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  1. I know this was mentioned a few months ago but could you please either let us set time for devices to expire or let us delete all devices that are not online at once? I forgot I had qos enabled and noticed EVERYTHING running so slow then I checked devices and there were approx 100 devices in list. We usually will have around 25-30. But there were alot of devices that were offline and duplicated. It renders qos useless when you see the qos look like stars in space haha. Just so you know my net is 1000/45 and yes it rendered it so slow that everything was buffering and speed test on download was 4Mbps. I have disabled it for now, do deletions and reboot every two days but shouldn't have to. I'm not gonna ask when new Dumaos OS is gonna be released for XR500 because I know how last one was delayed for like 8 months or so. Not hating just being obvious. P.S. I know you guys are doing your best at releasing an almost bug free OS but we seriously need some kind of update. Thanks for letting all of us know the updates and stuff. 👍👍👍
  2. I don't know if this will help you but I noticed that when "Crossplay" is enabled I would be getting lag killed. Like I can move smoothly but I would die before someone even saw me or I thought they didn't see me. It got me wondering if it only happens in Crossplay it must be a port issue. I'm on PS4 and at our house we have 4 PS4's so I have to use port forwarding. I already had all PS4 MW ports forwarded and it was still happening. So I next enabled Xbox MW ports and PC MW ports. Both UDP and TCP. After I have done that I have had no problems. I actually prefer Crossplay sometimes because you find lobbies faster. Yes I believe PC gamers have the upper hand because of mouse and keyboard (no offense) but it is so much better. Try it out, see if it fixes your problems. I know you said hit marks but it's could be a delay issue also. Hope you get it fixed! 👍
  3. Sweet Thanks! Yeah I did some recommendations others have done and I do see them now. I'm doing the one where you drop geofilter all the way down and put PA around 30. Also have auto ping enabled. Working alot better. Denied a couple bad servers already that are on East Coast since I'm on West Coast you can expect some bad latency and stuff. When I use Geo filter at a higher radius it seems not to work as good. Thanks for all the info, everyone! 👍
  4. Something weird I have only come across 2-3 servers in the US. I see Wash, Southern California and one on East Coast. What's the best way to find them? I keep monitoring them but not seeing too many.
  5. Sorry guys just now getting back, yes it is in game and I read what everyone has been saying but I feel the lag. I know lots of it has to be the game because I'm sure they haven't worked out all the glitches.
  6. I've noticed same problem with high pings with Duma spectating and/or enabled. My PC friend lives in Canada on East Coast. I'm in Nevada. When he hosts my ping says 600-1000 ms. He even let me host to see if it changes and still around 600-800 ms. Meanwhile his whether hosting or not is around 100 ms. What is going on? Why is mine always high and his is pretty low? Seems like router is not working correctly. I also have noticed whenever I see kill cams of people dominating it's usually a PC player and his screen is skipping in kill cam. I've enabled Duma and disabled. Never low pings. If I have Duma enabled and I'm hosting why does he always have lower ping? We both have gig internet. Idk I'm at a loss. 🤬
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  8. Thanks for getting back, was mostly irritated with Black Ops 4. I like this community and like the router just wish it did what it is supposed to do on PS4. It's hard getting into "great" lobbies where pings and everything is low. What's weird is sometimes not using router my ping gets around 40 ms. I know it's most likely a Black Ops server issue. See I'm in Reno, NV and closest server is probably around Portland OR. Also one in San Diego CA. So it also could be a West Coast problem. My internet speed is 975mbit down and 40mbit up. Yeah terrible upload for gig internet but it's Spectrum 🥺. Yeah I'll hold off and check out the news cause I know this could be an even better router. Something else that was spoken about by me and others will there be an "app store"? Because I know there are intelligent devs out there that can create great apps. Thanks again for the reply. 🙂
  9. Come on guys this router has been out for awhile and it's useless. I bought this router to lower my ping OR to be able to play with people and not have lag problems. There is nothing different from this router and any other basic router because when you enable features you can barely find lobbies OR with ping assist to auto it puts me in Japan servers. Really?? I'm in USA. I've reset it numerous times. I can't set ping assist to anything lower than 50 or I can't find a lobby. I can find 50ms servers with a regular router seriously! We paid a good amount of $ which we thought was an awesome router but it's no different than any other. You only update features, bug fixes every 2-3 years so looks like I'll have to go with a different gaming router. I made the mistake of selling my R1 Netduma router just to buy xr500. It had same features and bugs. Not that I would want the R1. You guys say you listen to feedback but I don't think you really do. Look how many people that made these kinds of posts and nothing has changed. Oh and on another thread it said "stay tuned next week for next major update". It's next week and I don't see anything. You should say in "earth" time what date or time you really meant by next week. Next year? I'm not trying to gripe and all that but you guys have us waiting like something is gonna get fixed. Anyone interested in XR500 let me know. Cause it's time to move on.
  10. While I think this it is a good idea to release something a little cheaper don't you think you should fix the problems with current Dumas before releasing something that will be half broken like the rest? I'm a big fan of Netduma but come on it doesn't work that good. I have an xr500 and it reboots sometimes like 3-4 times a day. I've tried all fixes that you guys recommended for others and it's a no go. Factory reset, all that stuff. I have gig internet and im starting to think a regular router might be better. I have to disable sometimes just to be able to play. Also the features only work in some modes of games and not others. Just my 2 cents. I was one of those guys that had an R1 and got tired of all the promises of waiting for Dumaos to release so I sold it, well I ended up getting XR500 cause I'm a sucker haha. How about more features like app store where others can develop addons? It would make the router more fun!!
  11. Guys just say f' it and sell you Dumas like I did, I'm free once again! <3
  12. So anyways, hopefully we can get an update soon.
  13. I'd have to agree with the thread locking. I ran several clan sites and if things got carried away I'd lock it. I have vBulletin and Xenforo license (barely use them) atm. But yeah, I agree. However, IF its true about R1 and lawyer thing sometimes they are told not to mention anything about it and that could be why they haven't replied.
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