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  2. Waiting...Team netduma are just rolling. As always.
  3. I am with the same problem. Qos does not work. There are no options to clear logs. Geo filter does not work well here in Brazil, because even limiting the distance, I find host gringo. with ping assistance enabled or disabled. It's time to launch a new update.
  4. Is it possible to install openwrt Lede on netduma r1? If so, what file should I use?
  5. I realized that when my NAT is moderate, I can kill enemies more easily. It would be interesting to have options to choose my NAT type on ps4. Example: Nat strict, moderate or open.
  6. It would be interesting to add the SFQ protocol to combat Bufferbloat. Taking advantage of the post, I play a lot of call of duty Ghosts. What is the best setting for this game?
  7. After I used the Netduma R1 I realized that I find host good, but rarely am I a host. Is it possible to put a method to force me to be the host? Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. No error. If I reset the factory, will avait be in the same current version? 1.03.6j
  9. My netduma R1 is in version 1.03.6. I downloaded the DUMA OS beta, but after the upgrade, it restarted and continued in firmware 1.03.6. DUMA OS has not been applied. What should I do?
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