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  1. i just cleared my history an cookies an all that then it still did the same thing
  2. no i havent upgraded yet i tried the dumas way on browser still the same thing going on even tried it from my phone same thing going on on my phone
  3. this is what i keep getting when i am trying to login the router
  4. to open nat just put in 3074 to both tcp/udp and put in the ip address its going to an boom its open
  5. you have to do both tcp/udp to open nat type
  6. put call of duty as the name then on destination ip use obviously your ip but make sure its the same ip youre using for your console u need to check that then 3074 in every 4 boxes then protocol theres an option for both tcp and udp which is what i have an it opened my nat, i know its super frustrating at first itll get better
  7. yeah i can do that and then ill do the on ping plotter and post the results
  8. i need my router for a phone to have wifi so i cant just use straight modem
  9. i found this one and under where it says spectrum is an ip im guessing to that server
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