15-20Mbit over 5GHz wifi mirroring is not activated my Xbox is connected directly to the R2
  7. since a few days im getting super slow speeds over wifi and I'm having a lot package loss/burst in CoD
  8. This is what i get after factory reset fast.com 710 Mbps speedtest.net 775 Mbps measurementlab.net 383 Mbps
  9. with QoS disabled and new cat6 cable nothing changes im gonna try a factory reset tonight and see if that solves the problem
  10. I did the same test through my isp router and get way higher speeds
  11. ISP->R2 in DMZ everything else is connected to the R2
  12. Ethernet QoS disabled doesn’t change anything
  13. through the r2 around 600 Mbit with my ISPs Router or the XR500 900-1000 Mbit On speedtest.net
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