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  1. Please let me know cause this is extremely frustrating.
  2. I’ve done that already an it gets my full speeds when it’s from my modem to pc. Done that plenty of times already an even bought some really good Ethernet cables as well. I’ve tried over 10 cables so far an all of them get the same results
  3. i tried what u told me to do an its still the same thing brotha
  4. They’re both brand new cables an both of them from the modem to pc are getting 400/20 so they’re working perfectly fine
  5. So when the tech came he told me it was my router even though it was working when he first got here that morning so i just went an bought an arris surfboard sb8200 an now my wifi is working which is what i told the ISP it was there modem that was messing up an not connecting but its still not letting me get my full speeds like it once was last week now im getting 100 speed thru the router but if im connected just to the modem i got my 400/20 can someone help me with that both ethernet cables are Cat 6
  6. Also won’t do a connection benchmark as it isn’t getting internet
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