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  1. Well as the tittle states I am done with Netduma. Today I had to leave work early, because the internet went down. My wife works from home, my daughter goes to school remotely, my security cameras, all of it, unavailable. After trying to figured out the issue I had to take out my Walmart 69.99 dollar TP-LINK router to be able to get the issue resolved. The Netduma R1 and the R2 are unreliable to be the main routers. I had this issue too many times and always I made excuses, but today I had enough. I ran the Netduma as default (not special settings, qos, whatever) for 2 weeks straight after the last update, I had to reboot it 5 times, and reset the settings twice. At the end of the day if I had a dedicated internet line just for gaming maybe I would stay aboard and play this game of trying to get it to work. Just don't have the time to play catch up, and honestly I never experienced any better gaming performance. I don't really feel like I got ripped off, on the contrary I like to do this things and help people with their inventions and such. it will be put next to the R1 in my wall of (it gave it a try) Cheers to all...
  2. So since I got the latest update, it seems the net duma will work for a few days, then out of nowhere, my internet will stop working. Now before you guys start questioning my internet provider, I have another router (in place now) and its been running for over a month now with no issues. Things I have done… Restart usually works, but few days later back on the wagon. Connect my TP link no issues for days. I did a full reset (button press on back), few days later back to same. And again TP Link to the rescue…my next step is to re-flashed it, but honestly at this point I think I am giving up on it. This is R1 all over again… I cant count on the R2 to be my main router, my wife and kids need to be able to have internet for work and school. If I am not home at that time then everyone is screwed, and the blaming starts. Even my wife is mocking me now with the R2…every time something related to internet happens I get the “is the netdonot” connected again… All I am asking is to get some better results here, it’s obvious I am not the only one with issues here, this forum is full of people complaining about the R2… Just please fix it…if you can’t then fine. Just tell us so we can move on. . Anyway I’ll be TP Linking from now on, hopefully in a few weeks we have a fix…
  3. No worries, just trying to make thing funnier. I don't remember if it restarted to be honest...hmm! maybe I didn't, but it was working good all this time. oh well ill let you know if it happens again.
  4. wow, yeah crazy...well I am sure Fraser and his team will hopefully get you figured out. I guess we will see...
  5. I rapped again few minutes ago. I restarted and it seems ok now. Just letting you know.
  6. no, so if you have a pc at home, and you connect that pc in one of the Huawei ports. you can go to settings and check that lan port properties in the pc to see what the link speed is...
  7. I would say this is odd to be a defected port, as usually defect is hardware related and the outcome will be no connection at all. but I seen weirder stuff before.... usually the uplink will give you the speed that is getting from the host (your router)... can you connect your router cable from any of the 2 lans to a pc and see what the speed are? not bandwidth speed but link speed... again just suggestions...:)
  8. there are 2 ports in your home router, lan/wan and lan (bottom and top), once you make them only lan, they work just like a regular router. if you plug any of the 2 in the R2 uplink...they both show only 100?
  9. What I meant is the router he has is a cellular modem/router (based in the model number he provided previously)…I am thinking his internet provider is cellular (sim card)…looking at this model online, it only has two ethernet ports...wan/LAN and LAN. If he is using cellular (SIM Card), then the WAN/LAN port in his router needs to be set as LAN, not anything else. I could be wrong as I don't really know what his home network really is, but working with cellular/router devices before, this was always an issue for me. Again just a suggestion, hopefully he can get it resolved soon
  10. I think the OP is using cellular as the source of internet, I also think all ethernet ports should be set as LAN in the system settings. I seen this in PepLink devices before. Just a suggestion...
  11. The R2 should get a record deal...:). Joking aside, this is crazy. You think by now the Duma team should be able to get all of these issues resolved, that we had in R1. Sadly, I am getting burned by my online friends, as they can't understand why I got the R2, when I always had issues with the R1. I guess I wanted to believe all was good in the second round...
  12. Fraser...I am getting R1 flashbacks! not looking good man.
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