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  1. hey guys I'm on virgin media 1gig, what's the best settings for QOS do I leave at 100% with congestion control automatic
  2. it just wont put me in a game in uk i can sit there for an hour an still nothing, just dont understand why. ive tried everything, ping heatmap shows the the server which i have circled
  3. yeah theres severs in uk on warzone, Am i on the latest version R2 3.0.205
  4. yeah its strange i use to always get put on a uk server straight away
  5. ive reset everything again now im seeing this
  6. hey guys I've tried everything just cant seem to get a UK lobby at all ? it works for rebirth but i sit here for ages an nothing I've followed all the steps removing restarting flushing cloud etc. what can i try
  7. hi fraser im seeing this it just wont put me in a uk lobby tried resetting an all the steps you said
  8. hi guys another quick question, im on virgin 1gig whats best for qos
  9. hey guys plugged in my router after so long on warzone got everything set circle on uk but its taking like 20 mins to find a game on just uk ?
  10. hey people, I just set up my netduma r2 haven't used it for ages just checking what the latest firmware is I'm currently on R2 3.0.179 R2 3.0.179
  11. I’m pretty sure it’s fttc I get 500download is there anyway I could tell?
  12. Hey everyone just wondering for some advice on internet, I'm in the UK, I currently have virgin media broadband, I'm really wanting bt fttp but still waiting they told me November next year possibly sooner, I wanted to know is there much difference between virgin & bt obviously the bt is full fibre an virgin not, not sure weather to renew the virgin contract, or pay abit more for the 30 day rolling so that I can leave at anytime just in case BT FTTP eventually was available, any advice would be great
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone has had this, I had not used the r2 for a week! plugged it back in put my virgin hub in modem mode an now I cant get no connection with the r2, not even showing on wifi. I cannot even access the setup page or the DUMAOS page its self, I have tried changing cables resetting everything I just get nothing, I also have xr300 an that comes straight on, any help would be great as wanting to you use the R2 of course.
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