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  1. Sorry didn't know where else to post this, but is DumaOS 3.0 available on the XR300 yet? Seems like its the only router that doesn't have the firmware available at this point, is it even going to be coming?
  2. Is there a beta firmware available yet for the XR300 does anybody know? Thanks
  3. Hey @Netduma Fraser hope you're well, is there any more news on the beta being available for XR300 mate?
  4. Hey @Netduma Fraser, wasn't sure where to ask but is there any more info regarding an XR300 beta you can share with us? Looking forward to hopefully getting to try it out.
  5. I have to agree with @Bert and @Netduma Fraser. I had a similar issue with jitter and ping just a few days ago (not a R1 router though admittedly) and ethernet is the only way to test it correctly. WiFi isn't stable enough as it suffers from interference from other WiFi networks and possibly even electromagnetic fields given off by certain appliances etc. My graph was terrible, but following @Bert and @Netduma Frasers' advice I managed to get a super stable ping and A+ on all categories on DSL reports speed test. Try it with an ethernet cable, try pinging Google DNS ( when your network is quiet and adjust your ABB sliders (starting at 70/70) to see where your ping settles down, ensuring its set to Always or detecting game traffic from somewhere if set to When High Prio Traffic Detected. Hope you get it sorted mate. Top is before, Bottom is after. Its a massive difference as you can see.
  6. Thanks again for the advice mate, was worried it was going to be a tough fix but you guys have been brilliant. Really appreciate it
  7. God loves a trier so I've been told 😄, and yeah looking loads better now, thanks again mate.
  8. It really is. Again thank you so much for the help mate 😊
  9. Here is the Google DNS screen shot too, might aswell post it for anyone else who might want to see it.
  10. So, I performed another test pinging the amsterdam server in my last couple pingplotter captures and there was still some instability, indicating there may have been issues with my testing protocol due to a possibly flawed choice of server to test with. So i performed another test similar to my first post but including another 2 hops presumably belonging to my ISP, and the results look fantastic IMO. There is still the issue where latency at my first external hop can peak at around 180ms or so, but this doesn't seem to be reflected in the chart (possibly due to the 2.5sec monitoring rate). I also pinged google DNS ( and had similar results as the image posted below, so provided I don't encounter double NAT issues this could be a promising solution. Thanks to @Bert @Zippy @Netduma Fraser you've been great help. Also I noticed my profile says I own a Duma R2, I think the only way to solve this is if you guys send me one through otherwise my profile makes me look like a liar 😜 haha just kidding of course but its possibly a minor bug somewhere.
  11. @Bert Hmmm good that you mention that as I didnt notice it was a slightly different address/node, but yeah i seem to have issues with the first node in both cases and the latency seems to get high at that point intermittently. So yeah, i think Im gonna get my XR300 back connected and try it again, and look into trying to get the XR300 into DMZ somehow on the FritzBox as it doesn't have the usual DMZ options so last time i tried I ended up with dual NAT, hence why im using the HG612 modem. But I'll dig some more and see what I can get working. Thanks again.
  12. Hey everyone, so I did a pingplot using my ISP router (Fritzbox 7530) and below is the result. Used the same ethernet cable, same laptop and nothing else connected except the laptop running the test. Thoughts? Possibly not a line issue from what I can see but as i said, I'm no expert so perhaps I'm off the mark. @Netduma Fraser @Zippy @Bert @Netduma Alex
  13. Thanks Bert, think I'm gonna try that first thing tomorrow and see what results I get, might aswell try it and see.
  14. Hi Fraser, so I changed it to 2.5 secs as suggested and this is the result. ABB sliders set to 70% each, I was playing on my Xbox One X and my daughter was on her switch, other than that the network was quiet. Again hop 2 seems to peak at 202ms which seems strange, but im far from an expert so maybe its nothing to worry about. Thanks mate hope this is a bit more helpful.
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