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  1. Willing to test with XR300 if necessary, add me to the list please :D
  2. I've been wondering this myself. Been noticing my high traffic detected seems to stop working after I've had my router on a while. I've been thinking its not actually working but sometimes the numbers are still going up even though the high priority light isnt on. I'm gonna try and look into this later and see if I can do some investigating.
  3. I see your point, but it's still a brilliant idea and is infinitely easier than messing around with wireshark getting UDP captures and then inputting to DumaOS manually over and over again. It's an amazing feature and I'd go as far to say I'd welcome it being an R-App in DumaOS if it was possible. I've seen many people claim that small port ranges seem to work well too, so this also removes the need for wide port ranges/and or numerous separate rules.
  4. Managed to have a quick game, and while i should really wait to have a full gaming session or 2 before i make a more informed judgement, I will say that 1 game played smooth as butter and the hit detection was amazing. Managed a 3.2kd just playing casually levelling up the .357 pistol on shoothouse (core mode too!). And I haven't played in a week either, so if its like this every game its gonna be amazing once my shot is warmed up. Cant thank you enough @RedBull2k , especially since you took the time to tweak the app to work for us Xbox players too. If you're ever in Yorkshire I owe you a pint lol.
  5. You're a legend @RedBull2k thanks a lot, can confirm this works on Xbox One X using port 3075. I get a brief ~5 second period where it detects the port number of the server at the bottom of the app window, and then it returns to "no server found on port 3075" during the game. However I checked on DumaOS and the port is added in the prio section, so I'm assuming this is all working as intended cos i cant see any problem, or should the port numbers and server address stay for the duration of the match? Thanks ever so much, I'll admit I've not had a chance to play an actual game yet cos I'm a little busy, but I'll give it a go later and see how it affects my gameplay. And @GHOST-1-EC no worries mate
  6. Think that's to add the IP of the server to your allow list when the app detects you connected to a server.
  7. Thanks mate appreciate that, it now shows up as v1.3.2 when i open the .exe. Still having trouble getting it to work, but ill try a few things tomorrow after work, and see if i can maybe get it working somehow before i pester you any further lol.
  8. @RedBull2k would you mind uploading with a different name and new link on your google drive if possible e.g redbull 2k ver 1.3.exe or something like that instead of updating the original download file? Im just not 100% im getting the correct version is all, the one im downloading doesnt say version 1.3 anywhere and there are no errors etc as far as i can tell. sorry i know im being a massive pain in the arse here..... if its too much hassle though no worries mate
  9. @Mobel @RedBull2k thanks for the pointers im gonna try again now and see what i can do. @Grafti might be onto something though, might be cos we are on xbox one... i dont get any error messages, just no server found. i tried to input 3075 into the last text box but it doesnt change anything, it just saves a .txt file to my desktop named settings.txt. I noticed in a few screenshots others have a drop down box for port no in your app, but mine that i downloaded using your latest link just looks the same as v1. I'll redownload again though and see if i can determine a version number...again thanks @RedBull2k youre doing amazing work and i dont wanna seem ungrateful, im just keen to try it out is all! i know you owe us all nothing and appreciate you sharing it with us.
  10. Really excited to give this a whirl but having no luck so far. Using a XR300 running DumaOS. Xbox set with static IP, deleted all prio rules/unchecked DumaOS games, UPNP only with no port forwarding/triggering/DMZ. Xbox uses 3074 and shows as in game (MW). The version i downloaded doesn't have a box to change ports like @GHOST-1-EC though. Could anybody shed any light on whether im missing something or possibly re upload whatever version they are running by any chance? Xbox is wired btw and im trying to run the exe on a laptop (wireless) running windows 8.1. gives the warning when opening the file and im selecting run anyway. Any help would be much appreciated @GHOST-1-EC @RedBull2k @Mobel @TrayDay and again thanks for sharing this with us all.
  11. Consoles´╗┐: Xbox One X w/ 1TB Western Digital external hard drive, Day One Xbox One Fatty TV: LG 42" 4k Controllers: Xbox elite series 1, Xbox elite series 2 Headset/Headphones: Turtle beach 800x elite wireless, AKG K240 Router XR300 + ISP router Interested in giving that exe a whirl when you upload it @RedBull2k, thanks for sharing it with us!
  12. Any more features/screenshots to tease yet guys? Come on it's been a few weeks now ­čśü
  13. hey up pal im assuming from your location you live in the same place as me lol, do you mind sharing more info of your geo filter location, any ping assist, any traffic priority rules or console prioirty etc. Sorry for bombarding you with questions pal, just trying to find something that works cos I've been struggling since launch and im about to give up lol. just wanna be able to enjoy the game without the shoot first die first bullshit. Cheers pal.
  14. Thanks pal you're a star, will give those a whirl and see what happens cos the Spain dedis have gone to shit for me.
  15. oh right i see i think i remember it being mentioned by you earlier in the thread. sounds awesome would be a good addition it seems. I'll perhaps have to look into that.
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