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  1. Been using the Geo-filter for Black Ops 4 and feel like it would be beneficial to have a legend so that new users can easily understand what all the icons mean. Just something small but informative in the bottom left corner - maybe toggle on/off to clean up the UI for anyone who knows what everything already is.
  2. So Nat Filtering set to Open seems to have made it much easier. Last night one console was open while other was moderate but a simple restart fixed it. I currently have UPNP disabled however with NAT filtering set to open, would you recommend this being enabled? I'm just trying to think of any additional changes I can make to ensure I don't need to reset consoles as much as possible.
  3. I've noticed that both Xbox consoles are using the same external IP address to communicate with the COD servers, is this a problem? I manually changed the port for both consoles (they were both on 3074 before) so now one is using 3074 and the other console a different one. Not sure if them being on the same external IP is going to cause any lag or interference.
  4. Well two people on Reddit were praising this option up and down, saying how it was literally all they ever had to do. I was inclined to think security wise it was probably a bit more vulnerable but maybe I will give it a try if I ever encounter a problem.
  5. Update: I removed my port forwarding option that I experimented with, removed both consoles from the IP reservation, rebooted etc and then readded them. I changed the IP to something different, rebooted the consoles and right now they are both open on the Xbox side and under COD network. I also removed the consoles from instant-on but might be a non issue now. Question: Someone on reddit said that they have 5 consoles on one network, yes FIVE! He has them all open NAT on both console and Activision games (COD, Destiny etc). He said he changed no settings other than simply changing his Netgear NAT Filtering setting from secured to open. Apparently this is like the godfather of settings to make sure your NAT is open. All they did was switch it from Secured to Open and all their problems were fixed. Can someone provide some input on this setting because I've never heard of it.
  6. I'll monitor everything tomorrow and see how it goes. If I wanted to put the consoles into the DMZ, how would I go about it?
  7. Forwarded some ports and have the IP's reserved for the two consoles, hopefully this resolves it. It's weird, simply reserving the IP's used to fix this problem without any hassle.
  8. UPNP is enabled and there are no port forwarding rules. How do I simply open a port? There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can enter say 3075 UDP.
  9. I have two Xbox One consoles connected and have the issue of one being open NAT, the other being moderate. Before, I had both console IP addresses reserved and it seemed to resolve the issue. However, since (I believe) a factory reset the problem seems to have resurfaced. Not sure what I am missing because this used to fix the problem.
  10. Hey, I heard that XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 has now been released. Just want to see if this update holds the changes that we currently have and whether it is safe to upgrade to the latest version now.
  11. Assuming no ETA on that? Either way that's good news, look forward to it. If possible, can you give us a heads up in this thread whenever that happens?
  12. Have these changes been implemented into the latest firmware yet?
  13. It could well be that. I'm currently running the debug version due to the disconnect problem we faced and waiting on the new firmware to contain those changes. File name for current firmware version is XR500-V2.2.1.10-DBG-XR356-180522a so yeah definitely a few behind.
  14. I read the tip under the Traffic Prioritization category which suggested enabling "Auto Traffic Prioritization" in the side menu. Only issue is I cannot find this option anywhere, can someone point me in the right direction?
  15. Update: MoCA Adapter arrived and it works flawlessly! No need to change IPs and my nasty Verizon FiOs G1100 router can now be completely removed from my setup. Internet and TV working perfectly!
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