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  1. Yep i agree, the servers are the worst I've ever experienced in COD, and there are constant server issues. It's a shame they dont take it seriously and sort them out but I suppose this suits them fine as it doesnt affect sales etc, plus it keeps the noobs engaged and buying COD points which is ultimately what they want. The worst part is that come November the next game will likely be the same with poor netcode/strong SBMM, in which case I'll more than likely throw in the towel.
  2. Yeah same here I just rubberband and generally have an even worse experience, no amount of connection nerfing or hotspot etc seems to ever fix the lag for me. I've tried many variables now and have no luck, even though my wired connection is A+ on all categorys on DSLreports and a reasonably stable 14ms base ping. Shit sucks. But thanks for your suggestions @Chaiyoabc, hopefully someone out there might benefit from it and I'm sure everyone here appreciates you taking the time to share it with us.
  3. never mind, tried it and had no improvement.
  4. Hey Fraser, so i played MW for a couple hours last night and a couple more hours tonight and have attached another screenshot of the high priority section. Upload high prio packets still seem fairly minimal compared to download high prio packets though. The high priority traffic has been detected fine as far as I can tell, but i took the screenshot after going offline so the light isn't illuminated. I seem to be having alot of shoot first die first also, although I'm not sure that can be attributed to this alone as its MW, and the servers/online experience haven't ever been good for me in this game regardless of ABB/QoS settings etc. It seems strange how it doesn't seem to change regardless of what prio rules I use, or QoS settings etc, but if you need any further info let me know. Cheers.
  5. Thanks, I will give this a go and see how it goes. I can say though as soon as I input the new rule that it shot straight up to 1799 from 713 which was strange, but I'll try and get a half decent amount of play time in and see how that goes. Thanks for the help.
  6. I will note its specifically the high priority I'm looking at here too, not the background packets as I'm pretty certain I've seen elsewhere that there doesn't tend to be as many upload packets VS download packets typically.
  7. Hey Fraser, I wasn't playing a game the entire time no, and yes my console (Xbox1X) is set to instant on. But shouldn't I be seeing alot of uploaded packets in the high priority section? Especially when playing call of duty for example? Because I'd estimate I played for ~1-1.5 hours in that time frame, and it seems like I'll end up in 6 or 7 digits of download high priority but I'll be lucky to get into the 10000s of upload high priority (after some days of use of course, I try not to restart my router too much). Either that or I'm misunderstanding something, I'm far from an expert admittedly. Thank you for the prompt response btw.
  8. I've noticed alot recently that my prioritised upload packets barely increase compared to my download packets, can anyone offer any advice? I've tried it with various rules, e.g games console, duma classified games, ABB on and off etc but im not managing to improve it. Did a full restart too, both at the plug and through the router UI. As of now my router has been on for 4-5 hours, but I've got high priority upload packets VS 60060 high priority download packets? Would appreciate any help thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks for replying, see the thing is im not 100% its the same as being properly bridged though, its a workaround of sorts i found on Google just to fix my double NAT essentially, and when i look through the config file it looks like there is indeed some hidden QoS stuff going on eg: name = "igmp"; type = qos_cfg_hidden; iface = qos_local; rule = "localmark igmp"; result { tos = -1; vlan_prio = -1; queueref = "ifacectl"; } } { enabled = yes; Or is all this irrelevant to the things you changed in your config file?
  10. How did you manage this? I've got a Fritzbox 7530 and I want to do the same. I've managed to open the config file in wordpad but I've got absolutely no idea of which fields to edit. Would rather disable as much as possible and just let my nighthawk do QoS. The fritzbox is essentially bridged, as I've turned off all DHCP, used the wrong ISP login details and let the nighthawk establish its own PPPoE connection as per an online guide but the game performance is still poor. Any pointers as to which strings i need to edit etc would be much appreciated mate if its not too much trouble.
  11. My game has done it to,o assuming you mean the searching for games under x milliseconds in the lobby? It used to be 15/25ms, now its 42ms or 56ms. Its been playing extra shit recently aswell, worse than usual which is saying something lol. I think their servers are just fucked atm, there's a fair few people complaining on Reddit, and Oceania servers are an absolute mess atm apparently, so it wouldn't surprise me if the other ones are'nt running running 100% normal either.
  12. @Bat 'n' Ball yeah I'm familiar with network bridging so it's definitely a possibility I can look into, I'm just a bit concerned it might introduce some jitter or other issues using wifi but it's a good idea for sure. Couldn't be further from the truth, you've been a great help mate. It's just a shame my hardware doesn't support it right now for whatever reason lol. Maybe it's just one of the added extras that separates the higher and lower models, mine is a lower spec router admittedly as it's my first step into the gaming router market. Thanks again for the help with everything.
  13. I think this is exactly the issue. I think that it tries to connect you based on your matchmaking ranking, and when it cant do that it kinda shits the bed for want of a better term. Because obviously its most likely ATVI/IW dont factor in for geofiltering etc essentially trying to defeat their SBMM system, so it kinda gets stuck in a loop trying to connect to a server/peer that DumaOS is blocking. Because i have noticed sometimes when im camping a foreign server that i can see DumaOS is picking up a peer/server, but it just doesnt complete the connection for whatever reason.
  14. @Netduma Alex sorry to bother you mate but can you just quickly confirm whether or not the XR300 supports hybrid VPN like the XR500 etc? I dont think it does from what I can see, just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. It just seems to have a basic VPN client set up section.
  15. @Bat 'n' Ball @Sable well it looks like I fell at the first hurdle lol. Managed to get the VPN server details etc but I've gone into DumaOS and the Xr300 doesn't support HybridVPN apparently, a quick Google and some topics on this forum confirmed it. Apparently it might be available on the new firmware whenever that arrives, but as of now it's just the kind where you have to install the VPN software on the device intended for use it seems, which obviously is impossible on an Xbox. Sorry guys, was looking forward to trying this and thanks for all the help, it's a shame I cant try it out.
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