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  1. Yup, up and running on Now I can access the GUI and such. Was constantly getting not loaded yet error. Thank you @dr_evil_genius - link below. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/DumaOS-not-loaded-yet/m-p/1837968
  2. Same issue. On current firmware and I'm in the process of rolling back to previous firmware to see if that works. Weird https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/DumaOS-not-loaded-yet/m-p/1837968
  3. Does the original R1 and original firmware still show where all clients are connecting from in a COD match? I want to look into SBMM actually prioritizing connections. I am constantly getting good local servers via my XR500, but I question where all of the players are connecting from.
  4. Not to keep this issue open, but the backup wasn't the cause of my initial issue. It was an extra problem because of the reasons you mentioned, but the bandwidth was not working properly before I upgraded the firmware. This has happened in the past with the bufferbloat sliders/percentages not functioning and I never used a backup after a factory reset in those times. I tried this time and learned to not use backup to a previous firmware. What's bothering me is that this is an intermittent issue I've encountered before, and the only way to fix it is with a factory reset. Is it possible for you to remotely link up to my router the next time this might happen? Thanks again for the help. All is working now- fresh start on latest firmware.
  5. Yes, the backup was from the prior firmware. I backed up to upgrade to the new firmware. Just happened to notice bandwidth issues while upgrading.
  6. Yes, the speeds were correct. No vlan or pppoe settings. I just did yet another factory reset and it's functioning normally now, but this is a reoccurring issue I've run into in the past 12-18 months. Have always had to do a factory reset, but this time it took 2 times, plus an error from restoring from backup settings. Are there any other users having similar issues over long periods of time? It's quite a headache to have to do factory resets when bufferbloat features aren't working Thanks also for replying so late over there across the pond- appreciate it.
  7. Hi all- I am not able to adjust my download/upload bufferbloat settings. I can adjust the sliders, but there is no increase or decrease in speeds via dslreports.com/speedtest. I keep getting 70-75mbps. All Testing Is Wired! When I ran the config wizard to retest speeds, the results were what I am paying for (177down 12 up) I have: Tried sliders, checked to see if download and upload were enable for sharing, checked the "never" box above the bufferbloat sliders and unchecked it several times, factory reset, new firmware- rolled back firmware from the factory reset "r-app" error. Reset the cable modem (Arris SB8200), power cycled several times both modem and xr500. IPV6 is disabled. I even tried doing a speedtest with the QoS disabled box checked. I still only get the 70-75down Please help! EDIT: I have noticed that all testing DOES show that my upload speeds are correct when I adjust using the sliders, etc.... It's only my download speeds. Also, when I decrease the download speeds on the slider. It does lower the mbps overall (download), but at 100%, I top off at 70-75. Should be 175-180 Thanks in advance
  8. I've looked on the other threads and have followed all the advice I've seen posted. I have: restarted router, flushed cloud, factory reset router- I have Playstation listed and have tried rebooting with and without filtering on. I have set my location in desired location that I want to connect to, but I am always connecting to Dallas dedicated server with a less desirable ping. I am trying to connect to the Iowa servers that give me my best ping. When I expand the geofilter ring to include dallas, I connect to it, but game will not start. When I shrink the geofilter to exclude Dallas, I see that I am still trying to connect to that server. Could it be that it is an incorrect location? I don't know, but no matter what config I use, Apex is unplayable for me with GeoFiltering active. Will only work in Spectation mode. Am I doing all that I can?
  9. I will note servers, ping, location tonight when I get on too
  10. Ps4, NA Have xr500 if needed for testing. Usually online 8pm eastern
  11. Fixed, and running better than ever! On 4 upstream channels now-
  12. Update: After tons of complaining and filing an FCC complaint, I was finally able to get a crew out here to see the noise on my line while it was happening. I am supposed to have 4 upstream channels; only have 3, and then during peak times, the overload is causing packet loss and upstream is only functioning on 2 channels.... The CMTS needs to be looked at. Any cable internet users know how long it takes for these types of issues to be repaired at the headend?
  13. Yeah, I would do that, but then my wife will be upset with me for taking the wi-fi down. The speeds i pay for (100mb down, 10mb up) are not slowed during these problems, so I don't think it's an overloaded node. I do think it's noise on the lines. I'm going to continue to be a pain in the ass with Comcast until they get techs out here during the time it happens. I do have pingplotter charts that show me testing directly from the modem only, so I already have that ready for Comcast if they come at me. I couldn't find people reporting ping issues caused by their netduma, but want to eliminate that.
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