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  1. Hello everyone, Just got my XR1000 hooked up using ppoe with vlan tagging. I've been reading that QoS doesn't work with ppoe? Is there an eta when it will be fixed? Thank you
  2. Get your facts straight, i did not steal anything. I use my same user name every where because i am not ashamed of or trying to hide anything, you fool. You probably need to calm down and relax. You're like a basket case. Lol
  3. Riddle me this, If this particular user is able to get his normal speeds via the Xbox one X every time using just the modem but can't get his full speeds when using the XR500, it must be an Xbox one issue??? That makes no sense. I use my Xbox one X all the time to check speeds and is accurate every-time. It is even more reliable than my PC. I mean we download games that are over 50 gig and if the XR500 can not use our ISP full speeds to do it that is an issue, don't you think?
  4. I recommend in the future when you delete a post you just delete what the user said and type what exactly the user posted to get his post delted.
  5. So.. I was doing some googling about Netduma and found Lain had issues with on of the guys helping him develop the Netduma software. The guys name is Maccabi and he helped fix the lag comp on MW3 back in the day. Check out his twitter post about Lain. Seeing as "company I shall not name " made an "official statement" my turn.. sorry would've been quicker but you know legal bods like to make sure you aren't posting libelous comments and all that As you know I came back from the gadgetshowlive as was terminated by netduma as they "claimed they had no money left to pay me" , what many people may not be aware of is for months way many months before launch i worked for them for free. I offered to return to that arrangement as they were quote "broke" and they turned me down it was at this point it was obvious they were about to screw me... wasn't actually until feb they actually started paying me a basically a fraction of what i would have normally charged for what i was doing for them. But hey i figured as i told many people the "investment" of my time for free when they became successful would pay off...shame i didn't know then what i do now about their "less than above board practices and utter unprofessionalism. again for those now jumping up and down how great and honest these guys are.. think back to when i was announced as cm and all the glowing comments they gave me as they were both utterly clueless as to what the hell they were doing. Nothing went out be it tweets, youtube videos, press releases ect without then running it by me.. this is a fact . Heck the one time i left them to their own devices they gave our companies twitter account over to a kid and couldn't understand why i was pissed about this , kinda weird being at codchamps and seeing codchamp tweets i didn't send go out. I should add as the "kid in question" now basically works for them and met me at gadgetshowlive before you get all defensive you are me pre gadgetshowlive..just remember that mate , a day after you met me they screwed me ...might want to think about that some more eh? They then screwed about paying what was owed claiming they had other people who they owed money too to pay off first... " Feel free to deny this but i still have the emails so unlike you i don't need to fabricate stuff or make false allegations yes I am SOOO going to mention you swatting me now because your asshats . They can't make any further statement "due to legal reasons" want to know what those legal reasons are... and the reason i have been so quiet recently.. "company I shall not name " SWATTED (well in fairness swatted isn't the right word they "cybered" me is more apt as they went out of their way to @#$% me virtually and the result was i ended up in the hands of the cyber crimes unit -see cybered...cyber even majorly depressed i still got teh funnies) They made up a bunch of false allegations and a result of which is as my close friends know my life has turned to put it bluntly @#$%. I didn't even know about this till months later.. months I hasten to add I had just written off the moneies owed, and months of blood, sweat and tears i'd put into making their company a success only to be screwed over. Unfortunately unlike me some people instead of being adults and professional and just move on decided to be vindictive. Yes folks this is the sort of company I had the misfortune to be associated with, and why did they do that? They were "butt hurt" over my 100% factual twitlonger months back over being forced to sleep on someone elses floor because my room mate ( a company director no less) decided to shag some slapper he picked up and promised to make a "booth babe" -- go on deny that too its not like half the people organizing the gaming section at gadgetshowlive weren't present to witness that. Or maybe it was as i called one of them anti semetic for telling me not to mention publicly i am Jewish as you didn't want to "offend" potential customers.. cos at the time alot of their sales were from the Arab states or maybe it was because they took offence as I highlighted they were ripping off epsilon with what was owed to them for sales using their discount code? Whatever reason they did what they did, what i hoped would just be easily resolved has now dragged out to a whole pointless waste of thousands of tax payers money and police man hours who could've i'm sure being investigating actual crimes.( months of investigations, being raided by the police ect all adds up you know). My only other theory is during the time as again some of you know i was still fighting to get what was owed to me i started legal action against them and decided to stop and just drop the matter as i realized it would end up involving people i class as friends or at least friendly with. long story short.. they made a false allegation ( with "supporting false documentation" ), I was arrested at my house, had my pc laptop bagged up and then taken to two separate police stations before finally being interviewed by the cyber crimes unit who had to come all the way from another county poor guys. I'd like to say the matter was then done and dusted but nope because some people are so @#$% petty and vindictive they wouldn't drop it so lets just say there is still an ongoing "legal issue" that i will happily carry all the way through as it means i will be able to have EVERYTHING put on file and in the public domain. ( have fun trying to deny @#$% then ) Having never been arrested or fallen foul of the law before the whole experience was utterly terrifying. Since then as I live in a small village i have been the subject of numerous "rumors" from the locals as all they saw were riot vans and me being carted off by the police computers in tow.. so i'm sure you can all imagine the muttered accusations i have heard under my breath from the locals since then. Nothing nicer than getting off the bus and hearing old folk whisper thats te guy who was busted for drugs, or my personal fav kids screaming pedo down the road at me cos you know yeah really makes me wan to go out that does Oh and since then simple things like the tesco delivery driver knocking at the door has caused me to almost have a heart attack as all i saw thru the door window was a florescent jacket. Actually have to add funny side story here.. before the police came to mine they went to the wrong house and tried to arrest a poor old 60 yr disabled guy who tey thought was me luckily he kinda saw the funny side it as i went around to apologize to him as i felt terrible that had happened to him indirectly due to me. A i exaggerating this? again my close friends know what 'ive been going thru since this happened trust me it hasn't been pleasant . So whatever you think of me as a person people of the internet, again close friends know my honesty and integrity has never been questioned before.. ( heck in fact im too flipping honest and speak my mind which gets me in trouble but thats another story ) . take heed you have any dealings with "company i shall not name" and you run the risk of being wrongly accused of ill doing if you piss them off and having you pc equipment taken away great if you are oh i dunno a esport player or streamer who needs that equipment to make a living".At the very least you will probably be ripped off in whats owed to you in referrals as they have creative accounting practices. As for the issue that they needed to set the record straight on nope all you sheep jumping to their defense are entirely correct- of course a company who sold you a £25 router for £150 with some fancy software is telling the truth- oh wait my bad that fancy software.. well most of the amazing functions are actually on the routers default os , other stuff is basically openwrt hidden behind a fancy gui, the vpn idea was ripped off from another company btw .. talking of ripping off you know the why the logo of the company kept changing? they stole a photo off the internet of a cheetah , then tweaked it.. when this got pointed out to them instead of doing the honorable thing and fessing up they altered it some more... go on deny that one too. so yeah feel free to believe whoever you want i really don't give flying, accuse me of being butt hurt.. i really don't care after what they did to me at gadgetshow after all i did for them to make their router launch a success should be an indication of what sort of people they truly are. I mean and with respect here why wouldn't a company that sold you a £25 router for £150 using opensource software hidden behind a fancy ui be anything but honest, heck we can even overlook they stole the one thing they use as a sales gimmick to esport players and streamers from another company ..who btw sell CHEAPER ROUTERS for like $99 ... As for requiring proof... everything will be a matter of public record soon.. all the email exchanges, all the skype texts, all the whatsapp messages, you can make your own minds up then Past that happy to sign into any device and pull up web based emails , skype convos ect after everything has become public record As for those of you saying i should just move gee thanks i'd love to actually correction i did and put the whole sorry affair down to not listening to my gut , unfortunately it isn't me who needed to move on and not be petty, vindictive and make nothing into a huge @#$% needless waste of everyone's time , money and lives. So yes id love to have moved on and filed everything to the drawer marked asshats but they didn't allow me. for reasons see this paragraph.
  6. Ding ding! We have a winner here! Lol. I think that is exactly how it went down. BTW, Alex is a Netduma cheerleader around here, rah rah, rah he goes!
  7. Not just Merlin but all the third party firmware developers, like Voxel, Merlin, DD WRT, Tomato, kong, etc. I think Voxel mentioned that the Duma OS was not built from the ground up but built from OpenSSL using stream boost for QoS.
  8. The other firmware I was refering to are one man teams and do it on the side. So I was just wondering what actually makes it different? I would think it has something to do with the OG firmware or the R1's hardware. From what I heard LEDE cake QoS is better than the Duma OS Qos and that was coming from a NG Duma OS beta tester.
  9. uh yes! That analogy is spot on!!! Funny thing is I can flash my Asus and NG routers to several other firmwares and when there has been an issue with not being able to flash it back to stock, the dev would make an a new .img file a couple of days later and boom! Back to stock. I wonder why the Duma team can not do this?
  10. Lol at all the netduma Kool aid drinkers. People are upset about false promises, missed deadlines, no new up dates. Plus you have no idea who bought the R1 thinking the Duma OS was coming. TBH, i think netduma should give a Full refund to any customers who bought the R1 after the announcement of the dumaOS if they wanted one. I mean let's say you bought a house with free flooring upgrades, but then when you moved you realize you have the standard carpet, linoleum tile. Are you going to be happy then or even 2 years down the road when you have not received your "free upgrade"? It's highly possible that the Duma OS were people's deciding factor when choosing to buy New router. Anyway you guys need to understand what people are really complaining about. I guarantee you if netduma said the Duma OS was not coming to the R1 when it was first announced no one would be complaining about it any more.
  11. I am not sure why you don't? You have to realize the R1 does not work for everyone, there are bugs that need (should) be fixed, When people bought the R1 and with the Netduma still in business just like any other router manufacturer they release new FW revs to fix bugs. There are a lot of bugs in the existing FW on the R1, I.e, CC does not work with IPV6, People having bandwidth issues, only compatible with 3 modems (per Modbox), Apple devices can not receive pictures from another wireless device when sent in a message. Paying customers were told the Duma OS was the answer to all these bugs. I mean where is the support for the existing firmware? There is none! Some users can deal with these bugs while others find it unacceptable. Plus I think it is getting to that point, previous R1 owners are saying screw Netduma and are buying other routers. As mentioned before there is better QoS out there. As I see it you are paying extra for one feature and that is the GEO filter.
  12. I disable everything that I am not using, even logs that I do not think are needed. I also disable DDOS protection since I heard that slows the router down. As for NAT filtering, from my research, I could never find a definite answer on what NAT filtering is googling it but I buddy gave me a good answer. I thought at first it was your firewall but I do not think it is. My buddy gave me the most information on NAT filtering and I believe he is accurate: Here is what he said it does: "NAT Filter changes the kind of NAT method the router uses. There are 3 and it's all how the method is used and the IPTables that get implemented with it. FULL CONE NAT is safe however considered by some router MFrs as not as secure as Port Address Retricted or Symmetric NAT. I don't honestly know how all these exactly work, however, NAT is just the translation of your ISP Public IP address WAN side of the router thru the router to the Private IP address on the LAN side of the router. This process is what the Mfrs are using the get traffic across the router from the LAN side to the WAN side. Thus there are these different NAT methods. FULL Cone which is older and not as considered safe by some router Mfrs as Port Address Restricted or Symmetric NAT."
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