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  1. Try using this site to test for buffer bloat Bufferbloat Test by Waveform Start out at 100% for upload and download and adjust the slider by 3% - 5% and test for bufferbloat.
  2. That does seems like a boot loop Fraser can help you out.
  3. They are probably using a split tunnelled vpn or something. ----> nolagvpn.com
  4. Jesus my 20/20 conncection for gaming only. https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat?test-id=236c43d7-f043-473d-8720-26bd8bf4783b
  5. Can you send a video cause I had the same problem I think I power surged my router by unplugging it directly from the router and reconnecting it, now I just reboot the router from the phone app or directly disconnect the power cable from the socket.
  6. Shah_Tha_Sharq


  7. Hey guys for future updates can we have more frequent updates with small changes instead of waiting for one overall big update?
  8. For the DMZ you are meant to enter the IP address of your console/PC what ever you play on. So for the last number you need to check your IP for your console and enter the last number as appears on the console.
  9. Seems like he has a double NAT so it would be hard to connect to him.
  10. There is bug with the auto setup with QOS on the R2. When flushing the cloud it takes so long to apply. Ad blocker doesn't seem to be working right as the router just runs out of memory. The WiFi doesn't even work properly I can't see the 5GHz WiFi even though I gave it a different name from the 2.4GHz. Please just tell us when the next stable update is coming.
  11. No problem my experience was not bad. BTW the software you have developed is mind blowing.
  12. Thank you guys so much it was very helpful. Hope this doesn't happen next time.
  13. @Netduma Fraser I have tried everything nothings seems to work.
  14. Is there any way i can get it replaced? Cause i just received yesterday.
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