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  1. i got my speeds back its the 1000/1000 again so everything is working properly now!
  2. i swear im slow sometimes, i had to reset my modem lmao
  3. here is the logs also in case you would need that log-1632928627857.txt
  4. Is there anyway we can hop in a discord call or something to get this figured out
  5. so im setting up the replacement an it keeps telling me this, it can't detect a internet detection any help on this?
  6. I literally got it in a day that’s crazy lol I got it faster from the UK then I get stuff from Cali in my own country lmao. An I’m gonna hook it up here in a little bit I’ll let u know
  7. Got my replacement just now. That was the fastest shipping I’ve ever seen internationally lmao
  8. I appreciate all the customer support you guys do here. It makes things a lot easier whenever their is a problem knowing y’all will respond in a quickly time manner an do whatever to help as a customer that will always make me wanna buy future products as well
  9. also here is my speed test done from my modem to pc using the exact same cables i use to my router to pc an i get my speed plus some so u could see how frustrating this is for me
  10. Please let me know cause this is extremely frustrating.
  11. I’ve done that already an it gets my full speeds when it’s from my modem to pc. Done that plenty of times already an even bought some really good Ethernet cables as well. I’ve tried over 10 cables so far an all of them get the same results
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