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  1. Yeah that’s what I figured. May be the player population is dropping off as they never used to offline the UK servers at all.
  2. I have a similar issue...how do I connect my Canon MG3250 printer to the R2 as it has to be done with WPS, and there isn’t one on the R2 as far as I’m aware? I have Wi-fi disabled on my BT Smarthub2 so would rather the printer was connected to R2 than having to have Wi-fi enabled on the BT Smarthub2 just for one device.
  3. I don’t play much at weekends but I can confirm that I’m unable to find games on UK servers after approx 2am GMT during the week. I usually have Geo Filter set to 200 miles just to cover the UK but I have to increase to 500 miles after 2am and it usually finds games on French servers.
  4. I don’t know if this is the right place to post it, but I couldn’t connect at all to UK servers after 2:30am last night searching for duos games. Geo Filter was set to 200 miles and had to increase to 500 miles where it found servers in France.
  5. Ok...so I think all I need to do is enable UPNP on the R2: ISP: UPNP disabled/DMZ R2 IP R2: UPNP enabled/DMZ Xbox IP I’m yet to find any TP or QOS settings that actually make any improvements. I don’t have any other devices in the house actively downloading (other than being powered on) so I don’t think TP is required. Also I’ve never seen any improvement in performance by throttling my download/upload in QoS or bandwidth allocation. As long as I have open NAT and good ping via Geo Filter then I think I’ll settle for that.
  6. Ok got it. I’ll enable UPNP on the R2 then. Thanks Fraser. Does having the Xbox One in DMZ on R2 replace any need for TP or PF?
  7. I’m probably a little confused then. I’ve just set up my R2 after using just the BT Smarthub2 for a few weeks and have been reading the forums again for best settings. What has confused me is what you say contradicts what has been posted in this thread: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/36077-doubt-upnp/?tab=comments#comment-303851 On the R2, I actually have UPNP turned off and the Xbox IP in the DMZ at the moment. I’d rather do this than mess about with port forwarding and traffic prioritisation as I didn’t have good results last time I used PF and TP. I’ve disabled UPNP on the BT Smarthub2, but should UPNP actually be enabled on the R2?
  8. You mean DMZ the R2 in the DMZ settings on the R2 as well as on the ISP router?
  9. Shouldn’t we be putting the IP address of the Xbox console in the DMZ on the R2? After reading loads of info on here, my understanding is that we should DMZ the R2 on the ISP router and DMZ our gaming device on the R2 (as an alternative to using traffic prioritisation rules or port forwarding). I have an open NAT by doing this at the moment, but for some reason earlier this evening, the Xbox lost all it’s IP config and couldn’t get it online (all my other devices were ok). I had to delete all associations in the R2 to the Xbox, change the port the Xbox was connected to on the R2, turn IPv6 back on in the R2 (even though IPv6 has never been detected if connected to the R2 but is if connected directly to the ISP router) and reboot everything to get it to work but I have no idea why as never had this issue before.
  10. You have similar speeds to myself. Are your speeds restricted in the QoS sliders or in bandwidth allocation? What other settings do you use and what platform do you play on?
  11. I don’t know if it’s the QoS but it’s definitely something to do with DumaOS or at least our settings. I haven’t plugged my R2 back in yet, and I’ve tested all the suggested methods on here so I’m none the wiser at the moment...my R2 is just gathering dust as it’s basically useless to me right now.
  12. Alongside high pings, the long wait times is another reason why I don’t bother trying to connect to them. Sometimes it can take 2-3 lobby searches, so can be up to 30 minutes to find a lobby. I don’t have a VPN so only ever used the Geo Filter.
  13. The SA servers don’t always show on Geo Filter. I’m not sure if they are turned on/off at specific times of day, but I have tested when they aren’t showing and I still can force connection to Bahrain. Please note that depending on your actual location, these are high ping servers so connection is laggy most of the time so don’t be surprised if you have poor hit reg and die to an average/good player.
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