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  1. My game has done it to,o assuming you mean the searching for games under x milliseconds in the lobby? It used to be 15/25ms, now its 42ms or 56ms. Its been playing extra shit recently aswell, worse than usual which is saying something lol. I think their servers are just fucked atm, there's a fair few people complaining on Reddit, and Oceania servers are an absolute mess atm apparently, so it wouldn't surprise me if the other ones are'nt running running 100% normal either.
  2. @Bat 'n' Ball yeah I'm familiar with network bridging so it's definitely a possibility I can look into, I'm just a bit concerned it might introduce some jitter or other issues using wifi but it's a good idea for sure. Couldn't be further from the truth, you've been a great help mate. It's just a shame my hardware doesn't support it right now for whatever reason lol. Maybe it's just one of the added extras that separates the higher and lower models, mine is a lower spec router admittedly as it's my first step into the gaming router market. Thanks again for the help with everything.
  3. I think this is exactly the issue. I think that it tries to connect you based on your matchmaking ranking, and when it cant do that it kinda shits the bed for want of a better term. Because obviously its most likely ATVI/IW dont factor in for geofiltering etc essentially trying to defeat their SBMM system, so it kinda gets stuck in a loop trying to connect to a server/peer that DumaOS is blocking. Because i have noticed sometimes when im camping a foreign server that i can see DumaOS is picking up a peer/server, but it just doesnt complete the connection for whatever reason.
  4. @Netduma Alex sorry to bother you mate but can you just quickly confirm whether or not the XR300 supports hybrid VPN like the XR500 etc? I dont think it does from what I can see, just want to be sure I'm not missing anything. It just seems to have a basic VPN client set up section.
  5. @Bat 'n' Ball @Sable well it looks like I fell at the first hurdle lol. Managed to get the VPN server details etc but I've gone into DumaOS and the Xr300 doesn't support HybridVPN apparently, a quick Google and some topics on this forum confirmed it. Apparently it might be available on the new firmware whenever that arrives, but as of now it's just the kind where you have to install the VPN software on the device intended for use it seems, which obviously is impossible on an Xbox. Sorry guys, was looking forward to trying this and thanks for all the help, it's a shame I cant try it out.
  6. Thanks for this guide mate, I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin with setting up a VPN, but you've explained it so well I'm gonna give this a try. Hopefully I'll have some good results, it can't really get any worse anyway lol. Really appreciate the detailed guide though pal 👍
  7. Hey @Bat 'n' Ball, excellent bit of testing there bud! Yeah it seems it all behaves a bit funny with MW, not sure if its DumaOS or MW at fault though cos MW seems to have some really finicky matchmaking going on, probably all part of the SBMM and the algorithm that goes along with that. Been at work alot so haven't had a chance to keep up with the discussion, but thanks for doing some testing. Will be interesting to see what happens once we get a cloud update if there are any issues on Netdumas side, cos I would imagine unfortunately that BO5 or whatever Treyarch is working on will have the same if not worse matchmaking criteria. Think there might be some strength to the argument that the algorithm is very strict though, which could affect how many lobbies are actually available to you depending on how good you are. And I'm not sure if I'm entering tin foil hat territory here, but maybe they've tried to remove some of the "advantages" you get using a Netduma router somehow. More than likely not the case though, as I cant really think how they could accomplish that.
  8. Yeah I meant 15 is an absolute stormer of a kill streak for me in this game lol. Very rare that it happens. Every game feels like I'm playing GBs and it's super sweaty, everyone is running meta weapons and are very good players in terms of map and spawn knowledge etc.
  9. I have been wondering if it's this. I'm not amazing but I'm plenty decent, had lots of nukes in past games, but rarely get above a 15 streak in this game lol. I'm doing damascus though so most of the time I'm using off meta weapons too, so that doesn't help. I'm of the opinion SBMM belongs in ranked (or it at least needs toning down for pubs).
  10. Hi pal Yeah its MW I'm talking about. Yeah the matchmaking is quite bizarre in this game with the splitting of lobbies and SBMM at play. Could possibly be something to do with that.
  11. Yeah I guessed it was kinda because everything still knows I'm physically in the UK and not in Spain, just wanted to be certain it was normal behaviour. Thanks for clarifying that and I will take the advice and see how I fare. Thanks mate
  12. Thanks for the upload @RedBull2k cant wait to see what improvements there are!
  13. Yeah I seem to have the best experience playing on the Spain servers, ironically I do tend to see alot of English people on them, which makes me believe either it's all you guys lol... or that somehow people have that shite of a ping they end up on it naturally (very unlikely IMO). But sometimes I'm waiting so long it's a bit tedious so I know what you mean... and I'm going for Damascus, so I really need to just play matches. But then I also need a good connection to be competitive going against all the M4s and MP5s lol. Theres no winning.
  14. Yep same here. No geofilter I'm straight into a game and as soon as that one ends I'm usually in another game/lobby instantly. Maybe it's just how it is then.
  15. I do usually restart the game if I move it but gotta admit I dont usually have it covering the UK on boot up cos i assumed the Ireland authentication server being whitelisted made it unnecessary. I'll be sure to try that, thanks pal.
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