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  1. So when can we expect the next version of DumaOS? I have some interesting idea's regarding the Geo-Filter and some things i've noticed when using it combined with the FIFO Traffic Prio.
  2. Is the Netduma team aware of this SIP ALG vulnerability and is it currently affecting any Netduma routers?
  3. Yessir, went back to the OG firmware, factory reset, upgraded and then did another factory clear. Unfortunately the 2.4ghz network still drops out randomly, doesn't stay down but it's a nuisance still Unfortunately. The 5ghz range is still all over the place as well. Right now it's running as a router with a dd-wrt AP running. Hopefully you guys find a fix for this, cheers brother.
  4. It's not just my camera's, it's the 2.4ghz network that completely goes down and the range on the 5ghz is pretty bad.
  5. Used this new firmware for about a week and suddenly my 5ghz range is like 10 feet and my 2.4ghz network went back to disconnecting randomly and not coming back up for about 30 minutes and sometimes not until i reboot the router. Also seeing an issue where my ps4 randomly disconnects over and over for a few minutes before stabilizing. I need the 2.4 network to stay up due to my house camera's using it. Ended up disabling the r2 wifi and hooking up a netgear router in AP mode to mitigate this issue for now.
  6. Sorry for the delay in response, been out of town. It's connected purely to a docisis 3.1 cable modem, however I finally fixed the Wi-Fi to where my r2 is stable with both 2.4 and 5ghz networks staying up permanently! To achieve this, I actually reverted back to the current fw for the r2 after factory resetting my r2 before reverting back. After downgrading, I physically powered off the router for a solid minute. After powering back up, I allowed a full 3 minutes to allow the router to run in hopes that it would run logs and do what it needed to do. I then set up my router as I normally would, changed ssid's, setup anti-bb etc. It's been up and running solid for a week now, I did the steps above mid-day to evening Monday and it's been up and stable ever since. I was not able to get it to stay up with the fix you provided unfortunately. However I haven't tried doing an almost modified version of the 30/30/30 using that. Thanks for all your suggestions, I'm glad a little tinkering on my end could get it smoothed out. Best of luck brother.
  7. Alright, Unfortunately my 2.4ghz network stopped working at around 7pm tonight Mountain Time. It seems to kick back off after around a little after 24hours for whatever reason. Going to revert back and see what happens after factory default setup.
  8. Unfortunately after about 24 hours the 2.4 ghz is no longer accessible yet again.... what's strange is the 5ghz network stays active but the 2.4 does not.
  9. Ok so I tried this the other day and it worked for maybe a few hoursband then the 2.4 network went down again. At this point I'm not sure what to do. It just refuses to stay up even after using the trick multiple times. Gonna attempt a factory reset and see what that does, if not I really hope a new firmware is in the works for these wifi issues. I connect at 433Mbps link on 5ghz network and still only get 150Mbps out of my 380 with cc on.
  10. So I noticed this earlier today when my alexa went off and it wouldn't allow me to turn off my alarm due to it having no connection. After trying to cycle the 2.4ghz network off and back on, changing channel nothing would get it to show up. Finally did a power cycle and now it's stuck at a 6mbps link but it's literally unusable and tells me I have no internet when trying to load a webpage. 5ghz network is working but 2.4 is not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Well unfortunately this modem isn't available in my area, so i'm gonna pull the trigger on the Arris SB8200. The MB8200 seems to be out of stock and the price on it is ridiculous for just getting aqm inside the modem. Once i receive the Arris I'll let you know what I see results wise.
  12. I definitely will, my upload is amazing and has pretty minimal bloat once curbed with qos. The downstream is just crazy due to the noise or weaker signal. I had adsl back in Texas with at&t and that was a AMAZING latency plan. I was on fast path and consistently got 10ms idle like I do here but every game server I played on minus overwatch was like 8 to 12ms due to server location. I'm going to be looking into centurylink if I can't fix the latency issue with spectrum. Gonna look into doing a powered splitter coming out of the wall to increase the signal for the downstream. I'll post my current results and after results once I get the new modem in. Do you know anything about their AQM or auto queue management they talk about? Would that interfere at all with the duma qos? Thanks again brother 🥃
  13. My bad on not seeing this yet, been on vacation lol. The main reason I wanted to get it is that the 3.1 modem spectrum gave me still has ping spikes which I'm not cool with. I ran a ping in the command interface and noticed spikes of 20-30ms with no one online. To triple check I did this test just from the modem and low and behold, same thing. It's even more apparent when I saturate my connection even with the duma qos going. At this point buying my own modem seems to be the best call, especially since I'll be able to check signal levels at that point. They keep telling me "you're getting your full download speed and then some so just be happy." I'm not going away jusy because they claim it's good, the first non 3.1 modem I had show negative 7dbm on some of the downstream which I'm sure is the cause besides their terrible firmware as you said. Thanks for all the info, gonna pull the trigger tonight 😁
  14. So i was looking around because Spectrum's in house locked down 3.1 modem seems to get some occasional ping spikes and really doesn't do well with downstream bloat. Ran into this guy and was curious if anyone knew about the AQM they're using inside the modem. Here's a link to the modem, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0723599RQ
  15. True, I noticed last night there was a server or 2 mislocated for me via ping heatmap and geo filter. When setting my polygon over my state for COD MW in Wyoming, after seeing a server here on heatmap, it did not show up in geofilter at all. I'll have to get the ID and share it with you. As far as using ping heatmap, it wouldn't be useful due to the games I was playing are currently not on heatmap lol. Thus it would be awesome to constantly ping the game servers in geo.
  16. Curious.... what do you mean by artificial latency?
  17. So this isn't a ping heatmap suggestion but it's about the geo-filter. Would there be any way to have to servers that are ping'd during the startup of a game stay up? It would make things A LOT easier to go through and decipher which servers are good and which are bunko for us. Just a thought, cheers.
  18. Also could we get Overwatch added to the ping heatmap? It would be pretty rad to check out what all they have for servers. Also Doom Eternal would be another good one. Thanks!
  19. They weren't hyping it for any one device bro, they were hyping their software in general. They have also stated NUMEROUS times that netgear has a very strenuous approval process for firmware releases. I got in on the 3.0 beta on my R1, after seeing what it could do and using the heatmap to quickly and efficiently see which game servers were best for me, I was off to the races. I bought the r2 not even a week or 2 later, especially with my bandwidth being pretty up there and needing a QOS that could hang. As for your free comment, no, it shouldn't be free but they are choosing to bring the software to Netgear for free. Free means you get it when you get it, if you're struggling so bad in gaming i can tell you that it might just be you. Yes, even when i was on a slow ass dsl link, i was using fast path. A form of lower latency, no error check style of line. I was reaching the gears of war Texas server at 4ms!!! Even then, i still had shit matches, because sometimes, you just have a shit game and you're not as focused as you think. This firmware won't make you good, it will however guarantee you have a stable connection and get the closest server to you. Which those features alone are already part of the XR500.... so you're not missing a WHOLE lot atm. Be happy you're getting something for free and stop being so entitled dude. Like I have told younger technicians before, "we'll be done when we get done". Welcome to life dude, cheers.
  20. Gears Of War 5, Halo 5, Battlefield 5, Rocket League. Halo 5 may use the same servers as MCC but I could be wrong on that, gonna look into it personally by just doing a spectate mode and comparing with heat map while doing a side by side on windows using the snapshot feature. Thanks!
  21. Eh, I moved to Wyoming so i sit between 30ms-40ms on game servers unfortunately. Except Apex Legends, they have servers EVERYWHERE lol. COD,Halo,Overwatch etc are all closer to 30-40 which still isn't bad though. I'm hoping with spectrum doing all their maintenance before our snow season that we'll end up with a lower ping if they end up running fiber closer and setting up a new hybrid node. However that's all wishful thinking at this point, but then again, I also worked on the data center Microsoft built last year that should go online soon. As for the router I get it in today funny enough, it was supposed to come in tomorrow but it got here a day early so i'm pretty excited to play around with it and see what it can do. I'm currently trying to stay awake so i can sleep in through the day for my night shifts i'm on now, fun times! I hope that fiber co-op gets you hooked up sooner rather than later, fiber gaming is just the best man. Enough rambling from me, hope you're enjoying gamin on your R2 so far!
  22. That's why stuck with the Internet Ultra plan with 465/25. I wish that if you paid that giant markup for gigabit they'd just run fiber to your home at that point lmao. I'm debating switching to centurylink due to them having fiber nearby and they might offer it here. Worth checking imo, especially with a fancy router on the way. I've always liked netduma, especially their geofilter. It's so frustrating getting on a good server that's like 25-30ms and then next game you're on one rhat runs 60+ms. I got so fed up that i said fuck it and learned about the netduma r1. Homegrow tech support with a dedicated team leading innovation in gaming routers and my heart was full of joy. My modem is a charter spectrum modem. The E31U2V1 to be exact. It's labeled a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and it gets the full speed. After running a ping continuously using cmd it sits stable to googles dns at 10ms consistently which made me happy. Thanks for the well wishes on the router, I hope you're doing well and hopefully getting a fiber offer lol. Cheers bro.
  23. I'm gonna give spectrum a call today to see about the fiber if I upgrade to gigabit. 400 is pretty fast already but honestly, I was pretty annoyed at the asymmetrical speed for their gigabit. 36 up on a gig connection.... c'mon man that's just being mega stingy. 800 shaped still is nothing to snuff at, my Netgear R7800 running the openwrt fw can't shape more than 180..... that was a kick in the dick tbh. Pulling the trigger for the new duma was pretty easy considering the tech support is literally from the dev/tech team themselves and you just don't get better customer service than that. Plus that auto bandwidth/cc config i saw on youtube was pretty badass. It's literally a 1-click and fix solution that keeps me from running pingplotter and adjusting the cc sliders while simulating a download using dslreports lol. That is money right there if you ask me lol. I appreciate all the info you gave me and I'm definitely down to compare notes on our networks seeing as we both get service from the same ISP. I'll be in touch when this router gets in, hopefully they can add Gears of war to the geofilter list, i play a ton of it on pc and xbox.
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