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  1. The R2 should get a record deal...:). Joking aside, this is crazy. You think by now the Duma team should be able to get all of these issues resolved, that we had in R1. Sadly, I am getting burned by my online friends, as they can't understand why I got the R2, when I always had issues with the R1. I guess I wanted to believe all was good in the second round...
  2. Fraser...I am getting R1 flashbacks! not looking good man.
  3. Odd issue I am seeing, when I do a speed test in different sites, I get about 750....but DumaOS autodetect is only listing 350. because of this I am getting a D in my benchmark... Any ideas?
  4. ok figured it out... logged on to my vpn provider, created custom config, copy pasted in advance settings for Netduma vpn, use my vpn creds, click connect...done
  5. Adding Private Internet access VPN in Netduma R2... Does anyone has any experienced with this? is it even possible. Thanks in advanced
  6. Ok so ill eat my words, so somehow is now off...odd. Oh well I guess sis good to go.
  7. yes, both...I even re-started after changing settings. it's listed in my available SSIDs. I recommend you test this if possible...
  8. Got the R2 2 days after ordering. That's nuts...all of he way from the UK to the US. Very busy GUI, overwhelming at first. I will test during the next few days to get my final thoughts. I noticed that I turned off WIFI and guest WIFI (both 2.4Ghz 5.0Ghz), but still showing up as an SSID in my PC. Any Ideas? is this a bug...
  9. Good to hear, thanks for your reply. I will not be using the wireless in the R2. I will have a dedicate router to do that (WAY better WIFI)...Just trying to make sure is not a R1 experience all over again. But it seems a lot of people are happy with the purchase...cant wait:)
  10. As the title says, just ordered my R2. I still have the R1, but honestly it felt sluggish and the no gigabit internet support had me put it away for over year now. hopefully I did not make a mistake again...I guess we will see.
  11. wow...still no update. Soon we will get the “hardware is too outdated to support all of the new features”. So sad...
  12. Issue with profiles...maybe i am doing it wrong. so i set all of my settings the way i want them, i set hyper traffic to ps4, then i save the profile as ps4 gaming. i also made a profile with all of the settings off for normal use and no hyper traffic, called it back to normal. when i load the ps4 profile the hyper traffic is empty. is this normal? i have to set up hyper traffic after any profile is loaded?
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