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  1. Samsung TV Plus also doesn't work. I told the team about this a couple years back. Disabling quality of service fixes the issue.
  2. Today is a great day for firmware. All jokes aside. In the future y'all should allow users to sign up for beta access. Of course with the disclaimer that it's a beta and could have bugs. That way if someone signs up and then starts complaining about the bugs instead of just reporting them you could remove them from the program. Beta access is a privilege not a right and if you don't want to help improve the firmware kindly move on. Move the group of inside testers you currently have to an alpha program. The alpha testers can make sure things are stable enough to release a beta. This is another way to get the community involved and help mitigate frustrations while we wait for stable firmware. If firmware isn't coming out today or in another week or two y'all should consider updating the community via a all your social media platforms. I for one know that one of the biggest issues you're trying to nail down is R-apps not loading properly. If you let the community know that's the thing you've been working on and it's been a pain in the neck at least there's an explanation to why things are taking so long. Just a tweet and a quick YouTube video saying hey guys it's been way longer than we expected for it to be releasing a new firmware we're trying to fix this major issue and we've got it nailed down finally! it's going to be a little bit longer thank you for your patience and understanding. So many people are frustrated I think it's time to say something. Not just underneath this post. Everywhere! You guys have social media use it. Sorry for ranting again. I hope you know it's out of love for the product and the team.
  3. The R2's Wifi isn't that powerful & neither is the R2. I use my XR500 for Wi-Fi. Many people use a secondary router for Wi-Fi. Will the R2's Wi-Fi improve? I'd tend to think so. It's just not powerful enough for big places & it never will be.
  4. From what I understand one of the biggest issues you guys are trying to fix is R-apps not loading properly. Correct? You guys should make a forum post and YouTube video letting people know that's one of the things that's taking a while to fix. Personally have only had that issue a couple of times and it seemed to have resolved itself. Many others have suffered from what I can see. The community as a whole would be very appreciative to know that is one of the issues that should be fixed permanently. Communication is key and that's where the team has been faltering for a long time. Personally I can think of many ways that you guys could be communicating that you're working on things. We've discussed a few of them before. Another one I've recently thought of is progress reports/roadmap. List the bugs & upcoming features the development team is working on. Then when the development team reaches a milestone such as fixing R-apps not loading properly let the community know that it's been fixed and they're working on the next thing. My comment section of my YouTube videos are filled with people who are frustrated. Many of which are not on the forums. Just today on my latest video somebody commented that many people are going back to Walmart routers. As somebody who loves netduma that's the last thing I want to see. You're losing customers and faith in your product. All you have to do is update us. Sure a handful of people will still be frustrated but more people will be appreciative that we've had some sort of update on what's going on. It shows that you care about the product and the community. You don't have to give us a solid date on when firmware is going to be released you just have to update the community on what is actually happening behind the scenes. Sorry for ranting about it again but I'm tired of seeing these comments on my channel/the forums and in my Discord. Please make a video and a forum post to calm the community.
  5. Xbox is showing online in the device manager.
  6. No servers/peers are in the allow/deny.
  7. I've tried Edge & Chrome. Both have the issue. If I click ok the error it just keep coming back until I remove the console & add it back. Disabling QOS has no effect. Noticed this error before the previous one. So photo 1 then after clicking ok photo 2.
  8. I'm using Edge. Incognito window has the same issue. Yes it's only Killer Instinct when IPV6/WAN is on. I've not seen the issue with any other game or console.
  9. When I play Killer Instinct (Xbox) with IPV6\WAN on I run into this error. This issue doesn't happen with any other games or consoles. Turning off IPV6\WAN fixes the issue. Troubleshooting steps I've tried: reinstalled firmware / factory reset & cleaned cache - removing & adding the Xbox Consoles from the filter
  10. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. What game are you playing? Do you have IPv6 enabled?
  11. You guys should have a developer discuss some of those back end changes. Maybe even give some developer insight. I don't know there's just a lot of ways you guys could be interacting with community. I understand that if you give a date or even a soft date and you miss the target it's going to make a handful of people mad. Honestly I don't know what's worse. Leaving the community that really cares about your product hanging for months on end? Or making a handful of people mad when you miss a date? Y'all can't satisfy everybody and I would personally think that you would want to satisfy the customers who care. Not the ones who complain no matter what.
  12. You guys should really use your YouTube channel to your advantage. Sharing development milestones while we're waiting on the firmware. Link The forums to YouTube and vice versa. I think of it like an appetizer at a restaurant. We're waiting for the meal but we're hungry and we want something. Even if it's just cheese sticks it's better than nothing. All that said how long do we have to wait? I know you're very hesitant to say but I think it's time we get a real update. If it is going to be a while then add something of value to that negativity so it balances out.
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