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  1. I found a fix for the infamous "This Rapp Isn't Loaded Yet" error. https://youtu.be/rY5X3eZvJ08
  2. If you dig into the menus before starting a game you can actually see ping to all the servers. I made a post about it and asked netduma to match the servers with real locations. Hopefully that's something they can do sometime soon because the server names on COD are vague.
  3. Looks like season 3 added something very helpful. Hey @Netduma Admin I think I have a great idea. Could you guys match the list that's in game to geofilter locations? Give us some map or possibly tell us what location matches each server set. For example what is us-west-3 location? Is it California or Washington? ** It also appears that you can no longer see the ping while in game?!?
  4. Can you please start a new thread instead of derailing mine. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. * I'm still waiting to see if anybody has a PlayStation console there willing to test. If someone comes through I'll be sure to let y'all know the results.
  5. When looking at the Category Breakdown while playing on Xbox I've only seen unknown/web/uncategorized populate when gaming. I decided to ask my Discord to see if anyone else is having issues & so far it looks like a Pc gamer with the XR1000 was able to populate the gaming category for a brief second. Then after a few he had the same results with only unknown/web/uncategorized populating. I'm still trying to see if PS is effected by this issue. I've tested a few games on Xbox and they all behave the same & never populate the "gaming" category. Would this be effecting how QOS handles the connection? If you have the application bandwidth on QOS set for "Gaming" and gaming isn't picked up by DPI?
  6. I wouldn't worry about IPV6 on the Xbox. It won't make a difference in your gaming experience.
  7. When setting custom Traffic Prioritization what does the new " Apply To WAN " option do?
  8. Alright I'll get that sorted. Thanks for all your help Fraser. PS I was wondering if you and the team could sign the back of the next R2 in silver sharpie?
  9. Unfortunately I think a replacement is our best bet. I can't get the R2 to lock 1000Mbps no matter what I try. If I plug the modem directly into my Pc everything is fine. This makes me incredibly sad I've really enjoyed the R2 thus far.
  10. I have a Motorola MB8600. My ISP is Spectrum. Dunno if they block 7777?! * Update just checked Spectrum to see if they block 7777 and I don't see it on the list of blocked ports. If they can't get in what else can we do to solve my issue?
  11. I'm sitting here refreshing like a madman so we can get this figured out! The only custom settings I have are DNS is set to Google, a few of my devices are reserved & IPV6 is off on both WAN & LAN.
  12. I don't have a DMZ or port forwarding! Nat is open on Xbox and other consoles & access it ticked.
  13. I hope so too because this issue is really annoying. I've tried everything I can think of twice. It's driving me absolutely nuts. Been busy today but tomorrow is free and open. I'll keep a really close eye on the forums so we can figure this out. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Yes remote support is ticked & has been for days now. I'm using CloudFlare witch blocks some stuff. I've set my DNS to let's see if that helps.
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