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  1. Bonjour, Déjà pour commencer, c'est un forum d'entraide netduma, je ne vois pas ce que ça fait ici ton sujet XD, il y a hardware.fr qui peut être sympa pour ta question. Ensuite , vu que tu aimes les jeux d'aventures, le 60hz et surtout en 4k te suffira amplement même si il existe déjà des écrans 4k 144hz qui valent la peau des ******. Là tu parle d'un écran 21/9 3440×1440p, en plus une sous marque. Je pense que tu peux prendre un bon écran 4k pour le même prix. Et en plus pour rigoler tu pourras te faire un tri screen pour le fun pour le jeu que tu veux mais bien sûr en 5760×1080,ce qui fait 6220800 pixels contre le 3440×1440 qui fait 4953600 pixels. Et le 4k (enfin le ultra HD)lui fait du 8294400. Moi je joue depuis des années sur un 2560×1440p (donc 16/9) 1ms gsync 165hz et j'en suis très content.
  2. J'ai la mini 4k et elle n'utilise pas de vlan 100. C'est la seule de la famille freebox, Il me semble. Il faudrait se renseigner sur les autres Pop et Delta. En tout cas mon player mini 4k fonctionne parfaitement derrière mon R2 qui lui est derrière ma mini 4k en bridge.
  3. Can you please share with me too ? @Netduma Fraser
  4. Hello, you need to do a factory reset after the update, best regards, Densha-Warrior
  5. Thank you for the information, I didn't know it wasn't a hard limit.
  6. I know guys. My jitter is 0.28ms on R2 connection benchmark, I have Fiber. 25 on ping assist is the best for me. But I just say this one for more control in the future. Maybe one day, we'll choose directly servers XD^^
  7. ok, but why ping assist doesn't work as well ? I want this 16-17 ms server! XD It's so cool to play on it and why pc must be "console device" for working better? Guys! It's the same problem on xr500 and others.
  8. Ok, csgo works on traffic Prioritization as a pc and geo-filter as console on device manager. Valorant works with "game console" preset prioritization but Battlefield not at all. In geo-filter, i used both to try for Valorant and Battlefield ( using services and with the PC set to a console in Device Manager) but it doesn't work. Valorant, i see the server but if I put the filter on (all the world), all servers are blocked, enter the game is impossible. I force for codmw, but it's the same. (sometimes, i have it (the server with 15ms)) but not all the time. Something else about the geo-filter and Ping Heatmap: The Cod servers's location on PH are in Paris (I guess XD) but in GF, they are in "Normandie" Northern France. Not the same location at all. Best Regards Densha-Warrior
  9. Hi @Netduma Fraser, same for valorant , battlefield (4, 1 ) and csgo, the game console preset doesn't work on pc for these three games (battlefront 2 "2017" works perfectly with "classified games" and "console preset"). In geo-filter, we're not seeing valorant , battlefield and csgo servers either so the geo-filter doesn't work with these games for the moment. Also, in ping heatmap a cod server is at 16-17ms for me. In geo-filter, I put 20 on Ping Assist, it gives me 23ms, 29ms etc servers but not the one I want. Best regards Densha-Warrior
  10. for me, it said tomorrow Friday the 7th. Sorry for your waiting
  11. I just received a text message and an email just now with details. I can't wait 😍
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