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  1. This helped actually, thanks much, but doesn't excuse that it properly listed it as blocked but was still connected to me. Also the games in question are peer 2 peer. Specifically fighting games like Tekken 7 and Granblue Fantasy VS.
  2. Oh the router also lets people connect who have a Triangle over their marker on the map. Please dear god fix this stuff already.
  3. In all seriousness, I made a complaint about this 8 months ago and it's still not had an update. Should I be complaining to Netgear instead?
  4. Thats cool. It was just getting upsetting that I paid good money, for a version of the router you can't even get anymore? (xr450) And just, nothing coming up. I'm still waiting for an update that fixes ping assist for SFV.
  5. Almost 6 months ago a staff member mentioned a big update to DumaOS would be soon. Have heard nothing since on that. Have these routers been given up on?
  6. Something similar was happening to me on .40. It quit once I downgraded to initial release, let it update back to .40, and did clean factory reset. I've learned that doing a factory reset then downgrading to original FW and letting it update back does wonders.
  7. Nice. I'd like to mention thus far all games using steam have no issues for me. I was playing Monster Hunter World and had to switch to spectator because it was blocking people in the lobby I was in. That game of course does not matter for pings as much, but it was functional as expected.
  8. This is not the case still. The game shows a peer to peer connection. Server is not involved. It COULD be possible however that it gets confused because the peer initially connects to me as told by the server to and the server is allowed. However this makes no sense to me because Tekken 7 uses steam as it's server just as SFV uses it's own, and I have that allowed. Yet it blocks every bad peer. Capcom blows my mind sometimes. Their stuff is broken and transcends their own programming.
  9. I have a new one now. Now it's letting in people it marked as bad with a triangle. I accepted the match to take this picture but it had me play this guy with assuming a Dominican republic nation flag.
  10. I don't want Mexico in my radius either. It be better if geofilter had an option for country instead of a big ol circle honestly. I wanted to use it more as a region filter when I bought the router. But yea, weird how sfv confused the ping assist. Sfv server shouldn't be any different than any other game server, or even steam. Perhaps the cross play is the difference here.
  11. So this is with my ping set to 45 in geofilter. Oddly tonight the filter is working better but still not 100% correctly. Fast search is still off. As you can see by the ping chart he started around 85-90ms. On the other hand, this is what Tekken looks like. Tekken uses steam server for matchmaking. Tekken works better. Some high pings still come in but most are blocked.
  12. I got the picture off Google. I never get the non p2p symbol. But perhaps tonight I can. Currently working.
  13. The host always appears first in SFV. But the connections are still Peer to peer. They show a symbol before a match starts to confirm p2p or a connection through the server. Generally the host appears for a minute and then peers show on the map. As soon as the game says "time for battle" and the notification pops up to join the match, it goes away. It seemingly only makes players visible to each other. Once two people connect it's gone. Top is server run and bottom is p2p. P2p is what 99% of matches are for me personally. Also I tried Tekken 7 instead and it's working kind of. There are a lot of triangles on my geofilter now, all with pings above my assist. It's working fine but none of them ever go away lmao. They stick constantly. In fact it looks as tho all these peers continue to be active until I close the game. But otherwise has functioned as I expected. So SFV seems to be an issue for the geofilter. Very odd to me.
  14. The XR450 is just the XR500 with a weaker 2.5ghz band. As such the hardware is otherwise identical from what I can find. They both are on according to Netgear website. This is the only firmware available to the XR450 and 500 that have ping assist. The previous firmware does not have ping assist. So whatever it was fixed on, probably the XR700, we do not have anything else with it yet. As for SFV, it detects the ping on the dedicated matchmaking server fine. it pings at 100+ and I have to allow it. Then peers who seem to be directly connected to me without it, are not detected well. Sometimes they will all show fine and have triangle on bad connections. Other times it will show people in South America as a dotted circle which should mean it's a low enough ping. I'll try Tekken with it later. It's a similar game that uses steam as the server instead. If that works fine then it might be an issue with Street fighter. Because discord is and steam shows and blocks accordingly so far. I have assumed till now the peers for SFV are just normal peers because it does block them sometimes when it should. It just is extremely inconsistent. Hopefully this all helps your team, because this is a highly popular game.
  15. I'd like to mention the feature does work sometimes. Since I reformatted my router I lost some of the saved allowed discord servers I have. This morning I joined a discord channel on US Central, which has a ping of 60. Ping assist blocked it perfectly fine, and once I allowed it all was good. It IS working sometimes. I just don't understand why it's having hardship with peers from Street Fighter V in particular.
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