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  1. Thanks alot for this mate really appreciate all the info it's really helpful. I somehow missed the notification of your response but I'll have a look into this for certain. Thanks again.
  2. Ok I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it if they decide to include it in their next update, thanks for letting me know.
  3. Hey guys, I have seen that there is an option 61 setting somewhere in the xr500 router when you change does internet require a login to no, however this option doesn't show in my xr300. What I'm looking to do is remove my sky q hub, replace with an openreach modem and run the xr300 from that. I'm currently running the xr300 through the sky hub, doesn't seem to be any major issues but I'd rather just get rid of it. Will the modem take care of option61/MER or will the router also require this to be an option? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. @Seye cheers pal you're a star ill give those settings a whirl now.
  5. hey @Seye mate, you seem to be having success with this method, can you share some of your settings so i can try and replicate this somewhat please? Eg: Any ports forwarded, upnp on or off? Any DMZ for console/PC? Bufferbloat sliders enabled? QoS enabled in bufferbloat section? Excess bandwith enabled/disabled? Down/Up speed in MB reserved for gaming device in bandwidth flower? Priority rules created and port no.s? TCP, UDP or both? DumaOS classified games enabled/disabled? Sorry for so many questions mate, just trying to get this damn game to play better and Im nearing my wits end with it lol. Anyway, hope you keep having fun and thanks in advance
  6. Hey @GHOST-1-EC, excellent work so far, but would you kindly be able to provide what download/upload speed in Mb you are supplying your console/PC with on the flower? You seem to have success with your method, so I'm gonna have a go replicating it as best I can cos I'm still getting alot of shoot first die first etc even though DSLreports rates me at A+ and 30ms ping. Thanks mate.
  7. Awesome gameplay dude, used to love going for De-Ats. Man do I miss this game at its peak though, even though most people hated it I thought it was an excellent game. They got the MTX system perfect (obviously none at all would be best), the gameplay was fun and the netcode and hit detection was fucking amazing. It really was massively underrated, and if it released 2 years earlier it would have been critically acclaimed.
  8. Thanks mate, yeah console is set as static already and I've actually been in ghosts thread and he provided some really good information with the port settings. Thanks for the advice, I've currently set the ports up manually and had a look using wireshark, but as you said I ended up with loads of ports varying between 30000 to ~43000 so went with the same port rule advised in that thread. Thanks again mate 😁
  9. Definitely will do pal cheers again, and did you disable upnp on the ISP router too? Or have you got one that can be modem only? I've ordered an old openreach modem, as apparently that is compatible and should remove the need for the old router/subnet config I'm using at the moment. So if upnp on both is an issue it hopefully wont be for much longer anyway!
  10. Hey mate thanks for replying, yeah I'm running a similar network set up, had to DMZ my XR300 on my ISP router due to no modem mode (sky q hub) and then just DMZd my console in XR300 LAN settings (hopefully this isnt causing conflicts?). Had to change my port in xbox network settings, as I had a double NAT issue after a couple hours, but NAT has been open since and fingers crossed it'll remain that way. Right, I'll make sure to do them separately, suppose it can't hurt to take 5 min more and do it correctly, as i saw Fraser mention about excessive port ranges. Thanks for the help bud.
  11. Hey @kinel, thanks for clearing that up, I'll put them in the traffic priority area...and yeah I only tried with 3 games admittedly...I was planning on using geo filter with a small radius close to the 2 dedis I seem to get into alot and then use the port #s pulled from these. I'll try a few more games and then possibly export the data and note all of the ports, I'm also assuming it's one port per rule too? Thanks again, I'm new to all this and appreciate your help.
  12. Hey @GHOST-1-EC, I used your method with wireshark and ended up with around 15 - 20 ports listed, mainly 3074, then going to ports anywhere from 32020 to around 42000, there are around 20 odd ports in this range. Used 2 dedis servers to get this data. Should I make 20 rules in the qos area or should I range from 32000 to 42000 or is this excessive? Gotta admit whilst I'm not new to port forwarding I've never done it using this method before, but all the packets were sent from my xbox, running the network through ethernet to bridged wireless laptop. Thanks if you can shed any light on this.
  13. Hey @East, when you mentioned forwarding the ports manually would you do this in the network settings area or the traffic prioritisation area? I'm looking to give your settings a go. I've just bought an XR300 Nighthawk a couple days back, and so far QoS and geofiltering don't seem to be helping me too much on MW, although i suspect its chiefly lag comp/netcode which obviously is no fault of the router. Should I just google the port #s to open for this game, or just use the available BO4 port settings since you mentioned they are the same? I'm willing to try anything at this point lol, the game plays really poor for me and I've tested bandwidth, bufferbloat and even ping/jitter using Pingplotter and all seems well on my end. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you Alex you've been a great help. Really appreciate your time 😁. Ill go ahead and mark the thread as solved.
  15. Thanks for replying Alex. I only use the Q hub for wireless and LAN networking, am I correct in thinking if I just run the xr300 router through the Q hub in DMZ as you said, and then run all wifi and lan connections through the xr300 whilst disabling wifi on the Q hub this should negate this being an issue? Or will it be impossible to run it this way because the Q will be still supplying DCHP? Thanks again for the help
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