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  1. They could put a forward percentage bar from the Duma OS 3.0 project. 50% is in the middle of the project to be launched and 100% the project completed. Thus we will have a sense of how development is, whether it is finalizing or not. We won't have a date, but we'll know if it's coming soon or not.
  2. In QOS settings, below 1 Mega do we have KByte or Kbit?
  3. Can you tell me if cake queuing will come in 3.0? sorry my bad english.
  4. I feel disappointed to see other XR700 and XR500 models with frequent updates and R1 stalled in time. I know the netduma team's argument is to wait for the release of the update with all modifications included. But for us customers, it would be much better to see the team working frequently on updates. Gradually making each new modification available. Every day I visit the forum hoping for a new update, but I realize that a year will pass and nothing will change.
  5. Desculpe escrever em português, mas me parece que seu modem/ISP está bloqueando as portas. Pode ser seu provedor bloqueando as portas. Veja se seu modem tem DMZ. Se tiver, ative o DMZ para seu netduma r1. Isso resolverá!
  6. I am looking forward to a new update eagerly. Netduma R1!
  7. Would I like to download the netduma r1 firmware you are developing to test before the official release?
  8. I feel happy to know that. But I hope it will be soon. Could you add queuing options like fq_codel and especially Cake?
  9. All issues presented on Netduma R1 contain repetitive feedbacks here in the forum. Friends have already gathered all the information they need to come up with a solution, but they are long overdue when it comes to updates. He seems to have abandoned your project to devote himself to Netgegear projects. What seems to be happening.
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