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  1. @Netduma Liam @Netduma Fraser Still having issues getting the BT Smarthub2 to be stable with R2 including the R2 and all my devices intermittently dropping connection from the internet. A few questions... 1. Does the R2 have a built in firewall? If so, can I disable the firewall on the BT Smarthub2? 2. Still have issues with the reserved IP in DMZ for the R2 WAN IP changing by itself. I believe this could be related to the lease time, so can I disable DHCP on the BT Smarthub2 without any issues? I tried this over the weekend but it still dropped connection, so I currently have lease time set to 21 days on BT Smarthub2 and set lease time to 168 hours on R2 (as per advise that I found on here). I'd rather not have this situation where I will lose connection once the lease expires so there surely must be another way to fix this? 3. As detailed in my post above, setting the static IP on R2 still doesn't work...it just drops internet connection completely as soon as the change is made. Should I be entering the R2 WAN IP into static on the WAN section of the R2 as detailed above? Should there be further config in the BT Smarthub or do I need to complete either of the following in the R2 settings: MTU, Mac Address Cloning, DNS Override 4. I still can't get the IPv6 to be recognised on Xbox and your suggestion to "disable IPv6 on the R2 in LAN/WAN, then apply, then enable, apply, reboot" doesn't work. Presumably you meant to reboot the R2? I can confirm that the Xbox shows IPv4 and IPv6 when connected direct to BT Smarthub2 but it is only IPv4 when connected to R2. 5. I haven't changed any other settings such QoS, port forwarding or Geo Filter yet as I still need to test if the XBL party chat issue is still happening with minimal config on the R2. Should there be any port forwarding rules for XBL party chat or other Xbox console or game features?
  2. Ok I've just done that and the internet fails immediately on all my devices. I also rebooted the R2 but still internet connection fails. Should there be further config in the BT Smarthub or do I need to complete either of the following in the R2 settings: MTU, Mac Address Cloning, DNS Override Also worth noting that devices no longer connect to 5.0GHz wifi and they have all now defaulted to being on 2.4GHz. Edit: I've solved the wifi issue by setting both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz to automatic channel width (previously they were 40MHz and 80MHz respectively) and my devices have automatically reassigned themselves to the appropriate wifi. Edit2: apart from the fact that my iPhone is getting less than 10Mbps when connection benchmark on MacBook shows I'm getting 68Mbps. I'm really not sure what has happened, but something doesn't right after doing the factory reset (I'm on v3.0.179). Edit3: set the channel width as per previous default above and copied the channel assignment from BT Smarthub2 (2.4GHz: Channel 11, Width 40MHz and 5.0GHz: Channel 36, Width 80MHz). Devices have reassigned themselves again between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. iPhone connected to 5GHz and Speedtest is now pretty much matching that on DumaOS connection benchmark on MacBook.
  3. I have done this as requested but Xbox One is still showing as IPv4 only...as opposed to it being IPv4 and IPv6 connected directly to the BT Smarthub.
  4. Hi Liam and @Netduma Fraser Please advise what details need to go in here as I just added the R2 IP address into Network settings -> WAN -> Static as requested by Liam and the internet instantly dropped connection to the R2. I added the following details: IP: (IP address of the R2) Subnet: Gateway: Is this correct or do other details need to be added here? Also, I have just powered on my Xbox One, and it has immediately come up again with Double Nat and strict despite following all the instructions from yourselves to set the R2 WAN IP in the BT Smarthub. Why is this happening? Edit: rebooted the R2 again, checked all addresses are the same and now have Open Nat type. No logical explanation for this.
  5. The R2 WAN IP was originally but then it changed to and then's safe to say that this will change again when I add it back into the mix, so will have to add/reserve again to the DMZ and device list. What details do I need to add on the R2 side and in which settings? I will also try the suggested fix for IPv6 above, and confirm if it works or not.
  6. Ok thanks Fraser. I'm not sure much I'll be playing over the next few days but I'll try connecting and playing with the R2 connected to the BT Smarthub2 without any configuration at all. I'll post again with an update once tested.
  7. Hi Fraser. Both of those settings were already done (I've just double checked) however it didn't stop the R2 losing connection to the Smarthub (which I believe may have been due to the IP changing again at end of 24 hour lease time). Another question, whilst using the BT Smarthub, I'm now getting IPv4 and IPv6 on Xbox One, however when using the R2 it is IPv4 only. I have IPv6 enabled on both the R2 and Smarthub, so why is it that IPv6 is not recognised when the Xbox One is connected via the R2?
  8. What is "spectator mode" and how do you access it? I've never heard of this before. I presume I can't be the only one on Xbox One with an R2 experiencing this issue, so is this a known issue and temporary work around? I note that the same issue with R1 has been over a year without a fix, so how long is a fix realistically likely to take? If I'm unable to use the DumasOS features that I purchased it for then as is stands my Netduma R2 is basically useless to me, so would I able to request a refund? The only time I've experienced NAT type issues were in the last few days when I received a Double NAT...fault finding found the R2 lost connection due to the WAN IP address changed in DMZ and I had to update these settings. I haven't used it since it last disconnected as I decided to remove the R2 to test the XBL party chat issue.
  9. @Netduma Liam and @Netduma Fraser...I've been playing for a good few hours this evening with the Xbox One connected wired to just the BT Smarthub2. With regards to the XBL party chat, I can confirm that I experienced no issues whatsoever as I joined instantly, was able to speak to multiple friends instantly and had no disconnections from the party all night. By process of elimination, this unfortunately means that the Netduma R2 (or at least some settings in DumaOS) is causing an issue with XBL party chat. I can test disabling filter mode but I'd rather have a solution where I don't have to mess around with DumaOS settings...in an ideal world, I'd just like it to work as seemlessly as it does without the R2 connected. If I do this, then should strict mode also be disabled or is that just an option inside filter mode? (R2 is currently off so can't check right now). Also I'm pretty sure you told me to close the game and restart the game if making changes to DumaOS settings, so would I have to close the game, join the XBL chat party and restart the game everytime I want to play and chat with friends? As a side note, the game felt much smoother tonight with good hit detection without the R2 connected than it has in weeks...which makes me feel like the R2 isn't actually helping much or may be the settings on the BT Smarthub2 and DumaOS are conflicting and hindering game performance.
  10. Yep, but the problem is that all other ISPs all hire and use BT equipment, and all send out BT Openreach engineers (or subcontractors) for any broadband issues...so basically you’re with BT whether you like it or not. As an example, I will be free to leave my contract if they can’t fix the fault but all I will achieve is moving the fault to a different company (such as back to Vodafone) and paying £10 less per month.
  11. The only option I can find in BT Smarthub2 admin is to set R2 in the DMZ and select "Always use this IP address". There is a default lease time of 24 hours but it says "When a lease expires your device will automatically renew it the next time you connect and there will be no impact to your service", and DHCP lease server says "Valid leases are between 1 hour and 21 days". I don't see anywhere to set a static/reserved IP other than in the DMZ but may be I could completely disable DHCP? I've also just noticed that the IP address had changed again in the DMZ so that could be why it disconnected (it was quite subtle so didn't spot it earlier...the last digit changed from 48 to 148). This is giving me a headache tbh.
  12. How did you resolve your XBL party chat issues on the R2 then or have you only experienced them on the R1? For clarity, I'm on R2 and will hopefully find out one way or another later on if it's an issue with the R2 or Xbox.
  13. Hi Fraser. A blocked icon doesn't appear on the Geo Filter map. The R2 losing connection to the BT Smarthub2 for the second day has pretty much forced my hand, and I have now taken the R2 out of the equation...all devices including the Xbox One are now connected to BT Smarthub2 so I will test if the XBL party chat issues persist and let you know. If the XBL party chat problem is resolved without the R2 then I will try your suggested method of disabling filtering mode. As a side note, I need a fix as to why my R2 has suddenly started to disconnect at approx the same time for the second day in a row. As per the issue with Double NAT, I cannot be restarting the R2 and resetting the DMZ IP settings every day, so hope there is a simple solution for this.
  14. I've just had to take the R2 out of the equation for now as it appears to had another brain fart, and devices won't connect to the internet despite the WAN IP and DMZ not changing, and my ISP router still online. I've now connected all my devices to the ISP router, and had to remove the static IP from the Xbox to get online. I'm going to test using the ISP router for a couple of days to see if it rules out the R2 from the party chat issue. Also, despite the BT technical support being completely clueless...I can now confirm that my line and router does support IPv6 as my console and MacBook are now listed as IPv6 in device list on ISP router, and my Xbox now shows as connected via "IPv4 & IPv6"...I don't quite understand why it says connected via both but it does. It will be interesting to test performance playing Warzone without the R2 in the mix later this evening.
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