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  1. great stuff where should i be looking for this
  2. hi fraser any update on this yet?
  3. alright thanks guys yeah i will see what virgin can do, im due to be having bt fttp next year july still some time away but may be sooner.
  4. hey guys was just wanting to ask a couple of questions, im currently on virgin media 350, my contract soon to be ending, im still currently waiting for bt to sort the fttp, all openreach offer me is sky/bt essential which is like 1 upload 6 download, if i made the switch to say bt, do you think it would cause problems with Two ps4s at once using the R2, i know the speeds are going to be crazy low for downloads etc but really did not want start a new contract with virgin, any advice would be great!
  5. Okay wifi seems great for me !
  6. hi fraser what was the teams response
  7. hi any news on this update to fix the geo filter ?
  8. Good stuff love to see this! if anyone sees this go buy the r2 please thanks
  9. great info buddy, but the servers are all in the wrong place
  10. hi luke any updates on this yet
  11. cant wait for this to be fixed this router is insane
  12. getting so frustrating now every time i make a party it keeps flashing i accept them to my list. then i have to keep accepting the server in us. had to accept 7
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